Reviews for Race to the Summit
Ivy000 chapter 1 . 12/24/2012
This was awesome. Bravo.
S.P.J.N.D chapter 1 . 7/29/2011
I don't like it when people make promises they have no intention of keeping. Update Adventurer's beware already.
Grammar Defender chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
Morning! Something before I actually review that might bias me against this story – I /hate/ Artemis Fowl. Hate, loath, despise, etc. I shall refrain from going on a full rant, though, despite the fact that I have LOTS to say on the subject of why I hate it. I have very good reasons. I you /really/ want to hear me rail on against the books, I suppose you could ask.

And one other thing before I get to the actual story – the disclaimer. You said, “I don't own Artemis Fowl or the Mysterious Benedict Society. They belong to Trenton Lee Stewart and Eoin Colfer, respectively.” Actually, you have it backwards. Artemis Fowl is Eoin Colfer’s, and MBS is Trenton Lee Stewart’s. Thought I should point it out.

Now for the actual story. It’s alright. Not an all-time favourite, but nice. Very intriguing. You’re right about the choppiness (a concern I had as well), but with this sort of drabble it’s really, really hard to get a nice flow. Mine’s even choppier than yours, anyway, so no worries for you there! (In my humble opinion, of course. In the end, it all hinges upon Miss Aisling.)

And I’m an idiot! I’m a complete moron! Why didn’t /I/ think of ‘a close shave’ for ‘shave?’ I went with S.Q. commenting on Mr. Curtain’s exponential growth of facial hair. Yours was vastly better.

Umm… You didn’t exactly put anything down under ‘Answers.’ You just go straight to ‘Liars.’ Having done the challenge myself, I know it’s an easy mistake to make. Still, you should probably go fix it.

I know that Sith didn’t originally come from Star Wars, but it still gives me a double take every time. Little to do with you, though.

I thought that Kate’s involvement was a bit random and unconnected, but then again, it can be super-duper hard to make everything fit together nicely with this style of drabble (I speak wisely from my full one drabble that I’ve done. You should definitely listen to me. (My keyboard is dripping with sarcasm. I’d better go wash it off.)) .

Well, even if you don’t win (rather unlikely, in my opinion – this is much better than mine!), you at the very least convinced me that I want to read The Trouble with Genius. Congrats.

Well, it seems like I’ve run out of stuff to say. So I’ll say this: good luck!

Now rather looking forward to The Trouble with Genius,

~Grammar Defender~