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animeloveramy chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
thats so sweetly adoreable...

i love it. so cute, so well written and a brilleint way to end it
Pawthorn chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
And the fandom rejoiced! I love the quiet, not quite resolved ending.

It's going to be exciting when Merlin premieres, but it'll be weird too. Because of fan fiction, I have sort of a set idea of what Percival and Elyan are like, and how Gwaine and Lancelot interact. I might liking your version of characterization better than what the show's :)

Anyway, thanks for another awesome story!
HighEmpress chapter 1 . 9/30/2011
just read the first chapter and it is ... AWESOME! I'm going to find some time to read the rest.

Season 4 is tomorrow. OMG I can't believe how exited I am! thankfully there's good fanfic to keep me busy :-)
BarnOwlJareth chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
Okay. I'm throwing this out there, and I'm sure everyone will agree with me - Arthur REALLY should have taken better advantage of having that blood. Because seriously? Ultimate power over Merlin? Can you imagine?

Merlin dancing on tables! Merlin speaking Greek while juggling swords! Merlin turning into a giraffe! Merlin doing a striptease in front of his delighted fangirls! Er. Yes.

But anyway!

I will wait in breathless anticipation for the next bigass chapter fic. ;)
ArodieltheElfofRohan chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
Aw, this was great! Loved this fic so much... thanks for sharing it! _
ypput chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
This story has been fantastic all the way through - Thank you so much for writing it, I really enjoyed every minute of it!

Awww Freya - I love Merlin and Freya so much, giving the vial of blood to her was the perfect ending. Beautiful. I'd love to see her back and a scene just like this in the series.
Ausday Rose chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
Beautiful story, beautiful ending and maybe a sequel in the near or distant future.
Ddiwerth chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
You are my litmus paper for great fanfics, Ultra-Geek. I love your style, your humour and your fantastic characterisations (were you Gwaine in a past life, perchance, cause you have him to a 'T'?).

I have loved every bit of this story (as well as your other stuff) and I can't wait to read your next one (though I quite understand why you'd want to wait until you've seen Season's going to be a humdinger).

BTW have you published any novels yet? Some agent is going to snap you up very soon if you haven't. Have you read Patrick Rothfuss? You remind me very much of his style.
Lefayla chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
You're going to what now? Nanowrimoing? Never heard of that one before...

Well, I really enjoyed this and it's a shame it's over. Although, Arthur, Gwaine and Lancelot hiding in a bush? Not sure why, but that always makes me laugh.

I dunno about you, but I am currently bouncing off of the walls in excitement right now. IT'S TOMORROW! XD

LAHH chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
Excellent chapter. I have loved this story very much, and this was a great ending to it. x
Luxorien chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
How delightful to have the chance to read this fic in one go! Almost makes me glad I didn't know about it sooner. Action-oriented gen stories are my favorite kind, but they are passing rare. I would have liked this even if it were awful, so the fact that it had great characterization, gorgeous descriptions and a fascinating plot is just icing on the cake.

That kind of reads like a backhanded compliment, so here's more stuff I liked: Gwaine (nuff said), BAMF!Merlin, Gwaine, BAMF!Knights, Gwaine, Firefly reference, Gwaine, creative use of magic as a plot device, Gwaine, delicious descriptions of magic, Gwaine, accurate Old English, Gwaine, douchebag!Uther (because he is, and he's magnificent), Gwaine, plausible magic reveal/reaction to reveal, Gwaine, excellent suspense with suitably interesting and logical payoffs, Gwaine, cool immersions in Merlin's mental state/perspective, and...I think...was Gwaine in this fic? I like me a bit of Gwaine.

TLDR: It's 4AM! Liked it! Thanks for the enjoyable read.
PippinStrange chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
GREAT! loved the ending. I'm ALSO doing the november writing month mcthingy! Let's be buddies, I don't have any yet! :D :D

here's my nanowrimo profile... eng / user / 835681
MATW chapter 13 . 9/29/2011
The only thing better than Merlin this saturday RIGHT AFTER the Doctor Who finale was you updating. Sad to hear you're going to be MIA on any big projects, but kudos for nanowrimo-ing.

As always, great story, beautifully written characters as well as plot. You're timing is esquisite and over job well done )

Aha-Terre chapter 13 . 9/29/2011
Great ending, as always. Great *story*, as always. :) I loved the Freya cameo at the end - She's such a potential source (if not the only one) of tension between Merlin and Arthur, and they never really play on that. Series 4 maybe? :D

You have no idea how excited I am for the TWO EPISODES coming out Saturday. I originally heard a rumor (pre-offical announcement) that it was going to debut on the 3rd, so hearing that it was coming out Saturday made my week.
Kitty O chapter 13 . 9/29/2011
Hey, Arthur, thank God that Lancelot skewered your sister like that. And what was with that spell she was casting? That didn't sound very good, did it? I bet everything's alright though, you know, since everything's been going in our favor as of late anyway. Right? Arthur? Right?] that made me laugh.

[Merlin was doing what Arthur said, but it was because of the enchantment.] that gave me chills.

["Yes," said Lancelot, "Because no one ever breaks into the vaults."

"Sarcasm, Lancelot," said Elyan, "That's new."] genius.

haha in the lake...

["And," said Merlin, "I wanted – had wanted to be the one to tell you] forgive me, all I could think was OMG I TOTALLY WROTE A ONESHOT ABOUT THIS! but you know, crackier. Less serious. I think you read that one. One of my favorites!

[ Some days would be better than others, as days tend to go. ] nice deep line.

I loved your story. It was nice. But I must agree with Arthur... The things he's done are worse.
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