Reviews for The Dragon's Wrath
Skykiddrio9762 chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
Sakura Mau Toki chapter 1 . 6/8/2011
Poor Silver, this is what happens when you challenge an irate Lance. *laughs*

This fic was rather amusing, and it's not often that you see a fic with all the Johto Elites in it, so I was happy to come across this one. I also like how the characters, especially Karen and Lance, were portrayed and kept in character. You did a good job with pulling all of this off!

There are a few small nitpics, though. Your dialogue is good, but it's missing a few commas at the end of speech tags, like this one: "I don't know". There should be a comma after the 'know' in that speech tag. There is also another piece of dialogue that's missing a ' " ' at the end. Of course, all these little things are quite easy to miss and we're all guilty of doing this at one point or another. All you would need, then, is to read over it a few times, or get someone else to, to make sure that all these little things are found.

There's also one point where you have '4' instead of 'four'. This again is just a little nitpick. '

Regardless, this fic was still quite good and I enjoyed it a lot. Here's hoping that we get more fics of the Johto Elites!