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Rowknan chapter 1 . 7/26
This fic is good but terribly inconsistent. Lelouch is out of character in his easy acceptance of Rangiku and Gin. Especially Rangiku. Lelouch has always been adamant about no one replacing Nunnally in his heart. Remember Rollo? In canon Lelouch would've reprimanded Rangiku at best and dropped her off a bridge at worst. Secondly you portray souls as retaining their memories in Soul Society. I don't think that's correct. While I could have accepted Lelouch being an exception there is not a reason for Rangiku to have formerly been a grown woman while still acting like a toddler.
Magnanimous Architect chapter 94 . 6/11
Reading this chapter now for the firat time, after unohana's actual backstory has been revealed, i find myself pretty impressed with how close you managed to get. GG dude.
RandomReview chapter 75 . 5/24
I wasn't really planning on leaving another review until I skimmed through everything, but wow I just had to comment on the awesomeness of your OC self insert. Not only is he more powerful than Lelouch, he's achieved intellectual parity to a degree! I suppose I should expect your self insert to eventually start farting rainbows?
RandomReview chapter 48 . 5/23
So Aizen meets his end here with 150 more chapters to go? I do hope you knew what you were doing prolonging this into a 1.8m word juggernaut when even at this point it already feels bloated.
SuperKinuhata chapter 57 . 5/20
I know I still have a long way to go before reaching the end, but I've noticed there hasn't yet been any mention of The World of C or the Collective Unconsciousness.

Since this is a proper crossover and story elements are not being merely borrowed, I thought at least Code Geass's take on the afterlife and God, and how they relate to Bleach's, should warrant a mention, seeing as Bleach primarily deals with the afterlife itself, and Lelouch had been exposed to it once even before he died when he confronted Charles and Marianne on the Sword of Akasha.

Just ignore this if it does actually happen later on in the story. Loving it so far - I particularly enjoy timesinks like your story. I mean, 1.7 million words? That's 900K words more than the Bible. Epic describes it in more ways than one.
SuperKinuhata chapter 42 . 5/18
Fun fact, Rukia's Japanese seiyuu also voiced Shirley Fenette and her English VA voiced Euphemia li Britannia and Lelouch himself as a kid.
SuperKinuhata chapter 29 . 5/17
Oh god, they're a super hentai - i mean, super sentai group now. And Lelouch continues to be oblivious to his flamboyantly theatrical tendencies.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 102 . 4/22
I guess you don't know much about electricity. Humans can die from 2-3 seconds of contact with as little as 50-100 volts in the right conditions (depends on the conduit). A split second of 10,000 volts might not kill someone, but they would have permanent muscle damage and possible brain damage. A few seconds at 10,000 volts WILL kill someone, easily.

Twenty BILLION volts, no matter the length of time (and ignoring the fact that generating 20 billion volts of electrical energy in so little time is rediculous), would have instantly turned Momo into a black smear on the ground. Doesn't matter how much "resistance" you want to give her for being a soul reaper in Bankai, she'd be desintigrated, instantly, no ifs, ands or buts.

Second of all, this: "By the way," Lelouch said to Susanna, "I was watching your combat with Rangiku and the others very closely, that was some excellent acting on your part." is laughable. It's like those YouTube "pranks" where someone takes a baseball bat to someone's car while someone's filming it, and then gets upset when they get reported to the police or beaten the fuck up because "it was just a prank, man!" Acting? Lol bullshit. She had no reason to fight them, period. She didn't have to go anywhere near them.

And speaking of this "brilliant" plan of Leluche's, why the hell didn't he just immediately Geass Muramasa with the orders "you will continue your plan to free Koga while allowing us to work with you. After he is free you will kill youself. " Simple. Done. No need to "play the villain".

