Reviews for The Sleeping Dragonfly
Vectorei chapter 2 . 7/24/2011
I really liked the shart to this. I like that your including the old Espada and making it AU. I didn't like that the Espada were all killed. I've not read many Bleach stories sooo I'm looking forward to this one. Can't wait for the next update.
darkmachines chapter 2 . 7/19/2011
Well here my OC.

Name: Skullak Tuma

Apparent Age: Look 25

Rank: Former Primera Espada of the First Generation of Espada and now Privaron Espada 101 and leader of them

Appearance: He has short brown hair, blue eyes. He appeared to look 25 years old. He is just as tall as Grimmjow .

Uniform: wear the same outfit as Rudobon.

His mask remain is on his forehead which look like a broken gladiator helmet.

Placement of number: His tattoo is on the front left side of his neck.

Reiatsu color: black

Aspect of Death: Loneliness

Personality: Smart, kind to most of the arrancar. Like to train the fraccion to help them get stronger,but is very nice to them. When fighting he is serious. He also carry very must about his friends and will do anything to protect them.

Back-story: Very similar to Stark, was a lone Vasto Lorde that battled hollow or died when they got close to him, until he discover the Crystalline Grove (the thing that also make hollow into Arrancar like in Ulquiorra's back story) and became an Arrancar. Later Aizen found him and promise him that if he come with him that he will get to have friends. Use to be the Primera espada of the first generation espada, but after loss his ranks as an espada, he became Privaron espada 101 and leader of them.

Combat Abilities/Powers: Master Sonido, Master Swordsmanship, Master Tactician, Immense Strength, Bala, Powerful Hierro, and Cero.

Cero is black and his Gran Rey Cero is pitch balck. Can fire it for the tip of his sword.

Zanpakuto Name Command: Battle, Gladiador (Gladiator)

Resurrecion: Wears armor, he carries a saw blade shield in his left arm and crarries a long sword in his right hand which looks the same one Skrall for Bionicle Glatorian has and can fire his cero from, on his back are 4 blade spikes that can absorb spirit energy and every minute he is in his release form his Gran Rey Cero gets more also wear a helmet which look a Mandalorian helmet.

Special abilities: The only arrancar that can fire a Gran Rey Cero without using his own blood and Master Tactician.

Love Interest: Madly in love with Cirucci

Friends: Stark, Baraggan, Ggio, Findor, Grimmjow, his Fraccion, Aaroniero, Dordoni, and Rudobon

Other Info/Likes, Dislikes: Likes his friends, action movies. Dislikes soul reapers and mildless hollows.
lunaaltare chapter 1 . 7/19/2011
*Smiling* May I enter 3? (If you need me to tell you exactly what their powers are you could PM me)

Yamiru Adoxii Shuinjei-

Yamiru is short-about Yacjiru's hieght. She has pale skin and short black hair with deep big blue eyes and bubbly features. To be more describing she looks about 4 years old. She has volume marking markings above her nose. Her mask Covers One side of her head and the end of it swirls around her neck. Her Sword Spirit's name is Eko no kage-which is a small golden Chibi-like cat with light blue eyes-and when activated looks like a sleek black sword with a long black hilt and a silver ribbon. Her powers are mostly distanced teleportations, Echo attacks and teleportations, and Shadow attacks and teleportations. During her Ruesserection her mask doesn't change much besides it turns an off shade of gray though her sword changes a lot. The sword itself becomes about 7ft long and if heavy to others who holds it. The hilt seperates into three sections and hover above each other, the top part being the smallest and the last the biggest. Her blade becomes large and traingular like and is seperated down the middle and follows all after each other. Yamiru usually is calm around the other Arrancar and if she encounters any Espada bows deeply and end there names with the suffix '-sama'. But when she is around lower classed Arrancar or those weaker than her (She is ranked Vasto Lodre) she does not give them much respect and usually acts like a very young child. Her cero is black. SHe wears a short Arrancar uniform that goes up to her thigs and it is sleeveless.

Hsariku Janee Shai-

Black/Japanese. She has long white knee-length hair and sharp purple/azure eyes. She has a beauty mark above her right eye and left cheek. She is usually scowling. Her mask takes up the top of her head and gives her false wolf wolf ears. It travels down her spine and forms a fake wolf tail also. Her sword spirit looks almost exactly like her besides it has a more wolf-like appearance to her. Her sword is black and white. Her powers are storm/water/illusion based attacks and her swords name is Ukito Kiro. Her mark is a long purple lightening strike on her neck. During her Ruesserection her spine forms spikes on it and her tail becomes moveable and she gains fangs and claws. Her sword though becomes much longer and sharper and she gains a lot of speed. In her other hand there is a double-sided scythe. She is very rebelious and her power rank is Vasto Lodre. She always is looking for a good fight and is usually the first one to run into battle. Hsariku talks a lot and isn't afraid to say something or speak up. She doesn't think much but is very smart. Her cero is purple and she wears a long Arrancar Uniform that exposes her stomach. Her sleeves are seperated from the rest. She wears a white choker around her neck.

Ingu Hikari SHai-

She is Hsariku's twin and looks everything alike to her sister besides her hair is black, she has green eyes and her mask is different. Her hair is usually tied back in a long single braid. Her mask starts from her nose and travels up. It almost looks like a diamond shaped star. Her powers are based off of light/stars/and sheer panic. Her sword Spirit's name is Haijuujaka-which is a creature that has the body and face of a human girl and the ears of a wolf, tail of a leopard, wings of a hawk, paws of a coyote, and teeth of a shark-and it looks like a simple yellow and silver sword. Her mark is a shooting star that swirls along her right arm until it reaches abover breast. In her Ruesserection her mask spreads to the sides of her face and curls in. Her sword than becomes larger and has a trail of stars following after it. She has a power which is different from sonido called sokudo which means to move at the speed of light. While she can move at the speed of light it is hard to control. Her cero is yellow and her unifrom looks almost exactly like Hsariku's besides it is a little bit more exposing near the breast area to show her star. She is ranked Vasto Lodre. Her personality is very calm and relaxed and respectful. ANd she is very smart. Sometimes she may act very clueless when it comes to any relationship cocerning things.

-I Hope you like them and add them in! D!
darkmachines chapter 1 . 7/19/2011
I got a question, I have a good OC character, but can I he stay as an Arrancar?
ZxZ Fic Hunter chapter 1 . 5/2/2011
15th June ? That's Long,oh well,I'll send mine anyway By PM.
shadowstarest chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
Here's my OC:

Alejandro Tiburon is a natural vasto lorde by consuming over 3000 hollows, gillians, and adjuchas. His sword name is el poderoso. He is a wise, patient, tactical, and optimistic vasto lorde. Alejandro's sword has many abilities and him. Alejandro's abilities are master sonido, perfect swordsmenship, quinto cero blast, and markings, which alejandro can put markings by touching them then healing them or executing them. another is sensing people auras and knowing their type of aura. Poderoso ability is copying anyones powers, abilities, and spiritual pressure and giving it to Alejandro, giving him more power.

Alejandro has long, black, spiky hair going down to his back. His eyes are like hollow ichigo eyes. Alejandro's broken mask piece is like a headband on his forehead. He has a muscular body yet a little average. he is six feet tall and weighs 180 lbs. he has light tan skin with lightning marks at the end edge of his eyes. Alejandro barely uses his resurreccion form since he can add more power, abilities, and spiritual power by his sword's ability. He does join Aizen's army but after sensing his aura he doesn't believe Aizen even he helps ichigo to defeat aizen. Alejandro has a relationship with tia harribel. He also wants to unite hueco mundo and become its king.