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Anonymous chapter 3 . 7/28/2011
Great chapter, I loved the exams and Gaara's subsequent freakout.
Rom Nom Nom chapter 4 . 7/25/2011
I read through One Hundred Days and these first four chapters of One Hundred Weeks over the last two days and they were epic, you almost inspired me to start writing FanFiction but then I remembered why I hadn't started yet... Laziness.

Amazing story.
diana chapter 4 . 7/23/2011
Another amazing chapter! Heres to wishing that Sakuras bingo book entry becomes known! Hehehe, Ankos reaction would be nice to know but Im more interested in the Godaimes and Kakashis reaction.

Its lovely that your developing Naruto and Sakuras teamwork. Will there be a fight which will utilize this? How about the Sakura and Hinata interaction? More Hyuuga politics? Also where did Asuma go? Then, theres Danzo. Is there a Danzo manipulation in the wings? Something like what Sakuras mother did or will it be more blackmail type?

Whee! I cant wait for the next chapter! OHW deserves more exposure.
Green Tea fan chapter 4 . 7/20/2011
I cannot wait until the Chuunin Exam finals. I am looking forward to seeing everyone fight. It was really hard for me to see Chiyo being so... well holding onto her hatred for the Leaf that it clouds her judgment and it is sad that she fails to see it. Everything that happens she automatically points to the Leaf. I love how strong Sakura is, even if she doesn't have the advance medical training, super strength, and skills as she does in cannon yet. Her and Naruto training together is always a plus. And Naruto;s reaction to Sakura getting hurt was so sweet. He would totally do that. It's cool how you brought up Sakura's bingo entree again. I bet that they are having it updated with everything that is going on. Great story. Hope to see you update again soon.
nuclear death frog chapter 4 . 7/20/2011
It took me a while to notice this was up; I don't use Author Alerts. Ah well.

The lead section, where Yuura receives the poison from Sasori, seems to be a completion of the Chekhov's Gun of that poison that was named in an earlier chapter. It being used in the same chapter solidifies the idea. Named things are important; named or noticed weapons get used. So, that was interesting. It was also interesting that the poison wasn't pure; it had been modified with snake venom. Did Sasori and Orochimaru trade some poisons back when they were partners in Akatsuki?

Naruto and Gaara's chat was good; it's clear that there's a great deal of mutual respect there and actual friendship to boot. Naruto really does have a way of affecting people.

Hehe. This sentence, "Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin was not amused.", reminds me of a few others like it in OHD. It's just the wording that does it, stating that such-and-such person was not amused, not pleased, etc.

On Sakura's new technique, I have a couple name suggestions for you. "Dai Funka" (Great Eruption), because it seems like an homage to Akainu in One Piece, who has a similar but much more powerful technique with that name; "Fire Dragon Punch", referencing the name of the taijutsu style; "Eruption Fist", a kind of reference to where the Mitarashi Clan came from (Volcano Country, or something like that); or "Flare Blitz", from the Pokémon attack of the same name.

Also, I think Jiraiya's being a bit hard on her; it may have been a dumb move to try something untested in live-battle, but it worked. Better she be hurt than dead, right?

From the next section, Hinata thinking she has even less talent with earth techniques than her already limited talent with fire techniques ... is she being too hard on herself or is her assessment valid? And, if the latter, is there an element she's decent (or better) with, or at least has the potential to be?

Hinata's situation ... I feel badly for her. She is clearly improving steadily, but she's had some pretty bad hands dealt to her in the exams and her father seems to have blamed her personally for it, or at least that's how she's reading the situation. Her first try, she comes smack up against her much more talented and powerful cousin. Six months later, she gets disabled in a surprise attack from comrades turned exam rivals, and then her team is eliminated due to KIBA's actions, not her own - I remember you wrote in OHD that Kiba gave the scrolls they had to the chuunin proctor, causing them to fail Morino Ibiki's final mini-test. Third time, she has the unlucky draw of facing Shino (her teammate) in the tournament part of the exam, and that was a fight that was pretty much unwinnable for her. And now, she draws Naruto in the tourney, Naruto who she is severely infatuated with, who beat her cousin when he (Naruto) was much less powerful and has become much better since. It's not a good run of luck for her, is it?

On the old crone Chiyo ... well, wow. Talk about blinkered, and unable to see the present. She's wrapped up in hatreds that are decades old, it seems.

That girl Ami is another person having difficulty seeing current reality in favor of the past, although in her case the past incidents were much smaller scale; her former favorite bullying target is stronger and higher-profile now; not only does she literally outrank Ami (chuunin over genin) but she is Tsunade's new apprentice and therefore someone to be respected just on that merit. I wonder if Ami will ever get over herself. Somehow, I doubt it, but maybe.

There were some other things I thought interesting ... can't remember now. Oh well, this is getting to be a long review as is. Thanks for posting this chapter, and I look forward to the next. Cheers!
kidloco chapter 4 . 7/16/2011
amazing another chapter (i sure in narusaku library are too so hehe) amazing, just amazing madness, just like the argentina urugay game.. amazing
quiyece chapter 4 . 7/16/2011
I'm really glad to see that "one hundred days" has got a sequel. Indeed i liked this first story, for several reasons but mainly because : it was original, mainly non-cannon/new/different, had a lot of adventures, was not overly dramatic with nice feelings and couples everywhere...

