Reviews for Soul Chess
Lovnag chapter 209 . 9/13
Well, compared to, say, Cornelia of the Defection, this work is indeed subpar. Not a bad read per say, but I just couldn't force myself to go through it all while seeing all of the holes that kept piling up, and so I stopped reading after somewhere in the 40-ish chapter and looked through the most interesting ones.
I believe most of the problems were pointed out in the earlier reviews, and I don't want to repeat the things that were once said.
I do hope though that your next work will be capable of taking itself seriously, without silly things like "character dies - character gets ressurrected". But I digress.
The massive crossover, considering you can pull it off, would be absolutely amazing, with all of those great characters, many of whom get much less time on the stage that they deserve.
Nemesis Lyonner chapter 24 . 9/4
so leluoch get harem,
OriksGaming chapter 9 . 6/17
'a Vasdo Lordes.'

Seriously? -_-

Singular: Vasto Lorde
Plural: Vasto Lordes
OriksGaming chapter 6 . 6/17
Uh, Kurosaki was Masaki's last name which Isshin took when he married her. His family name was Shiba before that and he had no known previous connection to anyone in the soul society named Kurosaki.
RandomUserGirl chapter 72 . 6/3
Lols, I like the Omake.. manly guys doing pink thing hahaha

Byakuya and Lelouch hahha. Love it!
RandomUserGirl chapter 6 . 6/1

This wouldn't happen to be Ichigo's father, wouldit?
Pain Nagato Uzumaki chapter 6 . 5/20
6 years ago? But the time skip was only for 2 years and 10 months
Jam chapter 4 . 5/16
I'm at chapter 4 and it's really great, this is believable and all, I'm glad to see there 205 other chapter
Silverfang523 chapter 29 . 4/25
It was pretty cool until they became power rangers...
Guest chapter 1 . 4/24
I just read the first chapter and I really liked it but when I got to the bottom... holy crap! I couldn't believe that there were 209 chapters I am definitely going to enjoy this!
Reclusive Dork chapter 56 . 4/20

OriksGaming chapter 1 . 4/17
You write Gin's dialogue as if he's a particularly dumb pirate . . .
JAGA03 chapter 20 . 3/30
JAGA03 chapter 19 . 3/30
Alright notes to take, any shipping hints, que the death flags, death flags everywhere!
CaptainToast321 chapter 4 . 3/10
It's an easily changed statistic, but its canon the Gotei 13 is only around 4K strong. While not everyone joins it, MOST do.

That either means your fic has RIDICULOUS casualty ratios, or its far larger than canon.
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