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Beywriter chapter 1 . 8/30/2012

Wow, I wish I started reading this one alot sooner. I don't know if there is more to read but I'll alert anyway in case. I love how this has started. Such a story like I've not heard yet. Its very different and I like alot! Nice work on the first chapter. I will get around to the other chapters at a later date.

No Longer Active Here chapter 20 . 3/8/2012
Gotta say, I'm damn proud of you - you've almost finished this story :D Wish I close to finishing mine... but won't be done for another year at least. Anyways... the chapter itself.

["On the contrary they do," Rei faced Mariah with a grim expression. "Every living bird in this town is Bryan's eyes. They must be eliminated. Who knows what other unearthly power Bryan cursed them with? Even after his death, I do not trust the birds."]

Nice. Just a great line.

Well at least Garland is still alive. A bastard he might have been, but he was a bastard under Bam Bam's control.

Garland can't beat Tala? I find that hard to believe in terms of a physical and mental fight. Garland's ripped, trained, intelligent and disciplined... can't say that Tala is in the same physical condition but he's smart I guess.

Ooo I wonder who the Mystic is?

Guess you'll leave us on some evil cliffie in the next chapter, won't you?

[ If Mariah is seeing visions of Falling through the Light… could it be her life is coming to an end?] Ooo that's interesting.

I can feel Rei's defiance here: ["She cannot die, not now. I will not allow it. Mariah shall live on, by my side. As the next lady of the White Tigers she will survive."] Kudos to you for painting a strong visual.

I do hope Mystel makes some return... he will.. won't he? Yes?

Looking forward to the final chapter, of which I'm pretty sure will be an epic explosive end to a worthy story.

No Longer Active Here chapter 19 . 2/12/2012
Judging by the chapter title I am assuming Bryan is dead?

["You were destined to be with me; to be with the House of White Tigers in the Orient] LOL! I thought this was funny. I could totally picture Rei being all aggressive like.

Ah so now we have the backstory. It explains everything!

Garland as Rei's bitch nice haha.

So rei is the new lord... will Ozuma pose a threat to him? Will Bryan return? And most importantly... WILL MYSTEL? Hell, will BORIS make a cameo?

*clears throat*

Erm... what I meant to say was, I can't wait for the next chapter you have! I do wonder if Ozuma will threaten Rei and fight for control? After all, power doesn't stay with one forever.

No Longer Active Here chapter 18 . 2/12/2012
I'm back!

Yay Garland/Ming Ming : )

That's it Rei, defeat Bryan!

So... Bryan is a nasty bastard. Is that what you are trying to say here Rei? [Mariah could never be with someone such as you; the man who murdered his own father for power. The man who killed innocents for pleasure. The man who killed her guardian. The man who took everything from her!]

Nice fight scene : )

Rei! *gasp* Using Gary like that! ... Oh well!

Is Mariah truly free?

*cue suspense music*

No Longer Active Here chapter 17 . 1/23/2012
Yes! An update!

So glad to see Bryan suffer! He deserves it for everything he has done to Mariah (and everyone else actually.. especially Mystel. He will not be forgiven for that crime)

Ba ha ha ha Zagart pushing Bryan down on the operating table. [the black threads slithered beneath Bryan's skin, crawling to his heart.] Ooo Bryan is cursed : D

["Your days as doctor comes to an end now,] Poor Zagart, should've realized it was not a good idea to mess with Bryan. [ "You shall examine no more."] Gosh Bryan is a hard guy to satisfy isn't he? You think he'd be pleased that some was trying to lend him a hand?

[The doctor watched Bryan lower the blade closer and closer to his left eye] Reminds me of a scene in Hostel, only yours doesn't mention the boatload of pus coming out. A very epic scene.

Bryan really is hooked on Mariah? I don't know if you've mentioned it already, but what is so special about Mariah? [With red stained clothes, he couldn't possibly attend the engagement party in this condition; this would merely upset the bride-to-be.]

Yay for Rei and his magical powers! [Mariah watched Rei catch the spike, pluck it out in mid-air and crushed it with his bare strength.] Go Rei! Take down Bryan.

Ooo black blood?

Eternal curse! Interesting!

Oh no Bryan likes this? ["I've always wanted a challenge,"] Lol he's got a family sword, the Black Talon. ["One of us shall fall today, who will it be? You or me?"] BRYAN. It will be Bryan. *crosses fingers and hopes Rei wins*

Well at least Mariah will be safe.

I am interested in seeing how this ends.

Keep up the good work :D

No Longer Active Here chapter 16 . 12/4/2011
Yay chapter sixteen!

Gosh, hard to imagine Rei being so badass but I like it! At least he's got some personality in this and is not just some background character hoping for some attention. I always knew Rei was totally hardcore and this proves it! Lol, what am I rambling on about?

Ah so Rei does having crazy powers. I hope to see his kickass powers work on Bam Bam : D

["You're crazy," Gary said. "I've already went against him once and my punishment is to rot in here!"] Poor Gary, sounds terrible but gives him more of a reason to KILL BAM BAM.

