Reviews for Vow
Angelotti chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
God, I'm shedding tears of sadness. I love this couple and this made me feel very sad for Esme. Anyway, good job.
GeezerWench chapter 1 . 5/4/2012
So sad.

Well done.
Esme Mom Cullen chapter 1 . 3/31/2012
I was bawling. This is so heartbreaking, but written so incredibly well. The thought of Esme loosing Carlisle is unfathomable to me. You brought all of the pain, heartache and devastation to the surface. You masterfully killed me with this story. Tissues are required.
Schneephoenix chapter 1 . 5/18/2011
I have nothing much to say, I like it a lot. The memories are really fitting, the ending is bittersweet, the story overall well written. !
Nauticalmass chapter 1 . 4/26/2011
We know from the story tag that this is Esme's story, but I like how her tale starts somewhat anonymously and how we jump immediately into the action.

I love the brief snip-its that flash through different times. I think they perfectly highlight how disjointed thoughts can be while grieving.

Mmm. "I don't want to know what his last words, last look, last moment were. He wasn't supposed to have had any of that." My heart aches for her.

I loved your use of alliteration: "helpless, hapless, hopeless." I enjoyed, in particular, that it was an "h" noise, which brings to mind hiccuping and the vision of chest heaving.

"A widow. Forever." Terrible.

"And as happy as I am for Edward, I don't think she's worth it." After reading the whole piece, I'm on the fence about whether I'm dying of curiosity to explore this line of thought more or if the story is made even better by being vague. Either way, I love Esme for this honesty.

"Soon, my darling. Soon." Mmm. "It's one the penalties we pay for immortality." Great phrasing.

I'm happy for Esme's moments of selfishness, even though she wrongly thinks that is what it is. I like the idea of Carlisle liking the Stones.

It's at this part when I'm so curious as to why Carlisle had to die for the sake of Bella and not Edward. Did he take Edward's place? Was it because he was the coven leader? I'm chewing my nails over this!

Emse's questioning the details of Carlisle's death . . . "The idea humbles me." Oh, I feel so much for her. Esme. Esme. Esme. (This makes my nose hurt. You know that pain you feel in the bridge of your nose, just when you're about to cry, but you're trying not to? That's it.) Then, her intimate memories of them-even more nose pain.

"A graveyard of memories." I adore this image. So haunting. "I thought immortality would protect us from the grave."

I really appreciate the descriptions of her with the rest of the family. The image of her and Emmett in the dark is beautiful.

"She understands what it's like to not want to be. She'll understand if I leave, more so than the others." This really touches on my love for Rosalie.

"At least he knows that his father's sacrifice was exactly that." Good girl for this thought.

Ooo, yes! I love the image of a ferocious , in-the-moment, lustful Carlisle.

"I promised him forever. I meant it." I love the symmetry of the beginning and the end.


Fabulous job. I really enjoyed it. While the subject matter of death is definitely an obvious choice for a NEHEA, I appreciated that the true grief of this story was in the subtle details. There was a quiet desperation to it that made it my favorite in the contest. I also think it called to me because using Esme as your unhappy mouth piece wasn't the obvious E/B choice. She is able to have more of a struggle because of her role in the family.


I'm so glad I guessed correctly. Of course I did, though; it was the best. It was only one of two that I voted for and the only one for which I left a review.