Reviews for The Equation of Beauty
TheFisherKitty chapter 1 . 10/24/2011
This is a fantastic romp through Bashir's insecurities. I love the depth of character exposition you've exercised here. Brilliantly done!
Naurael chapter 1 . 9/27/2011
Oh. RrrrRRRRRRrrr.

Your characterization of Julian is really, really good. It captures him in all his bumbling, beautiful glory without blocking out his intelligence. And his thoughts about Garak... Go, Garak, go. ;)

It does really well as a stand alone, although it opens quite a lot of possibilities. Or rather, only one possibility (Bashir steps/falls down the cliff that is Garak), with myriad moments of slow seduction, erotic glances to and fro, a smidgen of angst and maybe even... love (probably doomed, but hey...). So... It's a perfect story to phantasize about.

I imagine it would be hard to keep the... well, the only word I have is 'feel' of the story alive for a longer time. It's self-contained, a stream of consciousness removed from action, and as such free of everyday problems and crisis. On the other hand... I would really like to see Garak at work, so to speak. He is already astonishingly present in your story. You managed to portray him with a few short sentences, and I can literally see him with half lidded eyes, watching Julian, smiling a cat's smile, waiting... Oh yes. ;)

My favourite lines:

"In fact being spun had proven to be rather thrilling in its own right, even if he didn't generally fancy men.

This, too, has gotten better over time."

The play with words in tailspin-spun is quite evocative, as is a lot of your fic in general - as I said, I can see what you describe in my mind. And it is better than TV.

Also: Hilarious. 'I was bad at fancying men, but I got better.' Oh Julian... LOL. :)

All in all, thank you. It was a good, if short read, and I will definitely add this to my favourites.


Livia Ellis chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
Is there more? I'd like to see where you're going to take this. I love Julian and would like to read more fanfic with him in it.