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Harry2 chapter 26 . 6/2/2011
Thanks for such a interesting little tale! Now, lets see what next you have coming from those interesting sleeves of yours, that type such interesting stories!
Harry2 chapter 25 . 6/2/2011
Well, now we know the price that Roarke had to pay for allowing this fantasy, and why things happened the way that they did.
jtbwriter chapter 26 . 5/29/2011
That read so true-the way Leslie realized her father was right about a second love...and how both her "name-sake" and Baldwin were not quite finished-no matter what he said! Sadly, I remember the believability of Efrem Zimbalist Jr as Baldwin...sigh. so many of these fine actors and actress are gone now. And even sadder was how good an actress Dorothy Stratten was. That fantasy with James Darren (still hot!) and Joan Prather has always been a favorite of mine, never knew she was also in it.

Thanks for a wonderful trip down memory lane-I look forward to what you have planned next!:)
PDXWiz chapter 26 . 5/29/2011
Darn, Baldwin just isn't willing to make the whole change...alas...

Huh, poor Leslie. I've actually met a number of Leslie's over the years, since I was at least in high school. To me, it's a fairly common name. Unlike my first name, but I actually have met a few Gordons over the years, including a kid I attended school with in 5th or 6th grade but I think he flunked a year, and there's at least one that comes into my library as a patron and also shares my last initial and the fact I wear glasses...

Yes, she had drink from the waters of Lethe, indeed. :(

Yup. Meeting on Valentine's Day, Mars/Marsh... Cupid did shoot him in the butt, I'm certain of it!

Hehehe... Yes, correct. Cupid does have quite a bit to answer for.'s over. Fabulous story, great Leslie scenes, wonderful adaptations...what more could a fan of yours want? LOL

Interesting, a lot of names for these episodes:

For The Mermaid/ The Victim: I know Mary Ann Mobley, John Saxon, Michelle Phillips, James Darren, Dorothy Stratten, and Candi & Randi Brough.

The Inventor / On the Other Side: Arte Johnson, Marcia Wallace, MacDonald Carey, Jeanette Nolan, Ike Eisenmann, John Larroquette.

The Man From Yesterday/ The World's Most Desirable Woman: Dennis Cole, Martin Milner, Barbi Benton, Bert Convy.

King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court/ Shadow Games: Tom Smothers, Robert Mandan, Carol Lynley, Linda Blair, Donny Most, Peter Mark Richman.

Funny Man / Tattoo, the Matchmaker: Jimmy Dean, Vicki Lawrence, Jeanette Nolan (again), Morgan Woodward, Linda Thompson Jenner, Laurie Walters, Misty Rowe. (Linda Thompson Jenner and Misty Rowe both spend time as Hee-Haw Honeys on...well, Hee Haw.)

Revenge of the Forgotten / Charo: Steve Kanaly, Marjoe Gortner, Charo, Van Johnson, Nancy Kulp, Carmen Zapata, Carlos LaCamara... That part of the episode was REALLY called Charo? Poor choice, but it was a great story.

Forbidden Love / The Other Man: Juliet Prowse, Stephanie Faracy, Richard Kline (not playing a jerk for once, LOL).

Roarke's Sacrifice / The Butler's Affair: Cyd Charisse (oh, I think I've seen a press release photo of her from this episode), Cesar Romero (playing Mr. Rome...LOL), Lee Meriweather as Leslie Darnell, cool, opposite Efrem Zimbalist Jr as Howard Baldwin? Interesting casting!, and Ruta Lee.

You did a good job about those dates! More, please?

jtbwriter chapter 25 . 5/28/2011
Speaking of knowingly...Leslie's picking up on Mr. Roarke's sadness was sweet-and she is just starting to understand the depth of his feelings. But she was too young to understand his love for two women...or the sacrifice he had to make. Thanks for showing how much he cares about Leslie in explaining things to her, and for his support of Lawrence's "fantasy"...more please?:)
PDXWiz chapter 25 . 5/28/2011
Hmm, interesting, her vanity appearance in a Broadway show?

Oh, more food for thought. Well, happiness for that elderly couple, even if he uses a cane.

