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Guest chapter 26 . 5/7/2016
It is 2016 and it is my first time to read your story. I was emotionally moved and I cannot keep myself crying. Though it is a tragic story, I really appreciate how you portray the devotion and everlasting love between sasuke and hinata, till death do us part. Bravo, very brillant of yours
Guest chapter 1 . 11/28/2015
saddest ending and u make me cry i hope u write another story. Take care
Millie chapter 26 . 11/20/2015
This story made me glued, laugh, cry and most importantly, love. I love the real points of in-between teen and adult life you laid on the plot. Although, one review point that I noticed to all your stories is that you don't use pagebreak (or large gap to the next paragraph) to let the readers know that there is a shift of perspective or a transition of a timeline in the story. Overall, you have a gift to move the mood of your readers which makes you a skilled writer.
ravenkel2161 chapter 26 . 7/20/2015
You know I almost didn't read this. I was thinking naw I don't want to read this. I thought it was going to be a fourth rate fan fic. Now I'm certainly glad I read it. Thank you.
Divinity-fan chapter 15 . 6/8/2015
Again with the bashing of girls who aren't HIS girl. Not good point there. And herpès? Ugh. I'm shuddering from digust! Where the hell is she putting her hands on?! at least he didn't insult her because that would have ruin a bit of sasuke's hallucination of hinata, epic proof of crazy-uncontrolable-obsessing-possessing love for my OTP. real balm to the heart now that ss and nh are official. Yikes!
Beside music, we always have something to rub into sasuke face his fault. He's so much in his own narrowed world, he's sometimes too focused on him. Good to see naruto given some action and good to see sasuke ready for the battle and loving hinata even more than before despite everything c
Divinity-fan chapter 14 . 6/8/2015
At first I found it strange that that kid came out of nowhere to appreciate the lead female like cheesy cocky romance like to do. For them their MCs are just that little special snowflake who happen not to know about it... yet, while listening to Mackintosh Braun - Could It Be I wouldn't stop crying. And i understand from his family background hpw he would have that kind of character. Nice touch there... even side character put some more layer of bittersweet angst. YAY! a mariage but there I agree with hinata. No pushing. i really like to read about their inner battle and see how much they are blind to the other utter adoration without being blind... i don't make sense but that's sasuke's fault XC
Again you're hinting toward something there with Hinata's fav play. Again, either you're fucking with our mind or you're planing what I think you are.

My eyes are always wattery and I'm always at lack of words to express your talent. The scene on their roof was so good! Poor little souls. They definitely need some external help, but with the way they are closed into their own world with only one another as inhabitants and the way they keep their folks at arms' length, their salute won't come from there.
That's why she better keep from asking about mariage. This shit is real serious and now she caugh him. I knew you wouldn't let him undercover.
The last paragraph seems like a metaphor of their story I don't know why. As if sasuke's demons and Hinata health problem wasn't enough for them to manage... now his "cheating" is out for her poor soul to see, and for sasuke poor soul to go deeper in depression and self-hating
Divinity-fan chapter 13 . 6/8/2015
I see you have been complaining about updating too slow or too ast and all i can say is that thanks heavens I came far after you finished your story. It's so goddamn good I would have had heard attack from the waiting. It's addicting and suspense could have been another category of this ctuff. Will she or won't she? will he or won't he? so much wonder butr with a name as 'brandFUCKINGnew' the worse is to be expected i feel.

for chapter eleven (I just wrote H in my stupidity X():
sasuke isn't helping with his big denial. Poor thing but he's right about the I'm fine sentence, which sometimes is just formula. One should beware of that phrase that can hide big problems and troubles. Anyway, he's so bull headed and tend to mortify people sometimes. He's barging out shizune's had goosebumps run onto my skin. as him, we all hope hinata save his unstable ass.
Hinata hates lying but she has another coming. True sasuke needs someone who know to shut up, but he also needs someone who can open when necessary. Naruto was too loud but managed. I'm not seeing him stop lying if she doesn't confront him one way or another.

In all this chaos, it's nice to see some normality with them shopping, blushing-worth comments from faceless characters and re-thinking the strong feelings they have (in a positive way) after that.
Little liar sasuke broke my heart! Really wish hinata could recover and save sasuke from himself, even if I know i ask too much from her frail self. That weasel of sasuke! At least there was the music to slap his reality across the face. Nice move with the 'do you like it' scene

You see? That's why I'm scared. To have an intelligent and unlucky main character feeling it always seems like the last time in an angsty fiction and the author announcing troubles ahead just mean big shit is coming. I don't trust you with a HEA, but you've got be trapped with the oozing angst and beautiful description.

for this chapter: it is intense to see them being there for the other. And sasuke as the one having hope for a better future! But the equation is simple: a braking hinata a breaking sasuke. so i'm not surprise at how he's falling yet clinging to hinata as a lifeline, without showing it of course! It's Uchiha fucking sasuke there. Fantastic to make sasuke show more care. I can't stop saying you are good because so far I'm moved and not disappointed by even a chapter.

As I said in previous reviews, it's really strange for me to see main character bash another character because of their love interest who is the other main character. Not feel natural in a way, especially in fan fiction if that's not the character original personality.

