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Queen of Air and Darkness chapter 5 . 11/14/2011
Okay, this story is REALLY well written. I'm not sure if your still writing this, because it's been a whike since you've updated, but if you are, please continue! PLEASE! Because it's really good and I want to keep on reading. You have 36 stories, so you might be working on those, I know, but if you have the chance, please continue writing! I LURV it! :)

Queen of Air and Darkness
Walking After Twilight chapter 1 . 11/11/2011
I absolutely LOVE this! It is such an interesting idea for a fanfiction! Puck's pre-story to the Iron King. I loved your take on how he wasn't totally thrilled with the job at first of watching over the summer princess. I mean who would be? Even to an immortal sixteen years is still sixteen years. Hahaha! I also liked how you had him have a little denial going on about his feelings for her. "Saving the princess' human father, well, that was just a coincidence." Loved that line! And it was really cool how you ended his conversation with Leanansidhe. Very cool! This is by far the best Puck story I have seen so far! You have a way of capturing and staying true to the character's personalities. Wonderful job! A
yessie chapter 5 . 9/16/2011
Write more plz its really good
SoNotAnOrdinaryGirl chapter 5 . 9/3/2011
Love this story! Not many Iron Fey fanfics that I've read have been all that good, plot-wise and writing-wise, but yours is absolutely fantastic! Your writing style is similar enough to Julie Kagawa's that I feel like I'm just reading another Iron Fey story that she wrote, and you truly are making me reconsider being Team Ash.. Can't wait for Puck to realize his true feelings for Meghan!(: Definitely looking forward to the update!
Seize the Rain chapter 5 . 8/2/2011
You are an amazing author.

I stumbled on this story through a friend (who love the Iron Fey as well) and went WHOA. THIS IS AWESOME.

Very, very well written. You got the personalities spot on.

Keep writing? Please? Pretty please?
strixy16 chapter 5 . 8/1/2011
I love this! It's so cute and awesome!

You had me rolling on the floor laughing with the second part of chapter 4 with the Midsummer Night's Dream thing.

Please write more! I love this series and have read it twice!
Take Me To My Fragile Dreams chapter 5 . 7/29/2011
I love this story so far and I can't wait to see how Puck and Meghan's relationship develops. Please update soon!
Yume Dust chapter 5 . 7/24/2011
I love this fic. I was drawn to reading this because of the plot and that the pairing is Puck and Meghan. I'm on Team Puck obviously. :D I don't know, I just don't find myself liking the AshxMegan coupling, maybe because it's such a common kind of coupling. It's usually the girl falling for a perfect boy she'd only seen once and then starts to love him throughout the course of the series, and the drama is always centered around them. It's not realistic.

Puck and Meghan is a couple that isn't boring: it's exciting, a little passionate, with a touch of angst. I don't know, but I haven't finished reading The Iron Queen and I had decided that I would rather see this couple happen. I get all excited when I saw them kiss and everything. xD It's very likely though that she'll end up with Ash (but I don't want that to happen!).

Anyway, PLEASE update! You are an amazing writer (then again, most of the writers on this site are really good) and I can really imagine myself being in Puck's shoes because you managed to portray him PERFECTLY; his emotions, his inner conflicts and his growing feelings for Meghan, etc. Keep up the good work!
goldenhair chapter 3 . 7/22/2011
I love this so much. What a well-written, in character story! It soothes my little Team Puck heart, even though I know the story is canon.

Thank you so much for writing this!
candycity chapter 5 . 6/22/2011
Yes, I do stalk your story. :P

Anyways, this is very...intense. It's very unique, and detailed, and everything, but I wish it was a bit know, eventful.

But it was still pretty awesome, and I'm anticipating your next chapter. :D

Avril xx
vampirefireflies chapter 4 . 6/19/2011
Really good. Your writing is amazing, and Puck is very much in character.

Hmm, so what does Puck need to get out of? giving her the mistwine? At first I thought it was his promise to be her best friend, but no, he's a constant in the books...

Can't wait to read how he deals with Ash! Maybe his jealousy will finally let him admit his love.

But yea, his jealousy will be fun )

Keep it up! Write more!
HRHPrincessTricia chapter 4 . 6/19/2011
Sounds good so far.
Queen of Tortall chapter 4 . 6/17/2011
Wow, this was enthralling! Your portrayal of Puck is very realistic, and I like how his relationship with Meghan is growing. Good job!
Slyly chapter 4 . 6/14/2011
Wow! I really like this! Your writing style is very profesional-like. xD And a very smooth read. I'm a huge Puck fan, but I've only read the first book. xD

Keep it up! Patiently waiting your next chapter,

SeductiveInnocence chapter 4 . 6/14/2011
Seriously?...Did you ever publish a book?..because I'm definitely buying it...I know, I tend to exaggerate things but this is awesome! Please keep on writing I beg you!..*laughs*..
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