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Kohikari chapter 1 . 5/19/2011
* This is the review that you deserve:

Ahhh so does this mean 1994!Felix disappeared? ;_; That's so sad, but at least he lives on in TED's memory. Wahhh, how you be so good at this writing thing. (Also all of your A/Ns are hilarious, and you have quite possibly the best bio page (like, the profile introduction thingamabob) on the entire site, I reread it every time I visit your fics and every time it makes me laugh.) And the webcomicker herself reviewed, too! *obligatory flailing*

* This is the review that I spent an hour or so researching (minus the part where I fell asleep in the middle of the day, because that's how I roll), getting distracted by GoogleMaps and Wikipedia and various other parts of the internet:

- "Name: Hall, Hubert, [...] DOB: 3/19/1945. DOD: 7/29/1996. Status: NONE."

[[ google search? q "HubertHall" 1945 marchOR03OR3 19ORnineteenthOR19th ]]

(I haven't managed to find any direct matches, but there are an awful lot of Hubert Halls, and an awful lot of 1945 weddings and battles and deaths (errr...not necessarily in that order), and I'm really too lazy to search further to get a more definitive result, but! Um. I forgot my point. Oops.)

- "his deep voice filtered through the speakers within his CPU" (I think the Central Processing Unit is something like the "brain" of the machine, which thinks furiously about everything and slows the whole thing down if it's stressed beyond capacity (or at least that's my experience with computers); I don't think the speakers are kept inside it, though-in my experience they're more often external to the device, so that the sound can be conveyed more directly to the listener. However, I am technology-stupid, so. ; )

- "Now landing at 20 Standard Road, Harlesden District, Brent. [...] OS Grid Reference: TQ215835. Coordinates: Latitude 51.621, Longitude -0.268."

- The closest 20 Standard Road address I could find was in Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 7AS, just southwest of Brent (which itself is just northwest of London). Also in the UK are 20 Standard Rd, Downe, Greater London BR6 7 (located southeast of London, basically opposite Brent); 20 Standard Rd, Bexley, Greater London DA6 8 (located east-southeast of London, also opposite Brent); 20 Standard Rd, Crayford, Greater London DA17 5 (located east of London, right on the Thames, similarly opposite Brent); 20 Standard Rd, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 2 (located all the way up in Norfolk on the shore of the North Sea, considerably farther from the London area); 20 Standard Rd, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk NR23 1 (located also in Norfolk, on the northern shore of that landmass/peninsula thing rather than Great Yarmouth's eastern shore, but still on the North Sea); and 20 Standard Rd, Liverpool L11 4 (located even farther from London, northwest instead of Norfolk's northeast, on the western shore close to the Irish Sea). Interestingly enough, GoogleMaps also found a 20 Standard Rd, Holbrook, MA 02343, just south of where I am in Boston.

- According to [[ gridreferencefinder. com ]], TQ215835 describes a 100-square-meter area (latitude 51.537774, longitude -0.248815, according to [[toolserver ~rhaworth/os/coor_g. php? pagename Ordnance_Survey_National_Grid & params TQ215835_region: GB_scale: 25000 ]]) between Brent and Ealing that includes High Street, Nicoll Road, Craven Park Road, and Crownhill Road, and is just as depressingly suburban (Privet Drive, anyone?) as Standard Road addresses.

- According to [[ itouchmap latlong. html ]], latitude 51.621 and longitude -0.268 describes a point, mmm, maybe also 100-square-meters? in Edgware (just north of Brent) that includes Highview Avenue and Priory Field Drive, and dear lord is England nothing but suburbs? Logically they must have some urban and rural areas...

- "...the only record of a 'Felix Blake' has deceased nearly a century ago."

[[ google search? q "felixblake" ]]

(Google found 5,120 mentions of a Felix Blake, although I dunno how many were born post-1994. It certainly is plausible that "Felix" became a popular baby name among Blakes around that time, and now there are hundreds of teenage Felixes running around dreaming of mad science, but surely some of them are historical?)

* I've never had carrots in a sandwich, but I do tend to default to a lot of lettuce for the kind of 'body' (crunch and moisture and fresh feeling not unlike what that Orbit lady jabbers about in the commercials-I miss the original one, her replacement just isn't as authentic somehow) Felix refers to; maybe I'll try it sometime.

Er, I mean. Well, rainy days do tend to be conducive to long naps and hours spent fucking around on the internet, right? ;;; And I learned new things today! Many of them about the UK's Ordinance Survey National Grid, and the number of digits/decimals needed in the OS Grid and also the latitude-longitude system in order to designate an area of a certain size. Or whatever, I think this research may have fried my brain. Off to the Nyan Cat again!
Iive chapter 1 . 5/15/2011
Oh god. How do you even come up with this? The whole time I was reading this, I was in complete and utter disbelief. It was just so amazing and cool and so interesting that I practically lost myself in the story. This is really brilliant work btw.

If you become a writer for real, and I mean like those who actually write books for a living or what not. Tell us. Because we- well, at least me, I would buy the books you write. Really.

Anyhoo. This was awesome! Keep writing! And do update 'Anyway you want it.' and 'It's like being on broadway.'

PLEASE. ): and thank you! Keep writing please! (:

-from Singapore. (haha)
Natillia chapter 1 . 5/5/2011
I'm pretty sure it's the first time in my life I'm reading a comic because of a fic ._.

nice comic, I love the plot and the expressions drawn.

love your story.

I'm no fan of time traveling nor any of these kinds of scientific stuff since my head explodes every time trying to understand these things, but this is really good. If I'm not wrong Felix appears in every where in time? Or is it that he is a 'hole' that can never be fixed?

For am angry robot and a man who is 'unintelligent', this is really sweet.

I like how you grasp the characters personality, especially Ted, with a bit more sarcasm.

If 1985 is the second time they meet, I do think that it will not be last time!

Thanks for sharing!

Angelica chapter 1 . 5/5/2011



no but seriously you wrote TED so well and Felix is so cute and ugh this is perfect write Curious Travels for me ok
Avoocado chapter 1 . 5/4/2011
I thought you are dead. Yet you still write. Under impression I am.