Reviews for The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova
RedFoxSpy chapter 22 . 3/12
I'm confused.

Anyway, I'm going to ignore the pokéball question.
So far, I think your story is good so far. You have a lot of development with your characters concerning their past, and their also well described. I like how your having this story told from different 'time zones'(I don't know how to describe it, but it's not like other stories). So far, your story is progressing at a fast pace, but I like it since stories that are SO slow bug me. So in total, I think your story is really good. I also like how you have no grammar mistakes.
Can't wait to keep reading, but studies are calling.
RedFoxSpy chapter 2 . 3/11
I'm just starting this story now, and I think it's really good. I just have one suggestion, and that's that the plural of zangoose is just zangoose. The names of the species of pokemon don't have singular or plural differences. It's just like you wouldn't say "psyducks" when a hoard appears in a game, just "a hoard of psyduck appeared"
Anyway, your story seems really interesting. Good job with grammar and stuff.
MrPirate461 chapter 78 . 2/2
I was just rereading this last chapter, and I was reminded of the name I coined for Elesa after first battling her: The Volt Switch Troll *witch.

I don't know if I remembered to mention it before now, but this is one of the best stories I've read. I don't read a lot of adventure - I prefer my character development minus the frequent mortal peril, major character death and unbeadable odds - but this was one of those stories that made me just sit back for a moment and take it all in after I finished it, and these stories? They may not be my "favoritest favorites", and I may never read them again (Good seriousness doesn't work as well after the first time and I'm bad at rereading anyway), but they're at the top of my lists of "Best stories I've read" and "Stories to recommend to other people". This is one of those stories, and all I can think of to say at this point is Job Well Done, and Please Keep Writing!
And OhMyGoodnessIJustLookedUpAndSawThere'sASequalAndINeedToReadItNOW.
Tatopatato chapter 78 . 1/24
And so you did it. After reading "Breaking the Cycle", a dark souls fanfic, i thought nothing could reach those levels of awsome/grim/plot-twist. And you. Did. It. You proved me wrong. You wrote easily the best fic i have ever read. All in all, during all the story i found myself not liking boreas very much: just not my character. After reading your last notes i Can do nothing but praise you: you wrote those chapters before Capella's death just to let us bond with her. And i fell for it. After her death, my favourite character slot was empty for a while, until you made Selene a better character. Then in the last chapters i decided: Lucius. Despite all your work on getting the hero title for Boreas, i thought of Lucius as a hero way before it, when Zinzolin was killed. Boreas killed Ghetsis, that's true, but almoat regretted it. This shows a more "human" side of him. But here is what i like about that houndoom: he dies the right thing, not even regretting it. I like to think that he knows what's right and what's wrong, and knows that "right" isn't always "good". Octa was just a perfect for that role. Just look at a snivy and you'll get the feeling he's whatching you from a height... Metaphorically speaking. Though her introduction was a bit clumsy, i think of Toxica as a good character. And, in the end, ahe did have a great role in all that: who else could call Octa's brother a coward to get his attention? Diego was just the villain: and you portraied him well. I kind of imagined him being mentally broken after what he did to N, but in the end he stayed true to his descritpion: A villain. For sometime i even thought he was disguised as Black, when the former started to understand his Pokémons in victory road.

After my (partial) review of the characters and various reviews along the way, i want to add one last thing: i have never played black and white, nor 1or 2. I knew part of the story, espacially near the end. I started with this as an introduction to say: this is MY official black and white storyline. What happened in the games is nothing comparse to this... Masterpiece! You go into my favourite authors list.

This brings me to something: i knew of this story through you talking about it in the sequel... Oh boy: my favourite stories lista will explode.
Tatopatato chapter 72 . 1/23
That marriage... Pirates of the carribbean. Just, with pokemons. In Unova. Pokémons of the Unova? You Can bet Arceus's 1000 arms I'd see it. As a matter of fact i am reading it. And i shall finish it soon.
Tatopatato chapter 55 . 1/22
Of COURSE you couldn't kill Octa too. I knew he was going to survive for two reasons: you are not the son of Game of Thrones and Attack On Titan writers (still crying for Capella) and the evolution thing you mentioned when she died. Might sound a bit childish, but i expected anytime a dragonair coming to save the day, or it watching Black's team moves. Then, Zeph arrived saying that he found the tomb still intact and i lost all hope.
Tatopatato chapter 39 . 1/21
I hate you. I want you DEAD. One chapter i discover my new favourite character. The other you kill her off. And then, not satisfied, you make just the saddest thing i've ever read on this site. I hate you. I hate you so much i Can't stop reading your story. Arceus damn it, i'm even starting to see things like Boreas. Details of Capella's death. You know what? I'm hating you so much i'm adding this story to my favourites. You are a sick bastard, and a great writer. I've never been this sad over the death of someone on this page of white over grey.
MelodyGirl239 chapter 22 . 1/21
The way you describe pokéballs in ch22 makes me think of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. You know, the part with the Chocolate-Shrink-Ray-TV-Thingie? I don't really know what else to call it, do I'll just have to hope you know what scene I'm talking about.
Tatopatato chapter 29 . 1/20
"Blow me" "ask her"
That was the single most funny lune i've read in this story as of now
Tatopatato chapter 5 . 1/19
Reading this for the first time, and mind my words, i will read the whole entirety of this!
Guest chapter 9 . 10/12/2014
why name him lucius, why ?
Sdarkynecro chapter 78 . 8/29/2014
Awesome simply awesome
Sdarkynecro chapter 41 . 8/28/2014
Thanks for not killing boreal
ChristianDragon chapter 78 . 8/1/2014
Aw man! The end is here. Are you ready for a really, really, REALLY, long review, Spock? Are you? Because that’s what I’m about to do! (Thought I’d add that bit of humor before the feels hit) Argh! After everything Lucius had done what I found to be a cowardly act during battle scenes and him just disliking the group he was with, Lucius turned out to be a very likable character. Sure he probably did have a hatred towards the group in the beginning and not be able to stand Boreas’s whining and Octa’s snobbish posture, but he was always loyal in the end despite what he did. I do think that seeing Capella die changed him. Lucius is not one to show emotion like Boreas. If he really had hated the team he was on, he would have gone to extreme lengths to try to get off it. But the fact is that Capella’s death gave him something to care for in that moment. And I’m sure that there were off-side scenes where Selene was there for Lucius in some instances which is why the two have a such a strong bond. Will that bond deepen into something more I wonder, if they were to ever make an appearance?

