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sffilk chapter 3 . 4/7/2012
And when do we see chapter 4?
LivininCorsets chapter 3 . 3/30/2012
I love it...its is awesome! Can't wait for more!
gaul1 chapter 3 . 3/26/2012
good chapter, nice crossover, keep up the good work, byes
SylvaDragon chapter 1 . 3/15/2012
Great idea for a story, and really well written. I enjoyed the humour in this, particularly the bit about dancing naked, and the insight on immortality.
Briememory chapter 3 . 10/14/2011
I love the tone, details and characterization in this story. Fantastic job thus far!
Cwejr chapter 3 . 8/28/2011
his is a most enjoyable story from an interesting point of view. I am eagerly awaiting more. The intermix of story and diary makes the story more realistic. Thank you for sharing.
Steve2 chapter 3 . 8/22/2011
An interesting story so far. I wonder what you can do with Adam now that you've mentioned him. Wouldn't it be interesting if he were technically a squib, or better yet, a wand waver who didn't have the power of the immortal warlocks, but could do the wand waving. You should bring him in. I like where this story is going. One thing to mention, you said it would take a century for Tabitha to get to her mature look. Is that of a 50-year old, or younger looking? Does she age slower as she gets older?

I wonder where you're taking this story. She has the hots for Harry and looks his age, even though she is older. Does that mean her hormones are out of whack as a teenager? Wouldn't that be something if she had to deal with that on top of everything else. That could be a good lead in for her getting into trouble and her parents need to be called, only to get Adam, who shows up not knowing a thing about wand waving. And when he picks up a wand that just happened to dropped, sudden power comes shooting out. And better yet, everyone thinks of him as a squib at first and don't want him around, so the wand thing is kind of fun.

Ideas, ideas...
noylj chapter 1 . 8/12/2011
Where is canon do people get the idea that Hermy can't fly (she flew to chase the keys in book 1) or that they see the castle from the FLAT lake? They see it as they stumble around a bend in the path to the lake.

Of course, you can cover it by saying AU, but these seem like fanon-beliefs for so many.

Did they actually get their first sight of the castle from the lake in the film?
noshadowone chapter 3 . 7/2/2011
while i know it says tabithas diary, i know to expect diary entries, it just feels like there is to much diary and not enough story progression to be a truely interesting story, it explains a little to much theory and opininon, and there is just not enough story progression or interaction between characters.
namelis chapter 3 . 6/28/2011
i thought of a way you could possibly try for Tabitha turning harry into one of them immortal type magic users instead of the wand using type you mentioned about accidental magic being vary close the type they use you also mention that wand users magic starts out at a lower frequency and seams to be blocked from increasing by the wand where as the immortal magic users magic starts out at a higher frequency and grows higher as they age

what i find important about that is that they also age slower as they age so if magic makes you age slower and having it at a higher frequency slows it even further then to change harry all she must do is find a way to increase the frequency of his magic but does that really increase with age or is there another reason

to me it seams likely that if using magic threw the wand causes the frequency to not increase or stabilize in some way then use of magic without causes the frequency to increase rather then age as is seams to be common knowledge to Tabitha

so the lack of continued accidental magic could be an instinctual reaction to them subconsciously realizing that if they frequency of there magic increases then they wont be able to keep using there wand and as the wand is the only way they know of to control magic they stop themselves out of the subconscious fear of no longer being able to control there magic

so if using magic without a wand makes the frequency of magic increase then the easiest way to increase it is to teach him how to use magic without a wand when he is younger when he is younger so by the time he heads to Hogwarts his magic is to high frequency to work with most or even all wands

your mention of Tabitha's ability to time travel is what put this idea in my head cause there is nothing to stop her from going to the past and teaching harry or possibly even convincing her mother or grandmother to because harry obviously doesn't remember her when he sees her on the train to Hogwarts

her grandmother would be the better choice in my opinion because you mention she is skilled at altering peoples minds and since i don't know how this type of time travel would react to paradox and a good way to fix that would be to have

the lessons in harry s cupboard expanded in a way that only he and his teacher are aware of to make it a more comfortable place and if his memory is altered to only remember what happens in the cupboard when he is in the cupboard until she releases the spell keeping it changed

harry in the books always seemed small for his age most assume it is due to mistreatment by his relatives but why not make it so he just ages slower then his classmates from an increase of the frequency of his magic due to him using it more while learning in the cupboard

only since he only used it in the cupboard and it starting at a lower frequency it takes longer for his physical age to differ noticeably from the mortals instead of lagging behind at school age he starts to lag behind when he goes to hogwarts at 11 and since he starts using a wand then it doesn't keep falling behind as fast because using magic with a wand does not increase the frequency so he is still close enough that its not to obvious

something similar to what was done to Tabitha's wand could be done to his so he doesn't develop that subconscious fear blocking his ability if you remember Harry's attempt to find a compatible wand it took a while and Ollivander calls him a tricky customer implying that it was taking an unusual amount of time this could be because his magic was already at to high of a frequency for a wand and it would be simple to alter it before hand so that it automatically adjusted the frequency of all magic coming in to match the wand

this would also explain his use of accidental magic on marge after 2 year of instruction with a wand since you never hear of anyone else still having that problem after starting Hogwarts that could be why dobbys hover charm is considered intentional use by harry

well any way i like your story so far cant wait to read more i just figured id let you know some thoughts i had while reading it use them or don't it maters not to me i am never going to use them so even if they just cause you to start thinking in different directions its more use then if it just stays in my head since i cant wright well cause i leave things out that my mind fills in for me when i reread it so i don't realize its not there and i don't understand punctuation at all i can read stuff find with or without it so yeah anyway do what ever and thanks for writing what you have written so far
alchymie chapter 3 . 6/24/2011
I'd read Clell's story before I read this, so I got the in-joke immediately. I'd say you have a better grasp of Bewitched magic than he, but his explanation for why we don't see it in the Potterverse makes more sense to me. Give and take: your stories are both fun reading. Many thanks!
Fyrloche chapter 3 . 6/18/2011
Interesting story. Noticed the little shot to Clell's story about Aunt Clara. Something you mentioned in your notes in the first chapter has always bugged me. Adam was magical. I remember the episode where he levitated a toy to the delight of his grandparents and mother. When Darrin commented on them acting like he had taken his first step Samantha replied that in the magic world, he had. Later, in the series Tabitha, they played Adam as nonmagic and as opinionated about it as his father. Anyway, enjoying the story.
ariel stormcloud chapter 3 . 6/16/2011
great story
Annara Ren chapter 3 . 6/16/2011
It was a very nice chapter :) Except:

About the Peru thingy with the wardstones. It breaks SOD, or at least for me it did.

How hard would it be for a witch to enslave the mind of a human and command him/her destroy the wards? Or if that doesn't work for some reason or another, there are lots of other ways to destroy things from a distance without the direct use of magic.

About the no witches and wizards in Peru: does this mean that no wizard or witch was ever born inside the country after the wards were activated?

How high do the wardstones effect goes? Outside the atmosphere? Do they form a ceiling as well? And how low below ground?

Anyway, I'd love to
Joe Fenton chapter 3 . 6/15/2011
Nice chapter. I do like that we get to see plenty of magic from Tabitha. :)

I've read Clell's chapter - you should have left the note about the joke in the NEXT chapter. Those of us who read it would get a laugh, and the rest would find out later. Telling us about it BEFORE the joke kinda spoils it.
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