Reviews for Crossing the Line
Sinfully Sined 2 chapter 5 . 2/23/2016
Damn Talk About HOTT! Luv it! Luv Sin!
SciFiLvr13 chapter 5 . 12/19/2015
Damn! I think I came from just reading this, no touching whatsoever.
TheGirlInThePinkScarf chapter 5 . 5/28/2012
So deliciously and sinfully hot! :)
Sams Taz chapter 5 . 1/17/2012
Just wow! That was...yeah it sure was! LOL Great as usual! :-)
Sams Taz chapter 4 . 1/17/2012
Holy unreal hotness. Talk about a whole lot of gorgeous men! have a real gift! :-)
Sams Taz chapter 3 . 1/17/2012
Ohhhh my goodness! Just wow! So good it is shameful! grin
Sams Taz chapter 2 . 1/17/2012
OHHHHH my...*fans self* soooo sinful and delightful! :-)
Sams Taz chapter 1 . 1/17/2012
Oh MY the things that we find out in your stories! For shame! LOL I have to admit that I love every twist and turn that you have in your stories though!
Jinx302 chapter 5 . 9/4/2011
Hands down...I LOVED THIS!
Debwood-1999 chapter 5 . 6/27/2011

I got just three words for you: Nonstop Epic Smut.

*Applause* This was fantastic!
ilzehs chapter 5 . 6/26/2011
Now last but not the least. Re-reading it throughout the day during these reviews & damn Lady, I have been highly bothered & entertained yet again. This is an overdose of smexiness & I can't praise you enough for being so damn good with your skills.

& if killing your readers with extreme hotness is still not good enough, I dunno what would be. This was epic hot. As hot as possible. & you have done real magic with this 4some. They are written in their best form here.

Hehe Adam should be a porn star. He wanna do it as requested. Oh mine...& now just think bout it...Adam & Jay putting on a show for Hardys...& they go extreme...Fuck...

Reverse cowgirl...Damn you Jeff..You really know how to get best out of this opportunity. Emm...That's nearly my fav position for Adam as he gets fucked...Like I always say, Adam riding a dick captures his beauty wonderfully ;P & have you noticed how shameless I am during my reviews? Lol. What can I say...Adam brings out the dirty side of me too.

"Come on, baby," he smiled. "Show them how good you look up on my dick."

*Whimpers* God dammit...Jay really says the best things. Ehmm...& yeah, Adam, show them how good you look riding Jay...You glorious charming bundle of sexiness!

& I will never get over how good you are with your details. People either miss good sentencing or good material. You have both, & you know how to combine them as well. Just the description of Adam sitting on Jay's dick...It was all damn drool worthy in its own self. & dimples above Adam's ass are whenever mentioned, I get extra hot.

'Damn, he loved to watch that sweet hole swallow his dick, loved the way Adam fit around him, like Heaven had custom-made that ass just for Jason Reso.'

THAT! My fav line! Hehe, I love how much Jay appreciate Adam's ass...& I freakin' adore the bit bout Adam's ass being made exclusively for Jay's pleasure. That's so true & sweet!

Jeff's taking full advantage of Adam being busy lol. He's loving & enjoying that pretty ass that's bouncing so eagerly on Jay...& Adam...Gawd he's so dirty...the talk he & Matt shared...damn...

The image of Adam riding Jay like that is a gorgeous as hell image...

Oh *HAWT* The are all engaged together...& its beyond simply just hot...Hardycest plus E&Cest...World cannot get better or hotter. & we still have Jedam to come.

"Sometimes... uhm... he likes to pretend we are. That we're real brothers when we fuck."

Kinky slut is our dear Adam ;P I like to think E&C in d/f scenarios too...It only extend the hotness.

Matt/Jay was done so well. You were so careful & didn't let it get out of hands at all. You maintained Jay's personality here. Didn't hurt his character. & fuck...were they hot.

Fuck...Adam rides Jeff too? I am truly in heaven...THIS is heaven...Perfect position for Adam...Sexiest!