Nevertheless, Lucius’s and Selene’s farewell scene was quite touching with Lucius showing a softer side of him that he doesn’t show on a regular basis. I will miss his short-temepered sourness of an attitude and his squabblings with Selene. Selene as well I will miss. I’ve always enjoyed her from the moment she made her debut. Though Selene was always mysterious when it came to knowing what was going on, I’d like to think that she knew and was four steps ahead of what was gong to happen. It won’t be the same with Selene no longer traveling with Boreas. But her place is with Lucius and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Moving on, I do have to say that there is a part of me that will miss Toxica just as well, no matter how I look at it. She wasn’t much a favorable character of mine by much, but after reading how much devotion she put forth to win Octa’s heart was the actual start of her character development. It piqued my interest to see how this Octa-obsessed Vileplume would grow and what kind of pokemon person she would become. Albiet, it was rough for her since she had to deal with not only Octa’s conflict between her and his family’s codes and honor, but with Octa’s family as well, abiding by their traditions and such whilst pushing for Octa to make his own decisions that weren’t his family’s. And it’s all thanks to Boreas that the two winded up together in the end, even though there was that moment when they chose not to be. So yes, I am going to miss Toxica to some degree.

And of course, there’s Octa to be missed the most. I’m going to miss the close bond of friendship he held with Boreas and all the times he’s been there for him, despite the times they fell silent from each other. Octa was always there to snap Boreas out of his whiny, depressing stupor no matter how upset he was at him and in return Boreas always pushed and strived for Octa to live his own life. There’re basically no other words to say on how much Octa will be missed in Boreas’s new adventures. I do expect to see that Smugleaf again some day!

And now the finale is at last at hand. I still remember the day I came across this story and what chapter I read that brought me into reading it: Chapter 29, the Chapter without a Title. I’m a big sucker for romance and reading the scene where Boreas and Aqua snogged made me giddy, especially when Boreas started singing Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now bit! Though oddly enough, I came across the snogging bit upon another website called TV Tropes which led me to your story.

In any case, having read your author’s note of how you came to write The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova, you really hit home on what Pokemon is truly about. Sure I don’t mind the trainers being in the story, but that right there is the problem. There are so many stories revolved around them and not enough of the Pokemon like you mentioned. (I do know at least a few stories involving Pokemon as the main characters instead of humans, two them being my own). If there were more stories like yours, the pokemon fandom could possibly become a big hit. Again. Maybe.

Moving on, Aqua was quite an interesting character. She and Boreas hooked me into the story as I had mentioned and I had always looked forward to seeing more of them together. An idea struck up on me oddly enough involving on what thoughts would have been running through Aqua’s head before Boreas showed up. That would be a fun little one-shot to write to say in the least, if you were up for doing something like that.

Starting Chapter 1 off in the middle of things was just like watching a Doctor Who episode where events started in the middle and led to the beginning after a couple episodes which led to that exact moment. It drew the interest of readers in and went on from there. I will admit there were chapters that weren’t all that great, especially the chapter where Boreas was almost digested alive in that Seviper’s stomach. That’s by far one of the cruelest deaths any one could experience and I didn’t find that scene all too memorable. The beginning was introduced nicely though and brought the readers up to speed with what Boreas had gone through that led to his meeting with Aqua.

One thing that I had kept forgetting throughout the story was how young and immature Boreas still was. One would think that due to his brilliant mind during battles, he would come off more mature and a bit wise, yet once all battling had simmered down, you made sure that we were reminded of that young, hot-headed, Zangoose-hating Eevee/Glaceon who was rash and quite stubborn. And from there you developed the characterization of not only Boreas, but of each and every person and pokemon who had some sort of relationship with Boreas very well that having say good-bye to all of them in the end was hard to wrap heads around.