The price will be high...but she isn't asking what the sacrifice will be! Foolish, foolish... and she even killed a flower over it!

Yes, I agree. At this point, he doesn't want to let Lawrence in on the secrets. Leslie, he is close enough to; and he was close enough to Tattoo as well, to let them in on the secret.

Of course, I am surprised they are telling this story, and that...well...the others are going to find out his secrets...

Great Leslie inner thoughts!

Uh oh, rich witch biddies alert!

Hah! Use their secrets on them...Hehehehe!

What bimbos...affairs with hired help in private, but quick to criticize Mrs. Darnell's public relationship with her butler (which of course will see an end to their professional relationship).

Hehehe...subtlety, indeed!

Omigosh...that is one intense sacrifice! ... But altogether necessary, I'm afraid. Probably would have had a tear seeing this episode...

..and a great Leslie scene there, too.

Oh boy...finally, the discussion...

Oh, wow...this is deep and intense...

And it is possible to love more than one person at once. Difficult, but possible. It hasn't happened to me, but I know it has happened to others before.

Ah, Julie first, then.

Meeting them both on Valentine's Day...HAHAHAH! CUPID SHOT HIM RIGHT IN HIS BUTT! ROFLMAO x 5!

Good deductions, Leslie!

Helena seems like she would have been easy to fall in love with and not Julie-but that is in large part because I've seen the two Helena episodes, not the Julie one. Makes a difference, I'm sure.

That's right...renouncing is not the same as feeling that love. Which Leslie has experience-loving her belated Teppo and discovering fresh, more overpowering love with Christian...

He derives tremendous pleasure from making people happy, finding out important life details, helping love blossom, giving people what they need even if they don't know it, trying to right wrongs... That, clearly, gives him immense satisfaction. It shows up in most fantasies, when the guests are leaving.

Hahaha...yes, it will, too, happen to you some day, toots! snicker, snicker... Oops, I hope you don't think I'm belittling her...

Yes indeedy, he should smile knowingly...LOL

Fabulous chapter, and one of your best Leslie-Roarke dialogues ever (if not the best)! Rats, it is over... More, please?

PDXWiz chapter 24 . 5/28/2011
The witches is correct! Well, some people just are not deserving of the friendship of Mrs. Darnell. 'Nuff said...

So he's in charge of this fantasy, is he? LOL...Terror must be rending poor Lawrence's heart in two...

Yeah! Tell the rich biddies to go to hell! Hahahaha! Great scene, especially with Leslie and Roarke watching from a corner...

This whole subplot that was invented for this story...I think it was invented by the episode writer(s?), since it had never come up before in an episode, so it wasn't a series premise...of Roarke being unable to leave the fascinating. I greatly look forward to see how you will have him 'splain everyt'ing to Leslie...

OMIGOSH...he's willing to give up his existence, so she can walk and dance freely again...? Wow... well, hopefully, she will just...ignore his request and stay this way.

Dang, that was an intense scene! The old temples, the thunder and lightning (goosebumps and shivers, oh my!)...

She is so highly stuck on herself, she is completely ignoring the looks on his face, the tones of his words... She really isn't worthy of him. Not the way Helena was...

I am glad for a Leslie scene to respond to the VIP event last night! That was such a great dig Baldwin made...

That's absolutely correct! If they were her friends, they'd be happy for her! Baldwin has worked with her for a long time, he's clearly a great man and is not wooing her for her money. He stayed all this time because she treated him well. He took care of her like family...

Dang...stupid employers hiring stupid employees...they aren't worth your time for friendship, either, Baldwin.

Ah, yes, a good hint by the writers that she needs to find out the true cost of her permanently dancing again... plus a nice Leslie scene.

Good, he is reaching out to her by letting her see the Times. That will be a big help for her to understand what is happening in world events. So far removed from them here on the island...and yet, the island's business often depends on it. A strong US economy means lots of visitors... The Butterfly Effect, indeed!

Darn, where's that paper at?

Uh oh, they are both worried about each other... Which is actually a very good sign. I hope they can calm each other's fears and grow that much stronger together!

'Carry on'...LOL...carry on, indeed!