I fucking LOVE when Jeff talks dirty to Adam! & I love when they grab Adam's luscious asscheeks during fucking the shit outta him.

That's perfectly fair. If Matt gets to fuck Jay, Jay gotta take a bit for his ownself. Afterall, he's Daddy Jay ;P Haha long forgotten Jeri Mr. All thanks to E&Cest & their sharing mood-set!

FUCK! Adam is SOOO SOOO SOOO hot in this scene as he fucks himself! He truly is a beauty all wanton & needy...Such a pretty desire...Him sucking Jeff's fingers...totally lost in pleasure...I am imagining it perfectly in my head...Its an extremely gorgeous image. & I ABSOLUTELY cherish the way you have written Adam in this fic! Oh yeah, he's a dirty little cumslut, but we all know he's proud of that ;)

"Does this mean we can't double up on Adam tonight?"

Oh mine...You HAD to tease me? Your evil baby. So so evil. You know I would sell my soul to see that. Btw, Jeff & Jay double fucking Adam is one of my wildest fantasy.

Oh he so eagerly want it all. Adam is a beautiful little whore who loves every second of being stuffed. & this teasing image was the perfect ending. Jay & Jeff in Adam's ass as Matt stuffs his precious mouth...Gawd... delicious as hell.

Wonderful writing material with perfect characterization & perfect quality content wise. I would love to see you write them in future too...Or E&C as a sole pairing. This goes down as my fav ever smut featuring these 4. You have done wonderfully well.
ilzehs chapter 4 . 6/26/2011
Gawd...this take on Matt/Jay is amazing. It totally fits there personalities here. Adam is power bottom...Jeff occassionally give himself up to the big boys...Jay...Matt...they fight for dominance. Cuz that's their thing. They are the 'big' boys. Jeff's just lucky he's got a babe like Adam there to let his hot domineer make an appearence ;P

There was a time when I didn't really mind Hardycest much. & I honestly don't care how its written either. I think Jeff is versatile. Only, I strickly like him topping power bottoms. Although, Hardycest was immensely ruined for me thanks to the horrible characterization of Jeff. But you have them here in a totally readable way. Just shows how perfect you really are with your characterizations.

"I know you're mine. I'm yours. Do I have anything to be insecure about?"

Awww...Pure sweetness. Yes. Adam is Jay's. But Jay'll let the boys play with his kitten since his kitten happens to be a dirty little tramp ;P

*Eyes snapping out of my head* ! Who said this girl here would explode? Whoever did, I am guessing Terrah, was spot on! I did more than just exploding...Damn...You really do love me? Or unintentionally you write everything I desire to read...I swear me & Terrah started like that. When I wanted to read something, without even expressing it I had Terrah writing it in next few days. I guess it has everything to do with our similar mindset when it comes to Edge & his beauty being utilized in slash. What? Am I confusing you? Oh...sorry ...Yeah ...I am freakin' talking bout Jay & Jeff joining together...Adam on his knees in front of the boys...Sucking & stroking two at a time...GOD the combination...Fuck...I ALWAYS wanted this! I ALWAYS wanted Adam in this position...Making two dicks happy at once...He's so damn slutty...& he's a classy slut which comes from your decent display of giving character to everyone...But this thing was beyond gorgeous. I squealed so damn hard. This is one of my fav thing ever!

& man oh man..I love Jay sharing his baby so proudly. His Adam is damn talented with that mouth of his. & Jeff, your a damn lucky shit. Matt, you can never have a better show.

Jeff's lust for Adam is such a turn on...How can he not be wishing? You see Adam? In that position...down on his knees...taking care of two dicks...He's so damn pretty & sexy like that...

*PANTING* Seriously...This is one of the hottest thing ever...

Oh fuck...You & Terrah write Adam with such class, even when he is such a dirty little whore. I love that. I love how you both can appreciate him so rightfully.

Baby's giving orders...& Jay is amused...Adam is a naughty naughty babe. So damn good at it all.

