Reviews for Voice Of The Mute
NintendoGirl99 chapter 1 . 11/20/2016
Very nice, but I never expected Game and Watch to die.
TheAutisticGamer chapter 1 . 7/17/2014
MysticQ chapter 1 . 4/16/2014
This was such an amazing read! I never really thought about how frustrating it must be for them to be unable to talk, or how awful it is to be Game and Watch. I actually cried while reading this. Twice. Awesome work.
RedheadedMarina chapter 1 . 10/27/2012
Oh, MoD. Another story of yours that contains joy and sadness and connections through loneliness and basically just an amazing gamut of true emotions. Every time I read one of your stories, I feel as though I've voluntarily strapped myself to a roller coaster. I get scared after the first third, knowing it's going to be tougher than I expect. As the twists and loops get tougher, I hang on, now knowing its going to end but that I don't want it to. By the end, I'm impressed both with the coaster and with myself, because I've come out at the other end safely, despite having been frightened, and that is joyous.

Look what you made me do! That wasn't part of my original review. However, you're so darn poetic I feel like I need to up my game.

This is a beautiful story. I smiled as I read the prologue, with the numbers listing the amount of words most of us can access when we want to talk. Then, as I read the part with Game adding those few dots of paprika to the soup, I flashed on the movie "WALL-E". Game is such a complete character, even in his sadness and feeling incomplete. He's trapped both inside his own body, and inside the assumptions others have made about him. I appreciate that you don't back away from detailing how painful it is for him, and that how some of the things that make him unique also increase his own pain. He's one of a large group living in a place designed on the ideals (I'm assuming, because I don't know this 'verse) of teamwork and pride and togetherness...he certainly knows most of the people around him, yet he moves through in almost a solitary bubble. Some of it is his own making, yes, but some is due to the way others around him choose to react.

As proved by Jigglypuff. If Game is WALL-E, then Jigglypuff is EVA, and the ways they talk are amazing. Your descriptions are, as usual, incredibly vivid and yet concise at the same time. You have an incredible technique for creating a full, layered picture of a character, yet in a way that doesn't allow me as the reader to skip over the more painful parts, or soothe myself into thinking that maybe it isn't as bad as that. And, despite not knowing this 'verse, I think that's exactly what Game and Jigglypuff might have asked someone who was going to write their story-to show them in all their good and their pain, so they are not ignored the way they have been in their world.

The scenes where Game is describing his creation, as well as the scene where Jigglypuff sings him to sleep, are...well, I don't have words for those. They will stay with me, though.

Okay, I'm getting so wordy that if you're laughing by now, I don't blame you. No grammar or spelling issues that I noticed. No problems with me understanding the world or the characters despite my own lack of knowledge about the world. A wonderful roller-coaster story that ends on a note of joy. Everyone changes through this story, the reader included. Thanks for such a beautiful work.
Rosalina's Twerk Team Captain chapter 1 . 7/12/2012
Oh my. I'm sorry to say that I can't give out a true review, and correct you on your grammar, since you're on a much higher level than me, but, I can say is that this work, is truely amazing.

There's few on this site who are as talented as you, but there's plenty on my level, and as one of those, I feel I must say that what you've written has made me, tear up, and smile at the same time. It's clear the amount of work you've put into it, and it makes me so happy that you still continue to write this way.

I applaud.
Souldin chapter 1 . 8/28/2011
(I accidently deleted my original review so if this one feels off it’s because I’m trying to remember exactly what I wrote) With this review I feel I must make a confession. Though you are a great writer and your stories likewise are well written I have never felt engaged by your stories. I’ve been able to enjoy your GanondorfXJigglypuff one-shot, and have been intrigued and interested in your fanfic ‘Audience: An Artist’s Story’ but I’ve never been immersed in the worlds of your fanfics or felt the emotions of your characters. This fanfic had me on the brink of tears. Now I’m a man who controls his emotions strictly and any display of such emotions but I struggled to hold back tears while reading this beautiful, tragic, and engaging work of art.

