Reviews for Auld Reekie
Glynna chapter 5 . 2/21/2016
What a wonderful, fantastic story. The plot, the subplot, the subtle way you have of making every moment meaningful, it's fantastic. :D
Glynna chapter 1 . 2/21/2016
Oh my freaking gosh, those words! Those words of Holmes', by which, of course, I mean yours, utterly destroyed my soul with their power and beauty.
ThePuppetMaster chapter 1 . 2/14/2014
I liked it a lot. But the way they speak to each other makes it seem like they already have a kind of relationship beyond normal male male. R they already dating?
beargirl1393 chapter 5 . 4/8/2013
You should do another one where Holmes takes Watson to his home town to solve a mystery
jhgufuihpuop chapter 5 . 8/1/2012
This was too beautiful, very possibly my favourite of your stories. Like your other angsty fics, it hit me hard and made me ache. I love that John remains steadfast at Holmes' side even while Holmes is going through his knee-jerk reactions to what happened. What a beautiful love you have built between them. I love the ending, Holmes' words, "We're only just beginning, you and I." So perfect. Thank you for sharing this with us. Straight to the favorites list!
WelcomeToTheAsylum chapter 5 . 8/31/2011
Well done, a convincing adventure story wrapped in a gorgeous tale.
13AkiraKuranXIII chapter 5 . 7/13/2011
Dear Garonne,

Very, very good! I love your descrptions and the carefully planned case! It was a delight to read your story and was brilliantly written! The characters of Holmes and Watson were very realistic, so I enjoyed reading it as I felt like I could relate to how gay men would have surely felt at that time. Wonderful!

Take care and farewell

- Akira Kuran
Loki's Campaign Manager chapter 5 . 6/16/2011
Nicely done! The style is canonical throughout while still romantic. Wouldn't have missed this for anything. Keep writing!
callensensei chapter 5 . 6/7/2011
Whoo...I will never think of Watson’s face after the deductions in the same way again!

Brodie is just as bad as Milverton, but I admire Holmes’ condemnation of the villain in your story even more than in Doyle’s. In the canon story, Holmes only condemns the blackmailer, but says nothing of the judgemental society that allows Milverton to ply his trade so successfully. Here, Holmes realizes that the “so moral society” is equally guilty in persecuting those who do not meet its own uncharitable standards.

I love the idea of Holmes and Watson discussing the works of Robert Louis Stevenson! The pair are such adventurers themselves that they could well identify with Robin Hood and Jim Hawkins!’s so sad when Holmes has to let go of Watson whenever they leave the darkness! But that little exchange:

“Are you hurt?”

“Not a scratch.”

“Thank God!”

was succinct and wonderful, echoing “The Three Garridebs,” when Watson actually refers to his bullet wound as “a mere scratch” in order to soothe his panicking friend. In your story, when Holmes says he will try to be calm the next time Watson is injured, I think of Garridebs and laugh. Good luck with that, Holmes!

It’s lovely to have descriptions of Holmes relaxing, since it’s something we so rarely see. Holmes’ visions of their future are what most fans would love to think: that they did end up sharing the villa in Sussex, and living a retirement of quiet ease.

Their final confessions to each other show each man’s humility, and the extraordinary depth of their love.

This was such a tender, yet riveting story. You capture Holmes and Watson with such grace and style. I’m looking forward to more from you!
Danibat chapter 5 . 6/4/2011
Fantastic. This was fun, dramatic, with a little bit of angst and an overlying layer of love. Just fab.
callensensei chapter 4 . 6/2/2011
Brodie sounds like a villain worse than Milverton! No wonder Holmes is so concerned about Watson putting himself in harm’s way. But Watson’s faith in Holmes’ unknown suspicions about Brodie is unshakable: “You know them, and I trust you.”

Now, more than ever, the two need a quiet place to speak. And I like the fact that you only have them speak, making their bond so much more than a physical one. I loved this interchange:

"We're together now, my love. Don't spoil it by worrying about the future."

"I cannot lose you, Watson."

Again, I could hear them saying this in a non-slash story just as easily. These are two noble spirits intertwined. And again I am reminded of “The Three Garridebs,” where Holmes gravely warns Watson of the danger ahead, (despite knowing it is useless because “I should know my Watson by now”) and Watson replies, “It is not the first danger we have shared, Holmes. I hope it will not be the last.” Of course, it very nearly is the last. I do hope you’re not headed in that direction!