Hehe...Yeah make room boys...the slutty little thing is about to drive you both mad & wild with need ;P

GOD GOD GOD...I am losing control here...Fucking help me...Just fucking perfect...Adam sucking them both at the same time...Just what I needed next...Just what I always wanted to see Adam do...Oh mine...& he IS a damn greedy cockslut but such a proud one too at that. I love it!

Oh yeah Matt, join the play. Adam's tempting ass is just begging for attention. How could Matt resist? & Jay's being so generous...Its a damn lucky day for the Hardys.

Oh God...Oh God...This is too much...too much hottness...Matt riming..eating out Adam's ass...Burying his face between that heaven...Fucking getting to taste that beauty...Fuck..his hand gripping & toying with those beautiful cheeks...this is too fucking good for words. Yet again. This particular para was KILLER.

*Drooling* I freakin' love Jay ordering...& yeah, his pretty little baby is such a filthy little slut who loves to get stuffed & that makes this crazy slasher here EXTREMELY happy & satisfied. My slashy needs have been definitely taken great care of via this greatness.

What am I suppose to do? I have read it before..but its so fucking hard to read it while reviewing...I am in severe need to get off...Damn...I am so fucking hot right now..This is the sexiest thing I have ever read..Adam is so needy...Such a whore for more..& Gawd...Matt, Jeff & Jay all fingering Adam's insatiable ass at once. ...I wanna be thoes fingers...fucking lucky shit..

Oh yeah...Jay's fingers are Jeff taunting Adam...calling him exactly what that little sex kitten really is...this all is too..its driving me crazy. They all are stuffing Adam well...& like a totaly slut Adam is loving every minute of it. I LOVEEEE this Adam. Btw, his ass is DAMN stuffable.

6 fingers...inside that paradise...& Matt's still getting privilege to kiss & love on thoes cheeks...Fuck...Can it get any better?

Yeah fuck yeah...I wanna see Adam impaled on Jeff's dick too...That ass is currently the best feature of this fic! & when Jeff joins in the dirty talk, it only get more perfect.

Wow...I am so totally fucked right now. Adam came so beautifully. & the glory of his ass & its pretty tact...its all so damn sexy.

Remember? I said I was going to be precise...Guess its not possible when it comes to your brilliance. This is my fav everest predicament for Adam to be in in a smut scene. Damn did it get hotter than the sun. Wow.
ilzehs chapter 3 . 6/26/2011
Adam is such a dirty little whore. Acting all prudy & ashamed when he wants nothing more than to be exposed in front of these studs. & damn Jay...Why you gotta be so sexy? He's so amazing with Adam in this. Just so damn over the top amazing. Hehe, & does he ever wear underwear? He is always ready...except when he's pradding around in a thong or slutty panties to tease the shit out of others ;P

Hehe, I would whistle too Jeff. That's a damn whistle worthy sight ;)

Fuck...Fuck...Fuck...That's a dream position for me...They are not fucking anytime soon but Adam is Jay's lap like that...Damn...I am drooling hard here...

..Girl, this little killed me with its overdose of hottness. I just love how its so easy to see what you write. The whole description of Jay settling Adam in his lap like that...Positioning him that way...all spread out...Seriously? You expect me NOT to go crazy after that? Do you know how fucking beautiful that really is? Its beyond beautiful.

PLEASE give me more of this Jay! I fucking LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Him dirty talking..Adam being a total whore here...So sexy & pretty & damn desirable. I am dying here all over again.

'"Yes! Yes, Jay, I want them to see how hard you make me. I want them to watch you stroke me, fuck me, make me yours."

Your art of killing me with just your teasing never cease does it? That...was AMAZING. Adam is SUCH a sexy tempation. Hehe, yeah Jay...Your slutty little thing is totally eatable here. He's just begging for it. The images are too damn hot. I need an air conditioner.

LMAO...My FAV thingy...Adam & his girly accessories lol. & he does have too pretty of hands for a man. I always get lost in their softness & prettiness.

"That and the monthly manicures," Jay said.

Haha...Like its any surprise. & Adam, baby, you never had a man cred. See? He IS a diva. I wasn't wrong ;P & there, Matt said it too. Everyone knows it, even Adam. Despite him wanting to deny it all the time.

