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ShebasDawn chapter 1 . 2/22/2015
Wow, this was so heartbreaking. I really feel for Gamlen now, and I didn't think that was possible. What a powerful story!
Phthalo chapter 1 . 1/22/2015
Wow. This is achingly, painfully, authentic to Gamlen. Everything canon says about Gamlen, you've captured here, with swift, spare prose, and spot-on regard for a life composed of regrets and desperate longing. Beautifully done. Thank you for linking me to this.
C.J.Robbins chapter 1 . 9/11/2013 I can't hate Gamlen as much anymore.
Oleander's One chapter 1 . 11/17/2012
I'm reading and thinking that you cannot possibly induce me to empathize with Gamlen any more than you already have (from "oh yes, her brother" to "Le...andra"). Then I get to "The only time ...", and my heart simply shattered. To imagine this spark of hope/fidelity/humanity inside of this person that you (meaning Hawke) aren't even really given an option to appreciate ...

If it were a reinterpretation made up out of whole cloth, I could maybe go back to writing him off as a bit of a louse and not think too much more on it. But it's not ... you can see it in his pain when he describes how his parents died, his pain when Leandra dies, his spark of hope when he meets his daughter (and his awkward thanks to Hawke). I can't ever think of him the same.

And Carver. It hits me how intensely relieved I feel that my beloved Carver escaped that fate, as he could easily have been trapped just like Gamlen. Very different circumstances, but trapped spending his life for the parent while the sibling gets the glory? Oh yes. Where are all of those dA emoticons when you really need them... *sniff* Dang it... *wibble*
Vema chapter 1 . 4/23/2012
Wow, I can't believe the amazing emotion you manage to evoke with this story. In the game, it's kind of implied that Leandra was their favorite for a reason, but this is an entirely different, totally believable look at how things might have been. Poor Gamlen. Elegantly done, dear.
Ygrain33 chapter 1 . 9/6/2011
It never ceases to repel me when parents favour one child over the other, and especially if the child at hand is overlooked for the sake of the one who is not there. I thought that Gamlen was repulsive when I encountered him first and learned that he had kept the will secret, but when it turned out how he had been treated, I instantly forgave him. I thought the Amells were an awful lot even before I read your piece, and your characterisation is perfectly plausible.
Shinkansen chapter 1 . 9/5/2011
That was beautiful. And it explains everything.
Suilven chapter 1 . 8/15/2011
What a fantastic take on another character that is so often despised. The fact that he saved the will just for a remembrance of finally being called "son" was just heartbreaking.
WellspringCD chapter 1 . 5/13/2011
You have a gift for seeing the humanity in characters people would like to demonize. I hated Gamlen, at first, mostly for dissing my Mabari, but I couldn't help but feel closer to him when I saw how worried he was about Leandra in "All that remains" and how devastated he was after she was gone. Anyone who could feel that way about his sister even after everything she did to him (leaving him behind in Lowtown when she moves into a huge estate in Hightown, for one thing) must have a truly unknown capacity for love. Thank you for turning a few lines of dialogue into a fully-realized back story that does justice to a man of many parts.
Nightsfury chapter 1 . 5/5/2011
A powerful and moving piece. I agree with many of the other reviewers who said that Gamlen is an overlooked character. Too often, I think, we judge people by the surface that they show us at the moment, and forget, that underneath the reasons for it may be rooted in old pain, long hidden. This story illustrates that beautifully.
mutive chapter 1 . 5/2/2011
I love this portrait of a family falling apart, with all of the ties and favoritism. I agree that I felt rather sorry for Gamlen, too, once the will was revealed. I mean, sure he's squandered his money. But Leandra really does leave the country, likely never to return. Why give everything to her? (So weird...) It really is a slap on the face to a character who, while not good, isn't evil, either. I love how well you portrayed that!
WritingByNight chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
Poignant and painful, all at the same time. Thank you for sharing this, and giving light on a character so easily overlooked.
RakshaDaemon chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
Wow, just wow! I’m left speechless…
mille libri chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
Wow, that was powerful. I despise Gamlen as much as the next person, but this is heartbreaking and possible and completely consistent with the person he becomes. Absolutely brilliant!
Shakespira chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
You already know how moving I found this piece,but I can't state it strongly enough. You have taken an unlikeable person from the game and illuminated his true character.

His plight is repeated countless times in countless families and goes unremarked upon. That you were able to shine a light on it in a way that allowed for sympathy without pity was brilliant on your part.

There are so many phrases in here that emphasize and illustrate your message. And no matter how much we, as parents, say we don't have favorites it isn't so. There is that child you gravitate to, it's usually the one who is most like you, I think.

Your imagery adds so much texture to the emotional pull of the story. "...periphery of the temptest" "...shining perfection all the more noticeable for its absence..." "...heartbeat running a vibrant coutnerpoint to his words..." "...firelight quiver acorss the gleaming ebony..." are just a few that really captivated and resonated.

It was utterly heartbreaking and bittersweet that he kept the will because of those three son Gamlen...

You have a true gift, not only for writing, but for seeing the human condition so clearly and poignantly.
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