Oh Rei can protect him from harm or death? Couldn't he also protect Mariah from harm or death because he has such hardcore powers? *is confused* Or have I totally missed something again?

Ooo a falcon and tiger fighting. And the tiger won. Yay Bam Bam feels PAIN. HE CAN BE WOUNDED. As much as I love you Bam Bam, Rei is cooler : D

Ah so Falborg holds a part of his soul. Ooo he can no longer see into the Dream. BAM BAM is going down hard.

As per usual, powerful gripping stuff here. Really liked the description about Bryan feeling the pain of losing Falborg. Good to know he's not invincible.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

No Longer Active Here chapter 15 . 11/27/2011
Nice start to the chapter : D

I love it! The gory detail about the gutted sheep. Very awesome stuff!

Bam Bam is a bitch. He is not very nice.

Oh! MARIAM! Ah the Saint Shields have a role hurray.

Lee you liar. Oh he's gorging on the carcass.

Dragoon's Tavern. That can only mean one thing... the Granger boys!

Yes, Mariah is strong! She will be victorious!

Bryan drinks whiskey? Oooo.

I love this - "I don't hate you my Lord," Hiro emphasized the word. "But I don't like you. That's all. It's nothing personal." Ha ha, I laughed. Go Hiro!


Gramps must somehow not make this potion!

Update soon, yes?

AnimeKiwi369 chapter 15 . 11/19/2011
I've just read all the chapters up so far and this definitely interests me. Definitely my kinda story! Please keep it up and please update soon!

xXxAnimeGirl92xXx chapter 14 . 11/8/2011
yes an update! :D

Description of events & surroundings and depiction of character's thoughts are beautifully done- as usual- nothing overdone :)

I loved the way you portrayed Bryan and Rei's interaction. You can certainly sense the tension between them beneath their courteous manner. Hmm... interesting...

And poor Mystel... he died.. *sniffs*. Damn that Bryan for using this piece of info to torture Mariah, he knows how much it would hurt her. :P

Ahh and Lee has finally made an appearance, I was wondering where he went to after he was resurrected in one of the previous chapters! . You left us off on quite a cliffhanger, I wonder if he'll be friend or foe...

Update soon kays? You're doing great!
No Longer Active Here chapter 14 . 11/5/2011
Yay an update!

Oh so Bryan has now discovered the man Mariah is bound to? I sense trouble!

Mystel : ( *sniff*

Bryan is a horny devil.

Julia the bitch strikes again!

You better update!

xXxAnimeGirl92xXx chapter 13 . 9/10/2011
beautiful O.o seriously, i'm totally at a lost for words after reading ur story(i finished it in one shot- it's SO addictive)

your story flows flawlessly, filled with many mysteries yet to be unravelled- clearly a well thought out story!xD and i really must commend you on your skillful usage of descriptive phrases- the vivid details and the emotions brought out really enable us readers to clearly envision what is happening in our minds. All in all, ur doing an amazing job- keep it up! :D

haha okay enough with my rambling *bangs head and apologises* whee~ :3

NO MYSTEL DON'T DIEEEE uwaah he loved mariah... and he sacrificed himself for her...

hehe rei is such a gentlemen :3 hope he ends up wth mariah. they deserve each other 3

argh julia is evil x.x nooo not my fave charrie :P

update soon, i can't wait
No Longer Active Here chapter 13 . 9/8/2011
Yay an update!

Go Robert! Don't let Bryan push you around!

Oo Miguel rescued Matilda? Wonder what role she is gonna play.

I like how Mystel is in bold. He is awesome.

Ah so Rei finally meets Mariah. He's given her a weapon? Wonder how it's gonna help her?

Is she going to kill Bryan with it?


Update when you can!

No Longer Active Here chapter 12 . 8/22/2011
Aw nice of Spencer to warn Mariah : D Like how he tries to defend her from the nasty Bryan.

Mystel is a pretty boy :D

He he erected.

...moving on.


Levells chapter 11 . 8/10/2011
Feisty? Since when is opium feisty? Just what t

Payment to: Robert. Paid in: his blood.

Hm. Things just got interesting. Kill the minions because they saw something. something that must remain secret.

Haha. I don't remember where, but I read a book where minions had their tongue cut out for that reason.

Nice backstory on Johnny.

*sigh* Die, devil bitch, die.

...I said for the devil to die, not everyone else. -_-'

...Julia is going to be pissed when she hears that.

I hope she knows what she's doing. Mystel's already being punished...

Forest of Lost Souls. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful place to go through.

You did say he was a man of few words. That was probably a preferable goodbye from him. And I want to summon shadows x3
Levells chapter 10 . 8/10/2011
Nope, not your chance to escape. Probably cursed the ring further so it either stops her or informs his servants.

lol. Avoid Mystel. Avoid the man who defies gravity... right.

The last mistress? How many has Bryan had? And how long ago was that one? Hopefully not while he was with Mariah...

Wow. He did a lot for her.

And he just signed his death certificate. Cause of death: Betrayed Bryan. Hm... would he bring him back to life too? Perhaps torture him for a while, then kill him and bring him back. Yeah, that sounds like something he'd do. Jerk.
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