But no. I trust you. (And besides, Watson’s narrating!) On to chapter 5!
callensensei chapter 3 . 5/29/2011
Those fierce verbs (snapping, blazing) and stark adjectives (haggard, deadly) hurl us into the maelstrom of Holmes’ emotions. Even your description of what has happened to Holmes’ voice is chilling. By contrast, Holmes is all tenderness towards his fallen partner. I could hear Holmes calling Watson “my love” in this situation, be they lovers or not. Then Watson offers Holmes and us that welcome teaspoon of humour, and we can breathe again.

Scotland even has cold sunlight? I thought only Canada could make that claim! No wonder the Scots are fond of their hot porridge for breakfast!

The tension builds as Holmes steels himself for his confession – and what a confession! Like Watson, we want to draw Holmes close and tell him that what he did was not a crime. (In fact, it’s almost exactly what he does in “The Three Garridebs,” in the most beloved paragraph in the canon!) Holmes’ anguish is palpable. His love, guilt, fear and anger, all perfectly in character, are tearing him apart. This portrait of a torn Holmes, and a cautious but terrified Watson, is mesmerizing. They are facing a foe far more dangerous than Moriarty ever was.
callensensei chapter 2 . 5/28/2011
You’ve been to Edinburgh. You must have, to be able to write such detailed and romantic Watsonian descriptions. Like Holmes, I am straining eagerly to see more.

"There are as many pickpockets here as in London, I perceive," said Holmes, in a voice which I am sorry to say must be described as satisfied. Holmes as the originator of dark tourism. This is hilarious, and vintage Holmes.

“...the impossible task of urging biscuits on Holmes.” I love these little domestic touches! Gently humourous, and proving that Watson knows Holmes so well.

Your descriptions of Holmes the sleuth-hound are fascinating. What was he tactilely investigating with those keys! It’s wonderful that you are able to make your stories true Holmesian mysteries as well as character studies.

Oh, that was a heartbreaking moment behind that closed door! And Holmes’ comment is heartbreakingly true: “We shall never be free.” Holmes’ fierce denunciation of the Gordons reveals his anger both at them and their judgemental society. I also noted the jealous, “your Alastair Gordon” also, and the fact that Holmes is quick to point out that the man is uncaring.

“Holmes put his lips to my ear, although there was no one around to overhear us. It was simply something he took every possible opportunity to do.” He does! Oh, my gosh, in canon, he does! It’s wonderful the way you take what could be interpreted as slashy lines from the stories, but do not analyze them to death. Instead, you simply place them before us, and let the implication stand by itself. A far more convincing strategy!

A vigil in a graveyard! And the gothic splendour of the graveyard at the foot in Edinburgh castle, no less. How ironic that in so dark a place so incandescent a love should burn, however briefly. That was some kiss!

And then that last cliffhanger...nooo! To hell with bed, I say! On to chapter three!
callensensei chapter 1 . 5/28/2011
Oh, this breakfast scene could be right alongside those in “The Field Bazaar” and “How Watson Learned the Trick.” I cannot get over how pitch-perfect your Watsonian voice is! Neither can I decide which is my favourite line: “I cannot deny that it also gave me a certain ridiculous feeling of pleasure to see our names written thus side-by-side” or “although Mr Holmes and Dr Watson sounds so much better.” Watson’s affection and Holmes’s vanity, side by side!

The idea of a mystery set in Edinburgh, site of Watson’s formative years (and Arthur Conan Doyle’s) is inspired, as is the dramatic and perplexing opening to this mystery. Mysterious bodies in the entrance hall! Anyone would call for Sherlock Holmes!

I had to laugh at Holmes’ choice of guidebook. Perfect, of course! And Edinburgh certainly does have the kind of gruesome history that would titillate his curiousity.

Again you explore with great sensitivity the pressures Holmes and Watson would have faced in trying to hide a relationship of this kind from their society. Holmes would certainly be protective and cautious, and Watson might mistake this for indifference. But that lovely line about the rare glimpses into Holmes’ soul echo Watson’s sentiment in “The Three Garridebs” about that glimpse of a great heart as well as a great brain.

Your physical descriptions are beautiful and evocative. Holmes sliding out of his chair and stretching that long lean back are something I could see Paget illustrating.

And that tantalizing promise of a trip to Holmes’ boyhood haunts on the Continent someday! I haven’t even gotten to chapter two of this story and I’m already hoping for a sequel!
mustangwoman chapter 5 . 5/17/2011
Fabulous story! Thank you for very much for sharing it!
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