Reviews for Little One
MyLiloITAChIassasin chapter 25 . 4/2/2016
misherukuro chapter 25 . 3/20/2016
Thanks for sharing your writing. ~,~
magicanimegurl chapter 26 . 3/10/2016
This is good. I will check to see what else you have. I love this. I await Dumbles to taken down. Write on!
Quixling chapter 10 . 2/25/2016
Why is small child Harry so cute!

And lucius is so loveable omfg
Guest chapter 12 . 2/15/2016
Yvonne Park chapter 26 . 2/13/2016
This story was great! I really enjoyed reading it! You did a wonderful job. Harry and Draco make the cutest brothers! :)

canadian lamp chapter 26 . 2/11/2016
Thank you so much for this story, it was incredible. There were even times when i hated you, which should always be taken as a compliment, because you wrote something so strong it moved me emotionally. I really appreciate amazing people of the world like you who write such wonderful and outstanding peices, i hope to find more great works by you in time to come. Thank you for writing.
LMBO chapter 26 . 2/11/2016
Woooohooooo absoluuuutely brilliant! Marvelous!
nightpurr1 chapter 5 . 2/11/2016
It has been a while since I have read this story. I have forgot have good the story always touches my heart. I believe a great plus to the one is the bits of humor you put into it. :-)
Your biggest fan
SparkyIceblaze135 chapter 24 . 1/21/2016
Lol, Take that frankenson, lovely way to get him to shut up
SparkyIceblaze135 chapter 20 . 1/21/2016
New house mate *high fives*
ForeverRainingFire chapter 5 . 1/15/2016
Great story so far! I'm really enjoying it! I love your characterizations and I can't wait to read more.

I just thought I ought to point out that Scotland is actually in Britain. Though Ireland is not in Great Britain (not even Northern Ireland). Great Britain is a geographical, rather than political, term. So Snape and Harry wouldn't be leaving Great Britain if they went to Scotland (unless they settled on one of Scotland's many islands), they would only be leaving England. There's a great video on the subject by CPG Gray that I highly recommend.
Guest chapter 20 . 1/8/2016
*they're gone
andyjhorton chapter 26 . 12/27/2015
so i was enjoying this story, i have not started reading the next one because it appears to be abandoned. and with 2 more beyond that i dont expect you to do anything anytime soon to finish. I hate it when storys go unfinished, its the worst for readers and alienates fans of your writing
Citrus Sinensis chapter 1 . 12/23/2015
Hurray! At last a Severity where Severus recognises Petunia! I Swear, in most of then she doesn't even seem to realise who it is... That's weird. And not right.
This story looks good.
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