Reviews for Planet Side
Wolfox6 chapter 15 . 1/6/2012
Heh heh heh...loved Jack in this! XD

Well done! :D
Rosethorn chapter 14 . 12/31/2011
Damn Thane! Don't mess with Tali's beer! :D

Awesome chapter!
Wolfox6 chapter 14 . 12/14/2011
Bwahahahahah...murderous Tali is PERFECT! Sorry it's taken so long for me to r&r, as Skyrim is in my soul...leaving little time for reading, sadly...

Anyways, great chapter, and Happy Holidays to you! :D
Whatshisface v.2 chapter 14 . 12/10/2011
Mmmm, I used to steal toxic beer from Tali once, but then I took an arrow to the knee...Trolololololololololol, so on, and so forth.
Wolfox6 chapter 13 . 10/11/2011
I LOVE this! :D

I realize that there are tonnes of Tali/Shep romancers out there, but I *immediately* saw Tali and Kal as a OTP from the get-go...Kal is absolutely *perfect* for her!

Wonderful! Two thumbs up for the last line! :D
Wolfox6 chapter 12 . 9/25/2011
Gah...the female version of Kaidan! Run!

Heh heh..nicely done.
Wolfox6 chapter 11 . 9/6/2011
LOL. Grounded Grunt is just hilarious!

Nice! :D
RayneEthelwulf chapter 11 . 9/4/2011
Awe! I can just imagine Grunts sad face!
Made Nightwing chapter 9 . 8/22/2011 must seriously suck to have an assasin for a father.
Wolfox6 chapter 9 . 8/22/2011
Awwww. [sniffle] Little Kolyat is heart-breaking. I just want to give him a bear hug right now.

Other than a typo ("Forgvie me, Kolyat."), this was PERFECT; even more chilling because of the last line.

Well done! O.O
Wolfox6 chapter 8 . 8/22/2011
Feel bad for the kid when he gets to school...what'll his dad be called? Zombie? O.o

Nicely done. :D
Wolfox6 chapter 7 . 8/22/2011

Made Nightwing chapter 8 . 8/21/2011
This is just too sweet for words...but manages to avoid being sickly.
chopper chapter 8 . 8/20/2011
I love this. I want a part 3. )
Wolfox6 chapter 6 . 8/17/2011
Heh heh. I first thought you were writing about Jack, until the Alliance career part came up... XD

Nice. Angry, hostile and seemingly hellbent on some sort of revenge for any experimentation upon her person due to being a biotic.

Now I'm curious as to whom the other biotic is!

Well done. :D
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