Reviews for Tamriel Tales
m00man1 chapter 1 . 10/26/2014
That was actually a pretty nice read.
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04 chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
For a oneshot, this is pretty good. Got a point to it, unlike some others I've read...

I DID suspect that cloaked guy of being... well, not a worshipper - not mad enough.

And, on that subject, I shall say that I always envisaged Sheogorath as... madder than that. I mean, he skips rope with intestines! Still, thoroughly readable, apart from a little thing about all your sentences being of very similar length, which is something that annoys me for a reason I have yet to understand.

All in all... A good read. I should have found it earlier, I swear

DualKatanas chapter 1 . 5/2/2011
Hmm, I don't normally read these 'collection of oneshots' fics, but they can be good. This is one of them.

Something I noticed immediately; that name isn't the most fitting. Yes, most Breton names are French-derived, so Alphonse is OK (though I think it'd still be rare), but Kemyss? Not sure about that. That said, I'm completely hopeless with names, so I lift most of mine off UESP and just alter them slightly. We could use a better physical description as well, or it becomes hard to actually picture this bloke.

Hmm, time for a nitpick: 'pile of Rubble' In that case, rubble shouldn't have a capital. And, earlier: 'to the lonely suitor lodge' As it's a place, the name of the lodge should be capitalised. That said, these ARE nitpicks; they barely detract from the story.

He doesn't sound like your typical follower of Sheogorath... AH. THAT is a good touch there. I was slightly suspicious of him at first, but I wasn't expecting him to be just a jumped-up pickpocket... good stuff there. I will say, however, that when you write numbers in a fic like this, they should be spelled out in letters, not numbers, unless it should logically be otherwise (like 3E 433 for example).

Yes, you really should be careful with your words when speaking to a Daedric Prince. Never trust a follower of Sheogorath; they're either barking mad or schemers who get you turned into money. Good idea, that.

Overall, not a bad oneshot. Your punctuation could be better in some areas, and the description is a bit lacking, but other than that its solid. It was a good plot, in any case, and that's always good to see.