Why, those two stupid (and apparently drunk-as-skunk) servants! Sheesh, the very idea, trying to get Lawrence to break up Mrs. Darnell and Mr. Baldwin!

That's right-it most certainly is NOT any of their business! Lawrence's business is to help set the fantasy up and to proceed to its conclusion-not to end it abruptly.

Dang, end of chapter! More great Leslie scenes! Onward!

Harry2 chapter 24 . 5/28/2011
Sometimes Lawrence, no matter what you do, things happen that cause problems. That is what has happened here. And, unfortunetly, there is nothing you can do. As for Mr. Roarke, before this fantasy is over with, the piper WILL have to be paid!
Harry2 chapter 23 . 5/27/2011
Well, Leslie and the rest of us just got a MAJOR answer to why we never see Mr. Roarke anywhere else but on this island: If he left, HE WOULD CEASE TO EXIST! And that explains so much about why he is able to do what he does. Even HE (A certain person who name begins with M) would have a hard time claiming Roarke for that very reason.
Harry2 chapter 22 . 5/27/2011
Something tells me that the fantasies for Julie and Leslie are NOT going to be easy to fullfill! In fact, I smell something in the air that has me wondering if HE might be showing up before these dreams are done!
Harry2 chapter 21 . 5/27/2011
Ahh, Roarke, You always seem to know what needs to be done to get things going on the right tracks. My compliments to you. I hope that you can get things going right here for all concerned.
PDXWiz chapter 23 . 5/26/2011
Yeah. Wouldn't expect you to remember Ms. Mars' accident when you were dealing with your own tragedy.

LOVE? Holy cow! What the bleep?

Okay, where does Helena fit into this? How could he have still loved Helena and loved Julie at the same time? In fact, 'five years ago'... Five years and 1 day before this day, Helena came back to the island...

So, it seems it went like this: Helena came to the island for the first time, in the mid-70s, and she and Roarke fell in love with each other-but never said anything. Then she left.

Then in the late summer or early fall of '78, Julie came to the island. She and Roarke fell in love. He told her he couldn't leave the island, not even for love. She drove off, had her accident, couldn't dance any more, and left the island.

Then on November 11, 1978, Helena came back to the island. She declared her love for Roarke, and he for her (despite still loving Helena). But that stupid hospital called, which killed Jamie's father, and took her away.

And nearly a year after that-November 3, 1979-Helena and Jamie came back. She knew she was dying, but came back to marry Roarke. Then, she died.

Now, November 12, 1983, Julie comes back. I can't wait to see how this comes out...

But according to the dates in Trial By Fire, the fire in Susanville and Leslie's subsequent orphaning took place in mid-December, 1979 ('just two months ago', according to Roarke, when she arrived on February 14, 1980). So how could Leslie have been on the island when Helena was there?

Helena's first visit, according to dialogue from her first appearance in The Return, was some five years ago. So that would be in 1974.

Of course, the conflict is all the fault of the writers, alas...lack of continuity, and all that. Sticking Roarke with two women in such a short span of time...

(At this point, I am not sure how to resolve the conflict with Leslie's arrival, and yet knowing Helena, too. Interesting, though, that Helena's first visit was around the time that Christian's niece, the current queen of Lilla Jordsö, was born-August 17, 1974.)

Wow...what a transformation! I'd love to see this episode...

Now, Roarke says 'she arrived here a few months after your accident' to Julie, meaning she arrived here in the late summer or early fall of 1978, when she was just 13.

Heheheh...'stuck with him' if...he will always feel that was one of the best decisions he ever made in his life.

Hmm, maybe Leslie has some of the same questions that I have, too?

Well, Mrs. Darnell and Mr. Baldwin are trying to have a good time, at least.

Uh-oh, someone from Mrs. Darnell's social circle is here...this could be ugly...

A couple of biddies right there, that's for sure! I hope they get told off...

There is very little difference from Leslie Darnell being interested in her butler romantically...and very little difference from Leslie Hamilton, commoner, marrying a prince from Lilla Jordsö.

Yes, helping the girls get the stuff into Julie's bungalow does make a big difference, to avoid being around Julie until you get your act figured out and talk to Roarke and understand HIS act...

