Reviews for He Who Fights Monsters
bookcoda chapter 12 . 6/10
That was so awesome like seriously this is my absolutely favorite tsukune ever. Where he is not overpowered but not weak either best tsukune.
Who Gives A Care chapter 12 . 6/7
That was amazing, like, damn, I like this better than the original series. It's so well done, the ending surprised me and just, wow, awesome story.
Grimjaww chapter 12 . 5/14
Great story!

Wonderful read
fireball900 chapter 10 . 5/4
heh. Extra legs, eyes, claws - fine. Scales? That's a whole 'nother story.

The pool scene was well done, quite touching, and it added some depth to Tsukune and keito's relationship.
fireball900 chapter 8 . 5/4
Nice pun with the chapter name. You did the fight very well too.
fireball900 chapter 12 . 5/4
An excellent story, one of my favourites. One I've reread more than once. 10/10
Serpentine13 chapter 12 . 5/2
This is a magnificent story! I honestly didn't expect to enjoy this story due to my first few reads in Rosario Vampire that put me off and "ordinary" humans don't usually spark my imagination and interest a lot, but then your Tsukune, while human, isn't entirely normal. The depiction of humanity and how monstrous humans can naturally be is deep, the character development wasn't too fast or agonizingly slow, and while I'm kind of biased towards canon character personalities it's always interesting to read about a protagonist/main character that qualifies as a villain and has highly questionable morals/ethics in the eyes of civilized society. Your writing style is also engaging, descriptive, humorous, and dramatic (but not overly so). You inserted just the right amount of romance without being exaggeratedly sentimental, you don't shy away from realistic dark thoughts people (at least in my experience) have, nor do you have an issue in giving the gory details. Kudos.
MadmansDeath chapter 2 . 4/19
Your an ass and I love it, I'm actually on my second read of this story and still love it ]
MadmansDeath chapter 1 . 4/18
MWA HA HA HA HAA... Your evil
ManBearWolf chapter 12 . 4/6

Just wanted to tell ya that I really enjoyed your story and hope you keep writing! Definitely in my list of coolest stories ever. _
NaruHarem4ever chapter 12 . 3/30
Holy crap! This story is a work of art! Great job!
ChaoOverLord chapter 12 . 3/27
I have to say this a interesting what if story, quite realistic too and even though you have ton of review i may as well toss my opinion in.

This story was well written, no real grammar problems, decent action/fight scenes especially considering the realistic limitations of still being a human.

It had good character development along with some humor to keep thing from being too dark, i have to say i agree that humans actually are the worst kind of monsters we are kind yet evil, stupid yet smart and all that stuff due to our high population number.

I glad to see a happy ending...well mostly happy ending in a strange way if look at it from a certain view and am quite satisfied with this Tsukune, it sting seeing some character die off but you write it realistically well enough that i can not complain.

My only complain is about Moka character and how she was complaining about him fighting like a human despite the fact monsters seem to die 5-10 per yearly if one considers all the graves and other small details but i should not complain since this is FF and i get that being too close Canon character can make it hard to write.

anyways great story and want to say i enjoy the ride :)
Warmach1ne32 chapter 1 . 3/22
When I searched for Ichiro Suzuki and I got a Japanese Baseball player. But so, far I want to read more of this so good job in making this.
Crimson-Ambers chapter 12 . 3/13
Bravo! I loved reading this fanfic, so thank you!
Hope to read more from you in the future.
Evilkitten3 chapter 12 . 3/8
Oh wow, this was great. I'm not sure what to say aside from that, but it was really wonderful.
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