From the opening directed at the readers, to the emotion exploring narrative of Mr. Game and Watch, to all the touching and bittersweet moments that took place between Game and Watch and Jigglypuff, I was immersed in it all. All the sorrow and joy the characters felt I too felt as emotions leapt from the words on my computer screen. The writing is of your usual top quality but this one had the added punch of the emotion filled narratives of the two characters. The pacing was amazing for a story that crams so much development into only three days, and the romantic scenes were charming. The story also manages to explain Mr. Game and Watch’s past well enough despite the lack of both dialogue and flashbacks, which most stories of this sort do.

You would think I would struggle to criticise this fanfic considering how much I love it; however there was one detail that I did not take too well and that is the implementation of music. With exception to ‘The Letter That Never Came’ none of the songs added to the story (personally I felt that ‘The Letter That Never Came’ worked well enough for the whole story) and I even felt that the first song distracted me from reading. Also with scenes as short as the cooking one having to put on a song only to change it in only a minute is quite annoying and threatens to pull readers out of the world that they’ve been enticed into (or it could be that I just read fast). A criticism to make not regarding the implementation of music, or rather a suggestion for improvement is that the fanfic could be even better if the development of the relationship between Mr. Game and Watch and Jigglypuff was not restricted to three days. Having it explored over a longer time not only makes it more realistic but also allows for additional scenes and naturally better pacing.

I know of a few fanfics more beautiful that this one, I know of a couple of fanfics more emotional than this one, and all those fanfics I can think of are ones I consider the very best. To say I hold this one-shot in high regard is an understatement, if there is a fanfic of yours I would recommend it would be this one as while there is room for improvement ‘Voice Of The Mute’ leaves me more than satisfied. Astonishing job, keep up the fantastic work!
LordXarel chapter 1 . 5/11/2011
Simply amazing! I loved every bit of it!
DragonlordR chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
... You know, your amazing story had me crying buckets... Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww!


... Okay, I'm good.

I don't have much to critique on, since I don't spot mistakes that easily, and whatever good points I could list out, someone's beat me to the punch. So... There, amazing story, and wish you luck in the contest!
Foxpilot chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
Somehow I wouldn't feel right not reviewing this. I was originally debating reading and responding tomorrow, but I just can't.

There's plenty of ways to talk. We have something like 3000 different verbal languages in our world-some of them basically extinct for various reasons. We show ourselves through arts of various forms, ranging from classical music to Lady Gaga; Leonardo DaVinci to Jackson Pollock; Park to Rowling. One could even say that we let our weapons do the talking, that the various cuts, burns, bullet wounds, and other deathly injuries are messages from the attacker to the victim. Heck, it's said that you can see what someone else is thinking by looking into their eyes. And yet, for all the words, pictures, notes, and blood, it's difficult to find somebody who will actually listen. Perhaps that's where humanity has gone wrong. Perhaps that's where this story succeeds the most.

I have to say, I was actually touched by this. I've never been fond of quick romances-to me, time is the most telling factor one can use when deciding on a "true love"-or just about anything, really. Yet you've really captured a special bond, even thought this takes place mostly over three days. I may not be all that willing to believe in "fast love," but I do think that you've crafted something special here.

Honestly, though your efforts to provide touching songs is appreciated, I stuck to the song I have now. And I think I prefer reading this with it. It may be a final boss theme, but it's still just so appropriate here that I couldn't switch. Besides, I find continually pressing "play" on things is troublesome, and I don't know how to set it to loop.

I do think that you should have used transitions more, though, or at least put the letters in italics so that we could quickly see the difference between the written and the narrative. Other than that, a little tense confusion could have been worked on.

I cannot speak to you, nor can most of us writers. These are my words, as this story is yours. Always remember that you are talking to people, not empty space.