Not that he's acting, of course. It's not the last episode with Miss Deborah Barnes...LOL It's real...

Oh, so Julie was interested in Leslie...that is a surprise. Guess she and I are both sorry for the chance to get to know Julie better. Oh well, perhaps later...

Ah, yes, she wonders about the same stuff I do...who did he love? Did he love both of them?

And I can cheat and go out on a limb here-Helena is the love of his life. Julie was another love. For her near future...she'll meet her first love-Teppo. Eventually, she'll meet her true love-Christian. Same difference, I 'spect.

But soon enough, she and Roarke will have to do some 'splainin' to each other...

Ah, cool, Lawrence wants to see his employer happy as well as the guest...very neat! He's not as bad as I thought. Heck, I might even grow to like him myself after watching some episodes-especially once I see them and read of them in the Leslieverse.

Oh. It can never be. She doesn't like the island? Or the memories of her accident? Or she can't settle down ON the island, but must be in New York or London? (Hmm, that's rather like Tattoo marrying Solange...but having to leave the island. It's the opposite of the Happily Ever After Timeline, where Tattoo and Solange married, stayed on the island, Lawrence, Paola, and the rest never came, Christian married Leslie earlier, and they had kids. So when the other Julie's husband Rogan creates the cheaper strain of amakarna, he saves Rudolf from that stupid bimbo servant who was trying to trap him into a relationship as well as freeing him from Marina and getting him married to Louisa. But...that's another timeline.)

HE DOESN'T EXIST ANYWHERE ELSE BUT FANTASY ISLAND? OMG! Of course, this could be a line from a writer just to keep him on the island...hint hint...

I don't think she can ever understand, alas, should this be true.

Selfish? To make everyone else's dreams but his...and yours...come true? WRONG! And maybe she is just too selfish for your own good... The way that Helena was too selfless for your own good-when she went off to India that final time. STUPID HOSPITAL x2!

Oh. I see...then it's all that more imperative why Leslie decided that she would return after Teppo's death-and it helped that Christian was exiled because Ulf was a doofus.

Well, he has left the island, to go to some neighboring islands. Like when he was after the jerk who was forcing women to become hookers for his benefit... and to the island with the tornado... Obviously it counts for the local island group. Or else they made special exceptions for fulfilling those other fantasies.

Stupid writers! (drop kicks several writers in their teeth)

I can't wait to see the next scene, at the VIP reception with Mrs. Darnell and Mr. Baldwin.

And to see their long-awaited discussion about Helena. And Julie. And while he's at it, he should tell us about his cousin and the other island when this episode is over, before the next episode starts...

Dayum, great chapter! Incredible Leslie scenes! This was all over the place, from humor to romance, drama to tragedy, confusion to camaraderie... onto the next one! More, please?

jtbwriter chapter 23 . 5/26/2011
What a bittersweet story-I always wondered about the juxtiposition of the two fantasies and how Mr. Roarke could love both Helena and Julie Mars. Thanks for a great tale-more please?:)!
PDXWiz chapter 22 . 5/25/2011
Cool, a long-overdue Maureen sighting!

What the-? What happened to him? Did he fake this for their benefit?

Yup, he went to a lot of work to get all dressed...and made...up to let Deborah off the hook so she could love Dennis, all proper-like. Great actor :) But then, he's been doing this disguise and makeup stuff ever since the pilot films...I think it was in the second one where he first did it, not sure, but from the beginning it was something he could do.

Yay! It finally worked! A great...shocking...twist! LOL!

Give her two months...yeah, he's slow at this stuff, but I think he'll be pretty good for her.

Good, I'm glad he kept the rovers. I like 'em! A lot!

Cool, the Smith gals and Mr. Dorner are going to be happily ever after soon :)

Hahahahahah...Virginia is after an older man...OMG, if only she knew how much older than her Roarke really is... Doubtless, Roarke is freaked out about this possible development...and Lawrence, too. But I like her fine, her since of humor is good.

Wow, Roarke was shocked again! That might be a good dozen times in this episode! LOL... Yes, Lawrence, that young lady was making a pass at you...heheh.

Ah, yes, she was affected by the changes more than everyone thought...

