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Bacon chapter 2 . 1/26/2018
(I'm correcting my own previous post, as autocorrect screwed me over.)
Bacon chapter 2 . 1/26/2018
So Harry essentially looks like Orochimari, but possibly younger?
IamOminous chapter 19 . 1/24/2018
love this story update please, your amazing concept is fantastic and I reeeeaaaallyy want to find out if he can hunt down kabuto, also wouldn't his blood suffer from magical exhaust and his cellular material decay I mean at this point he's pretty much all magic and wizards can die from magical exhaustion just like ninja die from chakra exhaustion but the blood could stabilize out side there body as chakra is everywhere in there world but magic seem to be absorbed into the background I doubt his blood could survive without a magical containment in this new word further more chakra and magic could theoretically be the same thing but like radio waves and microwaves same form of energy but on completely different sides of the spectrum so far apart that neither could be sensed by the same equipment it would explain why they interfere with each other but can not be controlled by any of the same methods, the only question is which is at the top of the energy spectrum thou I'd say magic as it can bend the laws of physics like silly putty it would also explain why so many more people can use chakra as it would be far more manageable like chakras a motorcycle and magic is a freaking tank each would have individual advantages but Harry would have to deal with the fact that if he becomes exhausted that he would die because he can't use there energy like a gas engine filled with diseal he just wouldn't work
Rasdra chapter 19 . 1/18/2018
Reread your whole story just now And gotta say I'd forgotten how detailed and interesting it was. Unreliable narrator or Not, your Harry in this crossover is a fascinating person to get into the headspace of. I understand it's probably not gonna be updated again and your other stories are great too so while I would love to see more of this I think I'm happy just reading whatever you update.
V.diade chapter 19 . 1/4/2018
I have nothing to write, except that, I want more, I need more, but I’m in no rush so take your time.
Verdantia Akalixi chapter 18 . 12/25/2017
I just read Continuing the Cycle again for the first time in a year or two and saw on your profile that you're active again and I am SO HAPPY. Or excited, rather, that this will be continued (soon?), eeeeeee!
rain614 chapter 17 . 12/24/2017
I love this story soo much, I think it is the ONLY story I have read more than 10 times.
Lilybud chapter 19 . 12/17/2017
More please
Guest chapter 6 . 12/4/2017
Yes you will get fucking flamed this is nothing but fucking angst, and the mc getting beaten again and fucking again. Go find scissors and stab them into your throat.
Kataaria chapter 19 . 11/27/2017
You drive me crazy- I am literally obsessed with this fan fiction but Im lucky if I get an update a year. I guess waiting is the price I pay for quality but I'm always scared that that update will never come.
teenwitch18 chapter 19 . 11/12/2017
Love love love this story so much, I've commented in the past but I just needed to reiterate just how awesome this story is.
How well you've been able to portray how psychologically damaged Harry is while still keeping him semi functional is honestly mind blowing to me.
I really hope everything is going well for you and that you have had some luck on the job search since you posted it on your account page in January!
Marie-S-Raven chapter 19 . 11/9/2017
Wow, I REALLY love this! Thank you for all you've done so far!
otterylexa chapter 19 . 11/9/2017
I'm quite interested in this Harrymort. I enjoyed Harry playing with Birdy, and I'm sorry that last day on the job syndrome got him. I want to see Harry squish Kabuto like a bug.

Also, he just got attacked by a Rootlet. Way to go Danzo, good job antagonising the slightly unstable, but generally friendly being of unknown powers. (Also looking at You Jiraiya, although he at least has the excuse of emotions.)
crystalinowl chapter 19 . 10/31/2017
I kind of like the jumping is of the this chapter to previous chapters makes me feel more connected with Harry and his insanity
riwaboko chapter 19 . 10/22/2017
I really, really, really beg you to continue.
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