Reviews for The Art of the Wize
Pauline Frances chapter 69 . 10/19
These are very good stories, but have you read them for mistakes? Spelling, words missing, extra words, changing characters names in many paragraphs, you needed a proof reader
riverrat1 chapter 95 . 1/22
It may took you a while but you finished what you started. Seeing all these unfinished stories on this site, that is quite an accomplishment.

I am glad that I found this story a little later, so I didn't really have to wait for updates. But I also think it would have been worth it now that I can see how everything went together.

So here are my picks:
1. Severus and Rufus
2. The way the boys were helping to protect Hedgewards when the Ministry and all of Durmstrang were trying to get in.
3. Severus
4. Cecilia
5. I was hoping that the boys found something with their research of plants that would help the non-wizards not to get sick in the company of wizards, or maybe help the truth tellers.
6. Nothing comes to mind.
7. The audio didn't help, but that is just me... I can't listen to audio books because my thoughts eventually keep wandering off to something else. I guess my mind is too busy with other Artwork: Maybe you could find someone who can draw and would be able to do so per your instructions.
8. I'm in the Severus Snape mode at the moment, so anything with him will be appreciated.

Thanks again for this great story. Maybe you want to try to write your own book and see what happens. New year - new things to try...;-)
riverrat1 chapter 94 . 1/22
Thank you for finishing this wonderful story. It was a great read with a lot of twists and turns.

Septimus is born and it looks like he and Julian will be friends just like in the other world. Things went full circle. Well, not quite... the other world doesn't have a Cecilia and a Septimus anymore and one of the places in the boys friends finder will always be vacant.

And Sirius is keeping up the work...
riverrat1 chapter 93 . 1/22
The big day is finally here... Cecilia had to wait 12 agonizing years to get there.

Severus and Tabitha are so good together.
riverrat1 chapter 92 . 1/22
Nick and Kingsley are alive...yay!

Good, now that Sirius doesn't have to pretend anymore he and Cecilia are becoming friends. After all she also saved his live by going behind the veil for him.

And yes... I think Cecilia is going to work with Severus again. She just can't help
riverrat1 chapter 91 . 1/22
So Lindvald went to a different time because he had done all he could...

Great to see things are going right in this world also: Sam is doing well for himself in Iceland, Septimus's friends are still doing their thing (I guess Dorielle has a permanent place with Rufus now?), Severus Snape is back as Headmaster (I assume Tabitha is by his side) and Remus is cured.
A happy ending in each of the worlds as I see it. What more does a reader want? ;-)
riverrat1 chapter 90 . 1/22
Finally he is asking her to marry him!
And now he is no longer a werewolf. Why wouldn't he have taken the potion to cure him? he hated being like that...
Things are looking up.
riverrat1 chapter 89 . 1/21
Good, Severus and Tabitha are trying to make it work.

Where is the older Septimus? Grindelwald had brought him along. Did he just disappear because it wasn't his time yet? After all Cecilia went back to her younger age after being back. I guess it would be a paradox...
riverrat1 chapter 88 . 1/21
Remus and Cecilia have each other again in a perfect reunion, and poor Severus drew the short end of the stick once more by not having his time with Lily. Then again it was probably better this way since Lily in the other world was in love with Remus. It would have broken his heart all over again.
riverrat1 chapter 87 . 1/21
Yay, Remus just walked in... And boy, will he be surprised when he finds out about Septimus...:-)
riverrat1 chapter 86 . 1/21
Interesting conversation Cecilia had with Petunia and the explanation she had why she never liked Harry.
riverrat1 chapter 85 . 1/21
Yay, finally the bad guys are gone to never return. Good thing Grindelwald decided to take Septimus. He would be stuck in the "new world" without anyone. Unfortunately he also has to leave his friends behind.

Now Lindvalds actions make sense. You did a great job with your writing to make us all think he had it in for Cecilia.
riverrat1 chapter 84 . 1/20
So Grindelwald and Dumbledor brought Septimus into the "old world".
riverrat1 chapter 83 . 1/20
So Lindvald isn't Aloysius. It is the other way around... Interesting.
The whole chapter was very informative and cleared up so many loose ends. Now on to the next one...
riverrat1 chapter 82 . 1/17
Wow! Lots is going on here...
I was wrong. For some reason I thought Lindvald Halen was Nicolas Flamel. I did suspect Lucius being the traitor, just not in this way. Turned out that he and Pettigrew were actually on the receiving end and couldn't help it.

It all was a big long plan to set things right. And Caelius...grrr...
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