Hahahaha...quieting Leslie down by suggesting she get a job at the hotel as a maid, or go to college off the island... Yes, that clearly would have shut her up. For a week. :) lol

ROFLMAO! Good job for Camille to tell her to shut up about Lawrence... But perhaps it was still an after effect of how she felt about white guys after what happened to her sister...

Hahahha... Yes, complaints about Lawrence would probably be a lot better than useless trivia... snicker...

This should be very interesting :)

Ahh, the guest Leslie Darnell... I just noticed her name at IMDB the other day actress played her. Dang...I forgot who (scratches head in puzzlement)

Mistake about being romantic with her butler? Probably not, if Roarke has granted this fantasy...

Julie Mars, the dancer...that name seems familiar (and not because of Julie the one-time assistant and now entrepreneur of a bed-and-breakfast...

OMIGOSH... How was he responsible for her accident? This should be quite interesting!

Oh, so Mr. Baldwin is friends with Lawrence? Neat!

Cool-Mrs. Darnell is interested in meeting Leslie due to the name thing as well.

The setting for the teahouse is quite lovely. I'd love to visit it someday myself.

Of course, I still want to visit the atrium of the Kunglinga Slottet as well...LOL

He hasn't shown any interest? Or he's kept his interest well-hidden, but you've seen hints...

Yes, that would be out-of-character and stunning. Please sit down next to me...

...and not to be here as employer and employee...but as man and woman. That would be even more shocking.

This might be very hard for him...but I think...just could work out!

Yes, that theater has seen a lot of use. Every season it has been used, I think, at least once. Only the time-travel bridge seems to have been used more. (I know, of course, that I am not counting the Main House, the seaplane dock, the bungalows, the pond restaurant, the hotel, the casino, or the sites for the luau or the outdoor dining area, which were used in all, or virtually all, episodes.)

Oh yeah, that great game show...

And then, in 2007, scene of a party visited by Cupid, too. LOL

Ah, a film festival. Cool for the festivalgoers!

Yes, use your head when considering yourself; use your heart when considering others. Great philosophy!

Dang! It ended at a brick wall...! to speak, anyway. Did Lawrence talk to Miss Mars on his way out and her way in?

As usual, great scenes with Leslie. She's been very well used over the course of the last two or three episodes that you adapted here.

Great chapter!

PDXWiz chapter 21 . 5/24/2011
Hmm, why did Roarke want to have breakfast at the open patio? Was it to have another scene for Miss Barnes?

Oh, I see, to make it easy for Dennis to find him. Push the right buttons and this will work...I hope!

Hmm. Where did she go? I hope she's safe!

Nice of Leslie to jump to his defense...

Well, very interesting of Leslie to out the truth... But he deserved it, and Roarke's actions weren't so much causing mild jealousy, more like somewhere on the road to homicidal rage...

Oh, because of his first marriage...Interesting...

I hope Dennis can find her and propose to her!

Agreed, Leslie! Let's hope it's not too late!

Lawrence is actually impressed with her... Rewriting things so they get along? LOL

Crap! Leslie was right! Oh, agony! Aa-go-knee...(to paraphrase Bugs Bunny)

No! He's gonna be pissed... Homicidal rage, indeed!

Geez, he all confidence to Leslie...that the whole weekend is backfiring? Well... I guess it is...LOL

So...did she decide to propose to Mr. Dorner, or dump him?

An open-air gym? Not a bad idea, except during the heat of the day or when humidity is excessive.

Wups, here comes Dennis, and he's even less happy than before...

He put a hole in the punching bag? Wow, and he isn't even mad!

Yes, what is Roarke thinking? Nothing obvious, at this rate...

Okay, Ms. Smith's daughter is good and ticked. Perhaps the marriage proposal to Mr. Dorner was accepted?

Marriage is not a cheap'd better give her a good talking to, Roarke. She wants you to do some 'splainin'...

Oh, THAT was her choice! Abandon love...

Yes, he convinced the, let's see if the daughter can convince the mother, and if Mr. Dorner will accept so they all can live happily ever after.

Wups, another chapter ending. Can't wait to find out what plans Roarke has in mind for Dennis and Deborah! And more great scenes for Leslie!

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