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Happon chapter 27 . 5/31/2016
This was so powerful. You really crafted the story beautifully. I can't remember any fanfic I've read which has had such a unique and engaging plot, on top of a well developed romance. Thank you for sharing this. The epilogue had me tear up.
Lubljanka007 chapter 6 . 11/16/2015
I just thought I will write a review on this, though I have not yet finish reading it. I have tried many times, and have always gave up because the writings and descriptions of the violence and rape are so vivid that it makes me wince (and that's kudo to your writing skills). I think this is a good story. I have read most of your stories on Slam Dunk and my aim is to one day finish this. In fact, I believe this story can even stand on its own without the SD characters, because the storyline is strong and the plot interesting. Have you ever thought about changing the characters and publish it as a short story?
ImperialInk chapter 27 . 1/18/2015
Dude what the hell... i just sat here reading this for three hours straight and missed lunch without knowing it. God that was so damn perfect i'm just sitting here all gobsmacked. Thank you so much for writing this, was such a pleasure to read. If this were a published novel, i'd have bought it.
shhdh chapter 27 . 5/17/2014
omg i finished all 27 chapters in four hours it was amazing
Svaneaalka chapter 27 . 5/11/2014
Thank you for giving Kaede and Sendoh a happy ending! And, of course, for putting such effort into writing this amazing story for us. No wonder you are on my list of preffered authors. I hope you write more stories for this pairing.
Addicted to SD chapter 27 . 4/12/2014
omg! haha.. can't find the words to describe how i feel about this.. gosh! it's finished already... what a very beautiful ending.. i'm teary-eyed.. the ending is truly worth the wait! thank you for this nice story.. senru forever! great job star! amazing! :)
mrsklemzak chapter 27 . 4/6/2014
Oh. My. Gawd!

*cries loudly*

Can't believe it's over already, specially with the introduction of Hikoichi, the ever-curious! Glad you made him a rare gem, a hacker and information guy. I have a feeling though that secrets won't be easy for him to keep! To big burly men, he's an annoying little mouse, but to his fans(I'm sure they're out there!), he's super sweet and loveable.

I don't remember about Harukos part(maybe I should read the previous chapter ?)

Ug, this was an amazing story, that could so easily be a novel or movie. Did I say that before? Well it's still true!

Hope you keep writing for SD!

Thanks for your amazing time and talent. :)
loveless.raine chapter 27 . 4/5/2014
Brilliant ending! It saddens me that this story has ended but damn, I must say that the last chapter had satisfied me immensely and part of it was seeing Kogure and the rest of the gang's (but mostly Kogure) character development. As for Sendoh and Rukawa, their intimate scene was profoundly written. They expressed their love for each other on a deep emotional level and I love it! So cleverly written. 3

Thank you for giving out a closure to this wonderful story! Hope to read your next fanfic soon :)
angelchoo chapter 27 . 4/5/2014

I fanfiction love you for this update! I squealed like a banshee when I saw the notifications on my email. I've been waiting so loooooong for this and I know it's worth the wait even before I clicked the link.

And it's so worth the wait so I won't flame you! I can't even if you did kill them both. This story is at the top of my favorites list since Chapter 1.

It's actually one of the reasons why I AM addicted to your stories- you do angst so well that you actually break my heart then repair it repeatedly with every release of a chapter and yet you have "happy" endings. Reader investment, you say- thank you. I hate tragedies. I mean I, personally, can't really see any satisfaction in reading a long story with the main characters ending up as dead in the end.

But still, you're right- you do have a twisted, unpredictable brain (this is a compliment, I assure you) so I am still kind of ... well... I don't know what you will do at the end of this fic. But then... after reading...

I absolutely love the ending, but not just because they finally found their way to each other. I love it because it's an ending they deserve- not a tragedy, yet not a fairy-tale ending. The former will leave us readers brokenhearted because after all the things Sendoh and Rukawa had been through, they deserve a happy ending. The latter on the other hand just won't fit them- they're both far too broken for a perfect ending. So... by making this ending imperfect, you just made it perfect.

My inbox will be eagerly waiting for your next SenRuu fic. :)

P.S. When Kaede introduced himself as Liron, I almost shouted, "I knew it!", but then your response before reverberated into my mind- Liron is not Kaede's alter-ego.

Ah. You and your twisted sense of humor.
Svaneaalka chapter 25 . 12/28/2013
Noooooo! What happened to Kae-chan?! How did he run away? Is he going to help Sendoh to get out of the prison too?
Aww man, I'm so frustrated right now...T.T
Well, at least he's alive... right?
This chapter is a good ending in itself, but the epilogue you mentioned - and that you really owe us- will be very welcome. ;)
hitomi65 chapter 25 . 12/22/2013
nice chapter
Guest chapter 5 . 12/18/2013
لم افهم القصه
mrsklemzak chapter 25 . 12/10/2013
Ok so its not a perfect ending.. The story was engaging, and I'm happy to have been mentioned in a few responses. Seems you had quite a few fans!

I think I have to read this again sometime, I forgot what happened to Sakuragi..

I will forgive you for not shipping the hentai and the aho.. its up to you. The more I read and watch this series, and read fanfics, the more insight I get.

For example, To me, Sakuragi is a normal teenaged boy, who has his little family, since he doesn't seem to have much else, like a strong male(until Akagi) or a strong female(Ayako, definitely, and Haruko) to say, "Hey, this isn't healthy". Instead, he's encouraged to learn basketball, and curb his temper and emotions. I also thimk he may have high blood pressure and maybe hypertension, with his short fuse and eating so much, but I've only seen a couple instances of his MASSIVE appetite.

Sendo, I see as sort of bored, hes used to the accolades and praise. Sakuragi comes along, and is not impressed with said tensainess, in fact, he's interesting to Sendo in that hes a wild force of nature. Hot and passionate, even though hes just a beginner.

Rukawa is about the same as Sendo, an ace, but very quiet and uncaring about others. Till Sakuragi. Rukawa talks constantly to Sakuragi, even if its in insult form, its still somethimg.. He doesn't engage anyone else in the team, unless he has to. For Sakuragi, he wants him to grow and succeed.

Anyway, enough right? I have severa head canons about many of the characters.

I look forward to the epilogue, and will post the link to this last chapter on my tumblr.

Thank you very much for the journey!
Anita chapter 25 . 12/10/2013
Hi there!
I have been waiting for so long for this!

The scene where Sendoh fights with Stanley is my favourite. Although the one with Rukawa in flames seems to be the main and most emotional scene in his chapter, I am really fond of Sendoh so to see him in action was a true happiness.

I really hope in a good end. Generally, I don't mind tragic ends but if there must be a tragic end it would be better if the relationship reach its highest point first.

Thank you for your effort and the time you devoted in this story.
Addicted to SD chapter 25 . 12/9/2013
OMG! mixed emotions for this chapter... first was happiness & excitement because finally, after waiting for quite a while, there's an update... but as i read through the story, i got sad & hopeless especially at the scene when kaede is pushing away norio from sendoh amidst the flames... the words you used to describe that part was so heart-breaking... huhuhu... so is he already dead? hmmm... hoping for a somewhat happy ending...
thank you for this chapter... gonna wait for the epilogue :)
it was really an amazing fic!
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