Reviews for Just One Kiss
pinkandpurple13 chapter 3 . 4/14/2014
I really like this story. Excellent ending. What happens in the end? Will Scam become good or something or go back to his cell? Also, where are Clover and Alex?
Hinata28h chapter 3 . 5/22/2011
Cresenta's Lark chapter 3 . 5/13/2011
Short n' Sweet :)

I'm glad he finally went for it lol, Scam's seriously not the type to resist temptation.

Glad you wrote this!

-Cresenta's Lark
xixi743 chapter 1 . 5/12/2011
i think that you should give it more of an ending and who is this guy sam is fighting

BTW I really liked it
Guest chapter 2 . 5/5/2011
I can't wait for chp 3! Keep writing!
Cresenta's Lark chapter 2 . 5/1/2011
OMG a part 2, with SCAM!


See this means they can kiss now :P He's willing...hehehe

Nice writing. :D


Cresenta's Lark
Cresenta's Lark chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
COOL. :)

I love how you keep writing these. :) But seriously Sam should just kiss him, stop resisting!

Nice format :D

-Cresenta's Lark