Reviews for Soul Chess
Fishtex129 chapter 208 . 8/24
This took me months to finish lol. Amazing fanfic
wjgr chapter 63 . 8/17
I've lost interest since Aizen died although I deepy enjoyed what I have read
Capturinggod200 chapter 208 . 7/22
I know this story finished 2 years ago but this was really was one of the worst cross over fanfics ever. It was full of deus ex machina especially Hisana queen of them, some characters looked don't right pathetic looking at neliel in second battle of Fake Kanakura town, and some character whom should have died and go to hell didn't like Gin he was kept alive solely to pair up with Rangiku. I still don't get how Ginjou went to hell but Mao and Clovis didn't because their sins were worst than his Clovis ordered a massacre to cover up his mistake letting CC escape. Your whole Justice concept is BS because why didn't Koga Kuchiki get redemption he was screwed over by the unjust laws and insecurity of his peers its like you didn't even watch his backstory. Everyone in this story is self centered and unsympathetic to a villain unless you are girl. I also hate the fact that you cheapened CC and Kallen's love for Lelouch acting like Shirley understood him more than them. Your OC's took up the story so some Code Geass characters barely got written in like Kallen. Where did she go during final battle she wasn't even mentioned so her gaining a Fullbring was pointless.
milpld chapter 60 . 6/5
I know this fanfic is already finished and all, but the 'reason' that Soifon isn't going is way too shallow. There's no comparation between the LIFES of a few people, and a few DAYS without class (even if the number of students was in the thousands, it could be recovered in a later date). And the second motive - money - seriously? Did she really thinks that Yoruichi would care more about money than their lifes?
Reine de la Mort chapter 1 . 5/29
I'll start off this review by noting that I am perfectly aware that this story is 4 years old, and you have put out plenty of far better stories that I haven't read yet in the meantime, and I shouldn't judge your writing on the quality of this story, which I don't.

That aside, firstly, holy shit, 1.78 million words. You should thank anyone and everyone who's reviewed the whole story, because I could kill a man with this if I printed it out and bound it.

Secondly, you misspelled "Lelouch" as "Leoluch" about half the time in this chapter, so that's annoying to read.

Thirdly, well, it is pretty evident that you were just starting out here. Your narrative is all tell and no show, and all the details are delivered with as much subtlety and grace as a brick to the face. If I were to describe it in one word, it feels clumsy.

Lelouch also feels kind of OOC here, and the part where you had him running away in distress, Cinderella-style, actually made me burst out laughing at the image my mind conjured. Still, I don't really like mischaracterisation, especially of one of the most compelling characters in anime.

That said, I do like your premise, and it's enjoyable enough to read if I shut off my brain. The problem is, of course, that this is a bad first impression to make for a new reader. I have no doubt it gets much better as the story progresses, but sometimes my patience just runs out and I give up long before I get to that point.
sailorice95 chapter 72 . 5/27
Great homage to a great show
byakuyakuchiki1991 chapter 82 . 5/24
Loved the reference to Team Four Star at the end...
Meow chapter 2 . 5/8
Meow as the meow meows
SKYS chapter 4 . 5/1
Aaaand 4 chapters in, I've been won over. Instant fav'
KonekoYoukai chapter 15 . 3/30
I know this is old, but I really do hope you were using the term "condone" incorrectly. (As in, you mean "like"/"don't like")

Anyway, this is a good story so far. It's an interesting take on how things might go and I'm not seeing a whole lot of crossover cliches.
Kriss1989 chapter 183 . 3/13
Wait, Lelouch's ideal world is a Harem Anime 'everyone marries' ending crossed with Super Sentai?...*looks at Code Geas*...that fits disturbingly well. Proceed.
Kriss1989 chapter 117 . 3/11
*looks waaaaaaaay back*...Rangiku, you suck as a boss.
Kriss1989 chapter 104 . 3/11
Why is it that no matter the continuity, Chojiro is only revealed to be awesome, captain lass, and have a banki after death?
Kriss1989 chapter 94 . 3/10
Then the manga reveals she is the origional Kenpachi, and her Bankai is some ort of death field...

I'll just pick up the telephone.
Kriss1989 chapter 86 . 3/10
*looks at Yammy*, do we have any Megazords?
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