Reviews for Shadow Kings
AllKnowingNiko chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
Niko: *dies*

Yami: Imoto, you're going to go through every pairing there is and love it to death, aren't you?

Niko: YES, nii-sama, YES


Niko: YES, ototo, YES

Yugi: Oh god *face palm*

Niko: YES, Yugi-kun, YES

Bella: Really? *sigh*

Niko: YES, okaasan, YES

Bakura: Do NOT make me block this site, Niko.

Niko: YES, koi, YES

Bella: 'Scuse, but did you just call him "koi", Niko dear?

Niko: NO


Ryou: Yes she did!

Niko/Bakura: NO SHE DIDN'T

Yugi: *hugs Ryou* Yes, she did!

Yami: I know how to get them to admit it!

Bella/Yugi/Ryou: How?

Yami: Bribery!

Niko/Bakura: Br-Bribery?

Yami: Yes! Niko, if you admit that you called Bakura "koi", and Bakura if you say why you're helping her deny it, then Niko Yugi and Ryou will give you a whole hour of pure, straight up lemon-

Yugi/Ryou: HEY!

Yami: -and Bakura, I'll give you every doujinshi, fanfiction, fanart, and slideshow of any pairing you want.

Niko/Bakura: *drooling* FINE

Bella: *taping*

Niko: *blush* I called him koi, I admit it... NOW GIMME! *drags Yugi and Ryou to dark room down hallway with video camera in tow*

Yugi/Ryou: NOOOOOO! *die*

Bakura: I was helping her deny it because... er...

Yami: *waves box under nose* Tell me!

Bakura: *eyes following box* *talking rapidly* becauseshe''severhappenedtomesoifyoudidn' *runs off with box*

Yami: *smirk* You got that on tape, right?

Bella: You bet!
IncurablyAwesome chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Haawwwwww D: This is adorabubble! Great job! It's so cute! And so SAD! Poor Yugi! And Ryou! Grrrr! Anzu's bf had better be GRATEFUL DX

I don't actually dislike Honda as much as some people do, so I was kinda sad you made him out to be a little uncaring, but other than that, I loved this story! Well done ;D