The worst part is that I can already tell there aren't going to be any real consequences. They've convinced Hisana that Byakuya has murdered their children, Susana has seriously injured their friends, Leluche has been unnecessarily cruel to Yuna, and yet I can already see how it's going to play out. Theres going to be a "grand reveal" that Leluche had a "brilliant plan all along". Hisana will be upset at first but so overjoyed that her kids are alive that all will be forgiven. Rangiku, Momo and Kukaku will be relieved that all is well and won't hold a grudge. Yuna will be pissed for a chapter, if that, but will be more upset that Leluche's plan has caused his clan to fail. And the worst part of it is, is that they're all going to just accept Leluche's plan as "brilliant" and "what needed to be done".

Over and over again you've had Leluche come up with "brilliant" plans (and if you can't tell at this point that I'm being sarcastic with that word, let me be blunt. I'm being sarcastic.), which are just random non brilliant plans you've come up with and have had everyone praise him as being brilliant. But this just takes the cake.

Why you made "the best course of action is for me to be an over dramatic asshole. I should be cruel to my friends and loved ones" the first thing that popped into his head instead of "huh maybe I should just geass the leader to follow my orders", I don't know. Especially after it's been years since he accepted Geass as part of him. Maybe you're just trying to make him as anti-intelligent as possible to troll your entire reader base; again, I don't know.

I've continuously kept reading because I figured that this just had to get better as it took four years to write; and it should be impossible for someone to write an almost two MILLION word story over four years and fail to improve. However it seems like you've done the impossible. Sorry, but even though I'm so invested in this, I just can't subject myself to another hundred chapters of this nonsense.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 81 . 4/15
Not sure why he kept putting it back on, but Kenpachi took off his eye patch like 4 times in his fight against Nel.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 42 . 4/9
So Uryungets shot in the shoulder and the elbow, with a sniper rifle that puts a .50 cal sniper to shame, and he can still fire his bow? A .50 cal sniper would have blown his shoulder and arm right off.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 40 . 4/9
As much as I loved Bleach, I never bought for a second that Ichigo could have learned Bankai in three days, or that he went from about a 10th seat to a captain level on his fight through soul society. That is deus ex machina to the extreme. In the same way I didn't think that was well done in bleach, I don't buy for a second that Tatsuki could beat a fourth seat after a week of training with Urahara.

First of all, it doesn't make sense. She isn't an actual soul and shouldn't be as powerful as one. A fifteen year old girl with a decade of experience vs experienced military personnel with 5 or more decades of experience. You don't need rocket science to see who should win that fight. Becides. If it were possible to get that good that fast, ALL soul reapers would be that good. It happened in the manga because it's a shonen manga. They had deadlines to meet and twelve year olds to please. This...isn't supposed to be a shonen manga. Regardless, if Urahara had such a training regimin or devise, then all of Leluche's Justicr squad should have reached Bankai decades ago.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 23 . 4/7
I know that Leluche liked to put on a show for his enemies...but I'm going to be honest, the dialogue in that fight was somewhat embarrassing to read. It's probably been a few years since you've written it, you may want to go back and check it out. It doesn't feel like Leluche, at all.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 21 . 4/7
...that transfer of Hisana from the fifth to sixth seemed very unnecessarily excessive. First of all, if a fifth seat wanted a transfer to a specific squad, and that squad was full...and then suddenly, conveniently, that squads fifth seat suddenly committed suicide out of the blue... Well. That just seems a *tad* bit suspicious. Sarcasm aside, Leluche could have just used his geass to have the fifth seat transfer to another division. Then a week or so later, have Hisana transfer over. Also, Hisana is a fifth seat, she wouldn't need her captains permission to transfer squads.
Fullmetal11791 chapter 18 . 4/7
Leluche was 19 when he died, and he's spent like 50 or so years in Soul Soceity. If Rangiku, Gin and Byakuya have all aged in that timeframe, both mentally and physically, why is Leluche still acting like an incompetent fifteen year old? Why has he not aged into an adult? Furthermore, it's not like Leluche is a stranger to people falling for him, how could he possibly have been blindsided by Yuna?
rc48177 chapter 50 . 1/18
Still soooooo much left to read
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