Reviews for Honestly Harry - Getting to Hogwarts
fanboy chapter 37 . 3/16
It's brilliant how you've managed to capture Harry's innocence coupled with his emotional maturity developed due to his time spent with the Dursleys.
A time before Harry goes to Hogwarts, yet after him finding out that he's a wizard isn't something many people write about, and it's interesting to read! Thank you.
fanboy chapter 36 . 3/16
love this, thank you!
Hoshi124 chapter 7 . 3/6
You made Harry the average height of a 5-6 year old.
Wasn't sure if that was intentional or not.
Average night for an 10-11 year old boy is 4.8-4.11
Guest chapter 21 . 1/28
London Knight .
Britpicking : NO Bullfrogs in the UK , or extremely few alien escapees that don't often survive British Winters or our roads ...
Grasshoppers rather that Crickets & then only in the very hottest of Summers . Even in the Countryside away from major roads , they are extremely quite compared to North American or even European insect background chorus .

Also British Children NEVER SAY "neat" "gee" "yech" ( yuck in UK ) , 'floor show' ( just show ) or say "I guess so ..." very often .
Countless more examples , but I'll leave it for now .
Great easy going story for me , after reading many heavy fics like 'For The Love Magic' or 'Incubus' . Fluffy without being too fluffy - can't wait for the Shopping Trip ;-)

LK out .
Guest chapter 1 . 12/16/2017
There was once a girl named Ashley Halagey, who had a boyfriend named Jack. Jack was the most popular guy in school. The three most popular girls were Courtney, Ashley and Emma. Jack thought Ashley was OK, but he REALLY liked Courtney. Courtney liked Jack also. Well, of course she did. Everyone did!

Ashley and Courtney were worst enemies. Courtney tried to steal Jack away every time she had a chance. One day, Courtney asked Jack if he wanted to go to the movies. Ashley heard everything. What movie, What movie theatre and what time.

That night, Ashley followed Jack and Courtney to the movie theater. Ashley sat right behind them. she watched them get close to each other and kiss. Not only did they kiss, but they practically got it on in the theater.

Courtney asked Jack, “Do you want to come to my place and skip this boring movie?”

He replied, “Hell, yes!”

Ashley followed them home and peeked through Courtney’s window. Jack and Courtney were messing around and Ashley watched the whole thing.

The next day at school Ashley wasn’t there. For the next few days Ashley didn’t show up. A week later, her mother found her dead in her closet. She had committed suicide because she loved Jack so much. Next to Ashley’s dead body was a note.

It read: “My Dearest Jack, I watched you at the movies and at Courtney’s house and I willCONTINUE to watch you. I never thought you would do something like this to me. I really loved you, Jack. I died for you just like Jesus died for us. Always with you, signed Ashley Halagey.

Please send this link to more than 15 people or Ashley will haunt you and try to kill you because she wants everyone to know about how Courtney betrayed her.

What Ashley Halagey did to one person who did not send this…

One girl was looking through her e-mail and she deleted this message, thinking it was just another silly forward. The next day, she was found dead in her bed. Copy and paste the link to all your friends or you will meet the same fate...

G the Headmaster chapter 20 . 11/28/2017
I’ve liked all of your stories that I’ve read but don’t know why I never read this one before.
ThunderClaw03 chapter 2 . 9/22/2017
Professor McGonagall is a true lioness who protects and nurtures Her cubs to the best of her ability.
noylj chapter 4 . 9/3/2017
"You're (You are) mother, Lily..."
Really? Try Your.
Well, your Poppy is almost as useless as canon. No outrage over the abuse? No calling the DMLE? Just a note for Bumbles?
BillBrink chapter 80 . 7/15/2017
I don't care what other people think about you spending 80 chapters for 4 weeks of HP's summer (esp. since the last week he was in a coma:), I think it was great, innovative, and laid a solid foundation for the remaining saga. With the story mainly centering around HP/GW and the development of their bond, I wondered how you could bring Hermiony into their relationship, but your plot contained enough twists and tension that it resolved smoothly. I don't believe I have ever read another story that spent quite as much time on preparing for Hogwarts, yet you did it in a way that was never boring, but entertaining and, unbelievably, fast paced. Thank you for doing it.
BillBrink chapter 35 . 7/14/2017
This story has hit me in so many different ways that I feel compelled to comment even before the end. I like stories that ship Harry with almost any girl (exceptions; older women - Minerva, UGH!, death eaters or munchers, and OCs), especially Hermione, but I have drifted away from Ginny primarily due do when he is shipped with her, Hermione is shipped with Ron (gag me with a spoon). In addition, Ginny is so often pictured as the ultimate fan girl, gold digger, or just plain nutty obsessed girl, that the character is not thought of favorably any longer. However, I know that is not right, especially with the way she is in canon. This story is refreshingly different in it's approach and I can easily see how your Ginny and Rolling's can merge as the same girl (She didn't really give Ginny much attention until the very end.) I love this approach. You are not making Ron a thief, Ginny a fan girl, or Albus a crooked manipulator. Thank you for doing it.
Guest chapter 42 . 4/18/2017
I did completely
Flametusk chapter 73 . 4/4/2017
I know the song that could be used to defeat moldyshorts! "Die" from RWBY volume 2. I also wonder what would happen if he sang Time To Say Goodbye, or This Will Be the Day. I don't think I Burn would be a good song. Red Like Roses part 2 may take him to Godric's Hollow.
thanatos's-shadow chapter 42 . 3/16/2017
Really enjoyed the not so subtle shot at Lockhart. Lol
Tomascatts chapter 62 . 2/25/2017
I don't blame Harry for leaving, after all why should he get punished for accidental magic that he can't control it's what the Dursleys did to him
Merlinherk chapter 69 . 11/21/2016
Great story
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