Reviews for Soul Chess
CoffeeFrog chapter 55 . 58m
What The Fuckā€¦..
CoffeeFrog chapter 55 . 1h
That name is very close to being somethingā€¦
DragonANGL chapter 101 . 1/3
Hmm. That Zaraki going on about being Indestructible, it was a bit Disturbing. For the electrifying routine Susanna did...I was somewhat reminded of Gash Bell, when Kiyomaru does his demonhead dance inside the giant. Just after getting the Instant Answer power post-revival.
Guest chapter 16 . 12/7/2022
Bro Eien Tamashi is me. Like Lelouch was seriously about to spend like 100 more years in Squad 12. Somewhere where he literally cannot become strong at all! What's he gonna do against Aizen at that point? Die from one strike?
Guest chapter 15 . 12/7/2022
Bro I agree with his Zanpakto spirit so hard. By the time Ichigo appears, he still won't have got Bankai. Hell, does he even have his Shikai yet? He'll still be seat like 16 of some random ass squad. Being surpassed by literally everyone... Not a good feeling bro...
Guest chapter 11 . 12/7/2022
At this point, all I'm gonna suggest is:
Take away Lelouch's Zanpakto. If she's gone, then he'll realize he'll never be able to become stronger and wallow in despair as everyone around him dies and he's too powerless to stop it. Like at this point, he's just a smart OC. Nothing to relate him to Lelouch at all. Other than his once-in-a-while remembrance of characters from the past. Like not using his Geass, not acting like a gigachad. All these qualities made up Lelouch. But without them, it's just an OC. Sorry for the rant. Nice story.
Guest chapter 6 . 12/7/2022
As a Lelouch x Kallen shipper, I can confirm that I do indeed believe this is all unresolved sexual tension between Lelouch and Kallen.
DaDragon562 chapter 2 . 11/24/2022
Lelouch talks a bit too arrogantly for a new soul in a new world. He's talking to someone that is equivalent of Clovis in terms of authority but doesn't address him as vice captain at all and talks in a demanding tone while being a weakling. Super awks given how slick Lelouch is.
Curse Of Kings chapter 191 . 10/5/2022
So she's not based off of Shimu, the copy of Nemu Sazeal and Mayuri made in SWA? I'm disappointed...
Curse Of Kings chapter 96 . 10/3/2022
Considering Yachiru IS Kenpachi's Zanpakuto, I'm kind of disappointing they aren't fighting each other.
Curse Of Kings chapter 71 . 10/3/2022
Why do you hate Renji?
Curse Of Kings chapter 70 . 10/3/2022
But isn't Chizuru gay?
Curse Of Kings chapter 67 . 10/3/2022
I don't know, to be honest I always thought BARAGGAN should have been the main villain, and not Aizen or really any of the others.
defiknight2910 chapter 31 . 9/16/2022
Table kun noooooooo!
Alexander Lawliet chapter 1 . 8/9/2022
Hello. I know this story has long since finished but O just stumbled across it and I wanted to say that the premise for this story is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
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