Reviews for Tumbled
RavenclawRush chapter 228 . 7/21
Most of the time I'm like I LOVE YOU and then you mess with my klaine feels. I still love you though.
RavenclawRush chapter 38 . 7/20
yeah, my friends and I played monopoly once. We ended dancing to party Rock Anthem after 15 minutes.
Tokiohotelluver9 chapter 291 . 4/30
Could you do a fic where Kurt or Blaine has emetophobia and who ever has it gets taken care of by the other person?
Ajluv chapter 155 . 4/5
Ajluv chapter 154 . 4/5
I made a noise that was not human when I discovered his gorgeous thing of a Drabble
Ajluv chapter 32 . 4/5
Okay, this one made me cackle because I just imagine super tall Finn and older Kurt falling out of a tiny little white closet into a severely pink room while Burt clutches the crib in shock.
The Golden Snitch chapter 51 . 3/10
The only thing I could during this is Kurt should call in HIS ex-girlfriend for back up. I am a huge shipper of Kurttany.
ButchthePansexual chapter 79 . 2/18
I feel you with the allergy thing. I'm allergic to a certain type of alcohol that's in hand sanitizer, school soap, bubble bath, some body washes, and those moist towelettes. And when I was a kid I was allergic to marinara sauce so no pizza for me until I was about twelve! I was the weirdest child in my class.

LOve this story by the way!
AVMabs chapter 204 . 1/21
oh, goodness, this is the second time in about 2 hours i've ended up tearful over poor kurt being alone in one of your fics
2maluv chapter 227 . 1/19
Loved this one! It was so cute and touching and adorable until the peanut gallery in the form of all the siblings and Lucy decided to add their two cents :') I adore the hilarious image I have in my mind of this!
2maluv chapter 174 . 1/18
So adorable I'm a puddle of feels at this image if young Klaine being all shy and puppy love _
2maluv chapter 106 . 1/17
Reading every single chapter of this fic again cause I need fluffy Klaine so badly in the face of the atrocity that is the new storyline for season 6. How I wish all your AUs here could be canon cause seriously drowning in all these Klaine, Furt, Hudmel, Hummel, Anderson etc fees right now _
Jettstar64 chapter 137 . 12/15/2014
...GARGJH. this FanFiction. Just. Argh. I hate it, but only bc I stay up waaaay too late reading it cuz its so good and addictive and just argh my feels :D 33
me chapter 14 . 11/12/2014
when i first read this chapter (i was still a klainer and a blaine-lover back then)
i was like 'aww cute Blaine taking over the song'

now a few years later, i'm re-reading this chapter (not a blaine-fan atm anymore) and now i'm just like "fuck, why does Blaine have to take over the song, he sings enough allready, Kurt and Quinn never sing, let them sing for god sake!"
Claire chapter 24 . 9/17/2014
And then there was a Blaine, and they had snuggles, and snuggly!Klaine was even more adorable! I love all your drabbles & short stories, and spend my time torn between squealing,
aww-ing, and melting into happy Klaine fangirl goo!
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