Reviews for Soul Chess
AvidReader2425 chapter 1 . 6/26
Enjoyable opening chapter, and definitely curious to see how the story progresses as well as how the main character evolves in this new world. His genius was legendary and shook the entire ready of the world, he shaved it towards the future he wanted, and many other geniuses fell before him. The abilities he will have access to now, will make him even more terrifying.
Ultimata chapter 7 . 6/24
I think the reason there are so many mistakes is probably because the bleach manga was still being written, when this story was written. So thwt can explain the whole shiba and kurosaki isshin.
Chronosign chapter 157 . 6/16
LOVED how Unohana trolled that dickhead.
Chronosign chapter 93 . 6/16
It would have been hilarious if Orihime called him Le Douche by accident when she sneezed half way through his name.
Chronosign chapter 43 . 6/15
I can almost hear the HONK or SQUEAK sound effect play when Ichigo groped his cousin.
I liked how you made Lelouch react.
Chronosign chapter 42 . 6/15
I'm glad you made a reference to their voice actors.
Chronosign chapter 36 . 6/14
Well, Sora became Old Yeller
Chronosign chapter 33 . 6/14
A scene from 22 Jump Street comes to mind, the one where one guy keeps shouting "Schmit fucked the Captain's daughter!"
Chronosign chapter 32 . 6/14
I would have did something like "V-Card? I thought you said D-tard."
Chronosign chapter 28 . 6/12
Sadistic, not satanic.
Chronosign chapter 1 . 5/29
Urahara was banished 150 years before cannon.
Truck-Sama chapter 20 . 5/16
Maybe Kallen is Yuna reborn? Speaking of that i hope Kallen ends up as Lelouch's girl. Thanks for the story its been great so far.
ImSoAlone0416 chapter 29 . 3/24
Wally991 chapter 6 . 1/17
ehmm, Isshin last name is "Shiba", as in the "Shiba" family, "Kurosakeis his wife last name, wich he took when he left the "Soul Society...soooo, at this point in time, his name should have been "Shiba Isshin"
AsbelLhant chapter 17 . 12/13/2020
That is one unexpected turn of events.
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