Now i fear the worse. You keep saying you don't want to give into readers who I guess want a HEA... which mean we're not having our HEA... or you're just a troll author who like fucking out brain. But then again it's for your dear dead friend... OMG... OMG
Divinity-fan chapter 11 . 6/8/2015
Divinity-fan chapter 12 . 6/8/2015
You said it yourself it was so sad. I already knew the song you suggested and naive I am, I put it on. Now, every time I listen to it, I wanna cry I mean, it was just so sad and you wickedly tricked me at the begnning. I was like 'OMG sasuke, you should have stopped. it's too late' I wanted to cry but to gain some strength I was like, he deserves it and we have to learn from his mistake... then you write Hinata having it. OMG. I felt bad not to have realized when she said she was tired that she actually mean it. Comeon it's hinata :((
And sasuke's reaction! It was heart-wrenching. People tend to accuse their own selves when it isn't even their faults and to have your love ones disappear one by one could only make matters worse.

their desperation was moving. When I read three months were all she had left I blanched. I had to look up to the category to make sure it wasn't tragedy, really. So now, will you follow reality or make us a HEA. But your ' I won't follow what you guys want but my plans' is not comforting. I can smell troubles ahead. And damn listening to 'where's my mind' will crying :(

So angsty, so sad, so hurting and so, so good chapter. I'm sure you gonna keep on breaking our heart for your fuckin' pleasure TTçTT
Divinity-fan chapter 10 . 6/8/2015
It's sad to see how broken he really is, and it's good he woke up next to hinata. Your story just don't say but show how and why sasuke would totally fall head over heels for hinata. she's there and she's real. I love how mixed sasuke is. You manage to sort out why I like so much sasuke character from the series. He's perfect for angst stories that I love so much. Thise kind of stories are like drugs: they make you feel bad yet high.
It's good to see an author do as they planned. It ruins stories that author make their stuffs interactive

Poetic as ever.
I liked hinata and ino interaction too a lot. It's visible hinata is chaging and resebling more and more to sasuke... :o
sasuke is really scary and the way he's rebelling have me worried about poor unsuspecting hinata. she'll be sad when she finds out
Divinity-fan chapter 9 . 6/8/2015
They are getting more and more close that I'm pretty sure they can't breathe without the others. I know some people don't like these kind of relationships but I do. they are bittersweet to me. You can see their desperation and they would cling onto each other because its their only source of light in the pitch darkness. It's beautiful to see him share such thing with her, letting her see another side to him.
The kinky stuff was good ;) and go along the mood of their story. Even if it's a bit... scary to see him forcing her. I wonder, how far could he be able to force her doing something HE likes? especially under heroin influence?
Divinity-fan chapter 8 . 6/8/2015
there's nothing much to say beside that you have a talent to describe because the way you lay down their story reach my heart. I feel their feelings, hesitations, fear... It's really suffocating , especially as sasuke frighten me because his troubles are now fighting againts his growing passion for hinata. Something feels like their ruin will come from his unstable mind. but hinata seem to have good influence on him. And the way you ended the chappie... hmmm ;)
thank you for making me metting defeater: cowardice and I don't mind are finally my favs
Divinity-fan chapter 7 . 6/8/2015
I think you're as close as possible to one of the mutiple faces of sasuke's real personality. The way he's slowly spiraling down, the way he's so looking for love, his pride -all that is in the original one. I'm sure if they were in real world, he'd definitely get at least a breakdown. It's sad and all, but I like how you write Itachi and sasuke relationship, the unsaid, and interactions. It was really moving OMG. I wanted to beat them across the head so they could voice out their thoughts but their pride or whatever is their blockage is just as in naruto series, which led to so much trouble and drama... but I like that kind of stuffs because it always bring that angst and drama htat always squeeze my heart... I'm masochist I guess?
Divinity-fan chapter 6 . 6/8/2015
what the hell do you profile represent? I tried to figure it out so hard but doubts always come back. And despite the ugly face with all that... yikes! still I can't stop staring at and wondering! So? Who is he?

Did I already say I love your soundtrack? yeah, you have good taste!

I love this trope with leads getting tattos, especially if it's the same! I would have definitely created a doujinshi on this story if I knew drawing properly :(. I like the teasing and since the ex-thing was light and just to tease sasuke and that Hinata reacted so well, I liked it.

sasuke is definitely crazy! Poor thing. I like jealous sasuke, and his little paranoia but for someone as unstable as sasuke it's no good news. And i was sad to see him go back to his drugs. I liked how the vivid way you described his paranoia even if he's making me more and more worried
Divinity-fan chapter 5 . 6/8/2015
So much cuteness at the beginning, which is frightening. Usually, stories which start with so much love coming from both side end bad. The growing passion and codependency between them is kind of addicting, yet frightening. To have her quit her job just like that... I'm afraid sasuke will pull both of them in n ugly spiraling down.
Ink! so, so cute.
However, it's quirk of mine, but having people appreciate lead characters are always strange. It's just make the author too much present because in real life, people are always focused on their own shit. But it's still good
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