You especially developed Diego’s role quite perfectedly. Of all the evil villains that Boreas could have faced off against, Diego was by-far the evilest and cruelest of them all. Diego was coy, manipulative, and over-all had the power to overtake Boreas easily in strength and power. It was basically a “brains versus brawns” kind of battle between the two of them. Boreas may have found ways to gain the advantage over Diego with his clever mind, but it was that strength and power of Diego’s that was able to win out against Boreas all the way until the end. By that point, Boreas knew Diego inside and out, especially after the short time they had bonding together while Diego was in his “Zeph” form. I honestly didn’t know how Diego was going to die or if he was going to die for that matter. I somewhat knew that Boreas wouldn’t be able to kill Diego lest he became the enemy whom he hated. He knew when the battle was finally over between the two of them and walked away as respected.

Diego’s death scene was shocking, spine-chilling, and down- right at a loss for words. After all the cruel things Diego had done to Boreas, not to mention cold-blood murdering a random Glaceon and N, I never would have come to expect his death to go that way. Part of me hoped that he would have redeemed himself before killing N off or at the very least reflect on his life after losing to Boreas and slowly pass away. Being torn limb from limb by a Hydreigon however, was an unexpected, but fitting death for Diego in the end, I suppose.

I never really thought to compare Selene to Luna Lovegood. It makes sense since they always seem to know what’s going on without really knowing what was going on and was still able to give good advice to the main character without showing too much of that brilliance, provided their brilliance was all just an act or insaneness. I don’t know. Still, Selene was likable right off the bat and over time with her being around Lucius, their relationship had become favorable as well.

I can’t say I remember too much about Part 6. I do remember Aqua joining Team Plasma, which right off the bat I had thought she had long joined them due to her secrecy involving her past. And then there was Capella. Aw man! You really knew how to attach a reader to her and then rip their hearts out by killing off a favorable character. That was so unexpected, yet in the end, I like to think that her death helped each of them grow in some ways, after the whole ordeal with Aqua’s supposed betrayal.

The one character that really surprised me was Lucius. For a pokemon who hasn’t had much screen time and came off as a hot-headed, impatient, deserter, he would be the last mon I would have expected to take Capella’s death so heavily. It makes one wonder what he thought of Capella during the time she was with them. I suppose that would be another one-shot to write about.

Going back to Diego, it really blew my mind when it was revealed he was posing as Boreas’s long-deceased brother. The hints were all there, I just didn’t take too much into it. When they were walking in the bog and Zeph/Diego said “Ftinking bog,” (or whatever he said) I actually thought that was a typo! Lol! It wasn’t until Boreas made mention that Zeph never had a lisp that I realized that the typo was actually to be there. Though it wasn’t really a typo at all. Another dead giveaway was the fact that Zeph was hardly battling a good portion of the time and he was always tired. I came to the conclusion that Zeph was secretly working for Team Plasma and spying upon Boreas and his friends. How wrong I was! Still, the time Diego spent as Zeph, an imprint of Boreas was left upon him giving him the conscious of whether or not he was doing the right thing. In some ways, Diego resembles Lex Luthor from the Small Ville series where Lex wrestles with his conscious of doing the right thing or not. And we all know how Lex turns out in the end, much like how Diego had made his choice.

Aqua was a real eye opener for me for one who was neutral about the war the Sage
ChristianDragon chapter 77 . 6/12/2014
How clever of Boreas using the shield to preserve his body. It helped that he was an ice type as well, using his power to absorb most of the explosion. Had he not been, his goose would have been cooked. So Team Plasma has ultimately been defeated. It helps the rebellion with how low the trust is among the Plasmians. It makes their work easier. I can’t help but admire Boreas however for not wanting to be called hero. Quite frankly, the word “hero” can usually go to someone’s head and corrupt their very thinking with that ideal. But from what I’ve learned from a certain TV series, a ture hero is defined in the very moment by the choices they make, so long as it’s the path that can ultimately help others make the right choices.

I can’t really say I blame Lucius for killing Ryoku. I loved Capella! She was willing to forego her life to see that everyone else lived. In the long run, Ryoku had what was coming to him. And I really can’t be too surprised with Selene. She always was one step ahead. And for Lucius to actually go along with her plan, that was just… there is a bond so strong between them. Lucius can hardly stand her at times but there’s a part of him that can’t be without her. Much like how Selene would be lost without Lucius. I ship them bad. Always have. Maybe with time Lucius will show a softer side that no one has ever seen, but only for Selene.

And now I’m down to the final chapter. Febby lived as had Aqua, Octa, and Toxica. Black and a whole lot of others have been killed, unfortunately. What will happen now that the late Unova Champion has passed? The way I see it, there will have to be a new Champion as well as four other League trainers. I wonder how that’s going to go down. I really am going to hate having to finish the story, but there is that sequel to look forward to. Still, it won’t be the same without some of the original characters. This truly has been quite the story. I do look forward to the sequel!
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