Reviews for Code Lyoko: Believe 2 Temptations
Traveler chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
Interesting story, and well written. However, questions come up. Why go after Hiroki, when the Lyoko Warriors would be so much more tempting prizes? Probable answer, bait. Get him to fall, and you can get his friends to fall, and get the Warriors to fall so much easier with things falling apart around them. Offer them the chance to FIX things, would've worked for Jeremy or Aelita.

But, step one has failed, he shoved himself too far, got too proud, and got caught. Killed a mortal though, I seriously doubt that hiker survived, unless he happened to be...Me, in which case, well, i'd have dove on him and told Hiroki to run and greeted my old friend properly. ...Gotten my ass handed to me again, i'm just a simple Traveler, and he was the Best and Brightest, after all.

So, now it moves onto step two. He will go about this more cautiously and carefully, and he'll WAIT first. He understands patience. He's immortal. What's a few weeks or so till he strikes at a more valuable target than, essentially, bait/a pawn? In the meantime, work on them in small, subtle ways to pressure them so that they fall more easily. Nothing that anyone would notice, unless they knew what to look for, but things that would slowly get them closer to the brink, and into his hands.
dying english chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
it was pretty good. i've always felt sympathetic for the character of lucifer. pleased to meet you hope you guess my name! but what's puzzeling you is the nature of my game.