Aww he's Jay's dirty little slut...How much I love this little declaration...Fucking loving your Jay & Adam & their relationship here.

Oh damn...I lost control so many times during reading this fic. & I waited like a bitch for updates. Was so hooked when you were writing it. Adam masturbating like that...& he's still in that position. On Jay's lap all spread out for Matt & Jeff to have a perfect view of his glorious beauty. Jay dirty talking in his ear is making me go weak..This is pure sexiness.

He's so fuckable...even I am fucking him with my eyes. How can you blame Matt & Jeff? & Jay is so proud of his posession. Adam is eating up the attention like a two dollar whore.

Hehe, So Adam gets off on Hardycest tales. Damn that little doll...& Hardys..they gotta be this irresistable. The smut is crazily hot here. & its so slow paced...Only exploring every single bit of sexiness present there.

& Adam comes undone...He's such a sexy bitch. Don't worry Jeff...You'll have ur chance ;) Eh, he got the show...seeing Adam fucked or loved is a million dollar show anyways.

*DROOLS* The last para yet again, WOW! Jay's talking..the position they are in...Adam being so slutty...its all such a wonderful combination of hotness. & Adam licking Jay's fingers just made me cum. Specially when Jay fucked Adam's throat with them. He knows how to use Adam, & Adam knows how to kill everyone around him by being so damn fuckable.

Adam wiggling has brought Jay's cock out in to play...I bet it wanted out bad. & I bet it wants to thank Adam's ass properly ;P

Jay's little horny sex kitten here is making me go crazy with desire. & Jay is so perfect in handling him.
ilzehs chapter 2 . 6/26/2011
Lol you goof Jeff! That was pretty amusing. But idiot-proof brush is a wonderful accessory. It comes handy here...We all know Jeff's capabilites of driving others around him crazy ;P

OMG & I love the dimension here. Jeff grinning, Matt flushing. This is exactly how I see these two. Jeff being a little more open & arrogant. Matt being modest & prude at times. & there is one image of Jeff in my head that always come forward during situations like this. Him smirking like a dirty cocky bastard, snapping his gum, eye gleaming with lust or naughtiness.

*Pants* The image...Is simply too fucking gorgeous. Jay loving on Adam as Adam lay on his back all spread out...hand clucthing a pillow above his head...rubbing Jay's hardness...Gawd...Just imagine that in your head...That's pretty as fuck.

Can I be excused? I wanna go all sappy here for how really sweet is Jay here with his baby. Your compliments to Adam make me so fucking happy. He's truly a stunning beauty that just demands to be devoured.

Oh, you dirty slut Adam. He's a kinky little thing. & I freakin' love it. I also love how Jay tags along his naughty babe's fantasies. Him laughing like that...still loving Adam...the precious precious image...they are beautiful together.

Haha, Jeff doesn't wait much to jump on opportunites does he? Damn you...Your Jeff is BEYONG amazing. This shade is as good as your others.

Btw...Adam in Jay's arms...sorry for my pathetic whipped-ness but I am just totally in love with E&C like this. & I REALLY hope you write them in future too. You actually can write them.

Being addicted to Adam is only a natural instinct Jeff. When you have a dick, your completely suppose to be addicted to that thing of beauty & gorgeousness ;)

Adam is enjoying it a little too much. & Jay's enjoying his baby in his pleasure state a lot too. Matt & Jeff are plain SEX. This is amazing.
ilzehs chapter 1 . 6/26/2011
So...Been contemplating to review this thing of beauty. There are so many things I wanna talk about, but the space/time limit is not gonna allow me to. I want to cover this whole story in couple of days, & that'll mean be as precise as possible. Oh, but you know me...Precise & me hardly ever co-exist. Lol. Gotta try anyways. From next chapter though. I wanna babble here.

You really make it very very hard for me to find appropriate words from my vocabulary. You have this habbit of leaving me speechless with your brilliant talents displayed through your writing & drawing. But it doesn't mean I'm not gonna try.

