Reviews for The Kitsune Rebel of Yokai Academy
darkfox2357 chapter 16 . 11/22
I love your story i hope u start it up again
Siluriax chapter 5 . 11/19
*whistle* I have never read a crossover where Tamao is a member of RosarioVampire harem. I'm very surprised and happy for that. Please continue
Squarekiddo chapter 1 . 11/6
Summary said AU, year chapter 1 says Canon
V01dSw0rd chapter 16 . 11/3

My only objection is the inclusion of Lala. I think she would not be a good fit for yokai academy. Still a great story though. I love the humor- SO MANY FACEPALMS!

A thought of mine is that when Naruto goes to train with the Toads, maybe at least some of the group could join him? Moka would be a good fit, as Inner Moka would be an excelent sparring partner.

Since Naruto gained Sharingan, he has both Senju and Uchia parts. His constitution is basicly a reverse of Uchiha Madara's, since he is a Senju who took Uchiha parts instead of an Uchiha who took Senju parts. The reason I mention this is that Naruto has the potential for the Sharingan to evolve into Riningan.

Itachi will be very upset when he learns that Naruto killed his precious little brother. I SMELL A FIGHT BREWING!
godzillafan1 chapter 16 . 10/8
so far in naruto's little harem there's moka yukari kurumu shion tamao and lala those last two are surprise considering tamao (who has light green hair not blue by the way) was bad news in most fanfictions and the anime but I like this version of her you created for your story and I'm surprised I was under the impression this was a naruto/Rosario vampire story and yet you added another anime franchise to this story does this mean you're going to be adding other anime franchises to the plot here? well interesting story please write what happens next soon.
bjorn aleswiller chapter 10 . 9/23
Omg Yukari's reaction XD
bjorn aleswiller chapter 4 . 9/22
Mon Starz? Somebody is a space jam fan XD
Guest chapter 16 . 9/6
Please update
Kejmur chapter 16 . 8/25
I hope that you wish to continue this story one day as it was really fun and enjoyable read ;).
dia draco slayer chapter 16 . 8/15
Did you decide to move to orlando for the past 3 years? I mean, you have bean gone for 3 years and I realy like this fic, It's one of the best I have ever read and I have read quite a few in the 3 years I have known of fanfiction. I am now 13 and I rarely find a fic worth reading for the entirety of it, but the few I have are either not complete or have not been updated in a long time! The least you could do is tell us you are not updating, or are puting it in hiatus. I HATE poeple that don't tell us they are taking a break, it makes me not sure if they are dead, quite fanfiction or, worst of all, just don't care anymore. I am hoping that you return soon and with a new chapter.

From: Diamond dragon slayer: Uzumaki Kazuma.
Guest chapter 13 . 8/15
Hehehe, triple cross with Naru, RV and love-ru.

Oh this just spells hilarity, *chuckle* hehehe hahaha BWAHAHAHAHA! *cough cough*
dia draco slayer chapter 11 . 8/15
I wonder if they think Naruto is a tanuki now, hehehe.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/15
Mwahahaha! Shion! Yes I was right! It was her!
Guest chapter 4 . 8/14
Mwahahaha! Tamao is going to be part of the harem! Thank you, while I hlod no great love for the mermaid-maiden I'm glad SOME ONE finally made a harem without it being the normal Moka, Mizore, Kurumu, And Ruby. It is always those four that are in Naruto's harem when ever I read a RV and Naru cross (as well as Tsukune's in normal RV fics).

Veary good fic so far, the relationship between Naruto and his two, now three, girls is going along nicely. No rushing the romance but not making it a torturously slow pace.

Please come back and start working on this again, you have been gone for 2/3 years.
anbu31uchiha chapter 16 . 7/23
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