Of course there were a few points i didn't like much, i'm gonna be long there but well... : from what i've gathered of the real manga, the sharingan has got 3 powers, 1- see chakra, 2- see mouvements, even the fast ones (of hands or of taijutsu) in advance and in slow motion and 3-'cast' chakra which is to say make a jutsu (genjutsu for the normal sharingan, other more powerful ones for the mangekyou). Someone with good memory enough to remember the handsigns, the mouvements of chakra, and with the chakra control necessary to do the same, can thus copy jutsus, thanks to the firt two powers of the sharingan.

So in this case my problem was that in 'one hundred days' you made it look like the sharingan can copy anything like if it was magic. I didn't like that much, but at the same time you showed that it could not copy every jutsus (rasengan, and certainly other ones, like maybe special elements?) and i think there were also a few comments to dampen the 'at first sight too powerful copying ability'. So all in all i liked the story, because it worked, because rules were a little different than the ones in the cannon story (think of ice, sand,... elements without the bloodline, which are pretty coherent to me), because i could feel i did not know everything about jutsus, plenty of mysteries about it, thanks to your imagination... because jiraya was and still is in this new story really powerfull, and he shows it contraryly to the canon story...

SO. Why so long a comment? Because i liked the story and like what i've read in the new one, but also to explain better the following advice : be careful with the use of cannon characters. What do i mean? You wrote the first story rather early in the publication of the manga, at a moment we didn't know much about the theory of the techniques (which is partly why, i think, your story is different in that field, but nevermind this) and so if your try to use too many 'new' cannon character it's gonna be difficult to make it work with what you've already written. I'm not saying impossible, you've already used in this new story some characters who appeared in the manga after the end of 'one hundred days' and i think you've done it rather well, but i think that you must be careful not to want to make appear in this new story every character from the cannon story ; it works for kurotsuchi and some others (guren, maki, matsuri.. so far, maybe because we don't know them much in the manga or in the anime), but i'm wonder about the akatsuki members, i think having/keeping some completely new ones (like kaida or akakawa tetsu for exemple...) might be for the best, because they 'define' the top, the limit of the ninja world.

I've already given you 1 reason for being careful about cannon characters, here's another one : those characters risk changing the 'feel/the touch' of your story, because they've already got a background in our mind. Of course it's not easy writing a story like this, and using existing characters is helpful, but aside from the less 'famous' ones (like i said somewhere above) whose stories are mostly blank, they seem a little strange for now in 'one hundred weeks'.

It's the same for the story, if you want to stick too much to the original, it's may make difficult for you to find and incorporate new ideas in this world you create.

Plus, i have to say that the new characters are just great : the kitakami from snow, the priests from howling moon, the tsushikage and his students, ... They're a breath of fresh air in this 'naruto world'.

In any case, despite my long rambling, I'm not worried, i'm not saying you must not do this and that 'cause you've done a really good job so far, your story is good, different ; but i'm just saying be careful.

I hope i don't seem too patronizing, which would be funny since i absolutely suck at writing ; i also hope this review is understandable because english is not my langage, so i apologize for the mistakes.

That's about it for now.
Shinobi111 chapter 4 . 7/15/2011
Wow, thats a good story. Its really something different, and thats good. Pretty interesting already and its just week 8. :)

But it could be a bit more NaruSaku, since you claim the story as such, for my taste.

Anyway, good work. Keep writting Aaron Nowack.
Demeter1 chapter 4 . 7/15/2011
I really enjoy the gen nature of this story and the previous one; it's especially awesome in this chapter where we've got several storylines going on at the time and the threads are being pulled between so many different factions. I think my very favorite section was the discussion between the group at the end, in how even if Temari and Kankuro defected to Leaf, they wouldn't accept them in fear of restarting a war. The politics in this is really, really good... and I can't believe I just said that.
Guest chapter 4 . 7/15/2011
It's honestly a shame that this story does not get more attention. I think that your take on the Naruto storyline is both original and refreshing with many characters that often do not see the limelight getting attention and examination into their thought processes. The main characters are spot on for their personalties while still showing the growth they prviously experienced in your last tale One Hundred Days. With an engaging storyline, an actual plot, and excellent supporting and main characters this tale is without a doubt one of the best pieces on the site.

I look forward to your next update.
Anon chapter 4 . 7/14/2011
Amazing work as alwayj
Demeter1 chapter 3 . 7/13/2011
I loved "One Hundred Days" and I absolutely love "One Hundred Weeks". It's so difficult, sometimes, to fine a good, genfic that focuses on both Naruto and Sakura's path. This is so good; I can't believe you have so many of the same characters and somehow, you're turning them into a wonderful, completely believable AU. And I've got to say... SAKURA. Oh, Sakura! You've got her flaws, her strengths, everything is captured; she's not this perfect, super-strong pseudo-character. She's still struggling, still training, and her discomfort with everyone thinking she beat Gaara? So awesome. Love, love, love this story!
diana chapter 3 . 7/9/2011
Awesome fic! I wish I could write like you do. I just love how you fleshed out the characters and the story development is amazing.

I hope to see the next chapter soon.
Reviewer of the West chapter 3 . 6/30/2011
Nice story. Please continue.
Shinobi111 chapter 3 . 6/29/2011
I want more ((

Good story
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