Firstly, a HUGE thank you for writing a E&C/Hardys 4some fic. As sad as this is, but this is the ONLY fic featuring this euqation that is worthy to be called 'good' or even readable. As much potential as this pairing & equation has, all the ones I read in the past were terrible. Poor characterization with low quality smut. You, my baby, once again have responded to my needs to so well. Your an answer to my yearns. I have been dying to read some proper E&C stuff lately, & when you add Hardys to the mix, it only gets better. I also have to mention how your smut is pure excellency. Its so profound. & you are known for laying perfect setting for whatever you write, including smut. This is what I love bout you. Your just amazing all-round.

so, like I said, people were never good with this 4some. I read many stories featuring them, but most of them turned my stomach into knots. For some reason when you have Jeff involed, along with Jay, Adam most of the time becomes an afterthought. Appearently, he's not important enough. & people are too biased with their love for Jay & Jeff to do all these four equal justice in this equation. You, on the other hand have written my fav everest E&C/Hardys, & probably the only good combo of these two pairings in slash history. Best thing bout it is, its not for some fans particularly. All fans, Hardys, Jay's, Edge's can enjoy it. & love it. Every single character has been given proper attention here. If I have to suggest someone a fic to learn how to write unbiased stuff & how to do justice to all your characters, I would definitely recommend this one. This is an example of showing regard to the art of writing & slash. Your characterization was perfect, but most importantly you didn't neglect any single one in this fic.

& now a specially lovely little hug for yet again giving Adam fans a reason to stay alive in Slash. You really write him beautifully. So naturally. I have begged people to see him in his true self, his beauty. But they refuse to give him any love or respect. You write him in such a suitable way that I find it like so totally natural to connect to him. & you know how hard it has been for me to find a Adam that's authentic to me.

This story honestly was perfect for me in every form & way. Adam was the perfect bottom beauty. Jay the the perfect wonderful lover who didn't lose his character a bit even though he bottomed to Matt. You know why? Cuz you respect these guys. You compliment their personalites instead of destroying them in the worst possible way. Jay & Adam were so sweet & perfect as a couple. Just the way I prefer them the most. Oh, & E&C like that...Gawd..this is the only way I can feel them. & Jeff was also perfect. Matt remained the ultimate top, just the way I love him. But it wouldn't hurt at all to have him bottom to Jay. After all that's the way Matt/Jay works. They can go either way & it wouldn't ever hurt them. All in all, you know this girl would never complain as long as her Adam remained a bottom boy lol ;P

Aww poor Addy so horny & frustrated. Jay...He's sweet. Want to take care of his baby but damn thoes Hardys. Lol. Adam's so forward. He doesn't mind sharing his urges a bit. No surprise. He's a shameless slut ;P

OMG Yeah Jay..How could you NOT mouth fuck that face stupid? Lol. Jeff is so amusing. He definitely imagines & give very high esteme to Adam's mouth's capabilites. Naughty boys.

I also love the slight touch of humor throughout the story. The normal talk btw Adam & Jeff added a nice touch too. & I honestly am loving Jay & Adam's relationship to pieces here. Why can't people write them like this more often? They feel so damn natural.

Hehe...Behave..Adam...Nah. Its Adam after all ;P

Oh boy...I would check that ass out too Jay. That's a million dollar worth image.

"It's your fault I get off on the thought of brothers doin' it. I looked at you like a brother before you started molesting me."

*DEAD* I wanna hear more of that in E&C fics! They are simply adorably sexy here! Haha & I bet Adam loved every minute of getting molested by his 'brother' ;P

Fuck...the images...They are simply too sexy when done right. You just know how to write them. & your WAY too good at writing than most of the people could ever dream of. So I would rather take your quality over their bad but quantity wise overloaded stuff.

Adam straddling Jay...Being so needy...& sexy...Oh God...Now Jay btw his legs...kissing him...devouring him...DAMN & the "Only thing I can think about right now is your ass riding my hard cock." Thats so fucking HAWT! I wanna see Adam ride his cock too...This is a delicious, delicious image. Gotta go to next chapie now!
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