Reviews for A Snake Named Voldemort
Sylphasia chapter 4 . 7/15
It's always hilarious to imagine Voldemort's expression whenever he's being thrown off Harry's shoulders and hissing madly haha
Sylphasia chapter 1 . 7/15
"Voldemort began slithering across the grass, back and forth in a mockery of pacing."

I can't stop laughing at Voldemort haha! The Dark Lord becoming a cute albino snake is just hilarious! And every time he hisses and gets angry is so cute. xD
I literally can't stop laughing xD
Mysticpup chapter 1 . 6/23
To thd guest that was so rude...why read it then if you don't like it? The author warned us at the beginning of every chapter that eventually there would be Harry and Voldemort action, so there's nothing to blame except for your own stupidity. And don't be so fucking rudelearn some manners like a proper human being. This story is AMAZING!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/6
Yeah, fuck this. No matter how interesting I think the idea in any other sense, I am NOT reading your gay pedophile porn. Get some treatment before you molest someone's child, you utterly disgusting creep.
demonkatgurl17 chapter 23 . 6/3
So I'm super happy to have reread this years after first coming across it, bc not only can i better appreciate the awesomeness of the level of detail and characterizations in this story, i got to read the drabble at the end bc you wrote it so convincingly that i thought it was an actually child they were adopting and not a puppy so Padfoot confused the hell out of me until i got to the reveal. Tricky and awesome. Total pleasure to read, thank you so much for sharing it! 333 (i had to put my 2nd review in this chapter instead of the next bc ffn refused to let me praise it twice)
BlueTea21 chapter 12 . 6/3
Yes, Harry. You are right. There is someone watching all of this and laughing their ass off. Me ;)
brodylopa chapter 24 . 5/27
You ass i thought it was a kid not a was a good story tho my first slash i was a bit worried on how it would go but it turned out fine.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/14
Tom's a little fuckers but I can't hate his ass
Hahaha chapter 24 . 5/4
Epic! I thought it might be a puppy, but you were so convincing!
httpkirby chapter 17 . 4/28
Harry just poisoned a bunch of pigeons. Not relevant at all, but a tidbit if you didn't know.
Bele chapter 24 . 4/17
awe so nice and cute and cuddly... loved every word, thank you very much for sharing!
Devidakk chapter 1 . 3/26
Lovin' it.
Travesti chapter 24 . 3/19
Loved it! I absolutely adored this piece! Great plot, fell in love with the characters and your writing!
Neinka chapter 24 . 3/11
When i first started to read this story i did it only for fun, I don't think i know any similar, with Voldemort stuck as a snake. I think read one when Harry gets bored and over holiday and starts sending Voldemort letters.

Well i am so glad i found this story, it became one of my favorites HP/LV ones. Thank so much for sharing, i had amazing time with it.
DannyPhantomPhandom chapter 24 . 3/4
oh god, it was just a puppy. now the early scene with how the woman let them adopt Padfoot so easily makes a lot more sense. but dear Clockwork, it was just a dog.
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