Reviews for Heirs of Earth
Firehedgehog chapter 2 . 5/9/2011
dammit, i suddenly havew an urge to watch the older power ranger series, great fic though
cj-cold chapter 2 . 5/7/2011
Excellent start.

I must say that I like the way you have layed out your back story and the political organization of the Earth Kingdom. It certainly increases sympathy for Beryl to see her as the injured party in all this. I think you have done a marvelous job of stoying within the SM canon yet viewing events from a totally different pov that shows a very different story.

The use of the MMPR is inspired and the cross of the DArk Kingdom Youma with the MMPR youma is interesting.

Can't wait for them to get back to Tokyo and see how things in Nerima go. I am curious if Ranma will have a pairing in this story. I did like the friendship with Haruka and Michiru, and the use of Micheru to polish Ranma's social skills was well done. I must admit that I almost laughed when I saw the part with the DRagon flute as I had a passing thought of Micheru teaching Ranma the flute as part of his social education.

More soon please.
billy13579 chapter 2 . 5/7/2011
Ah, MMPR, how I remember watching that show and being too embarassed to let my friends find out I did... even though they were watching it too and felt the same way. Kind of an embarassing taboo everyone was into :p

Anywho, looks like you've removed the corniness (no weird poses or talk outside of "it's morphing time"), and it looks like you've set the stage for a very interesting story. I really look forward to how this progresses.
1v2 chapter 2 . 5/7/2011
a ranma/sailor moon crossoverwith some power rangers elements thrown in never seen a ranma crossover done like that so i got to see where your going with this
ShineX chapter 2 . 5/7/2011
... really? Really! roflol! What's sad about this is I can see something like that intermixing... Well, lets see what comes next
ShineX chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
Very interesting, this could definitely turn out good :)
tammin chapter 2 . 5/6/2011
So, what happened to Endyimon? I am looking forward to seeing where this is going, and how the timeline resolves with a SM world with PR elements.
Vandenbz chapter 1 . 5/6/2011
Nice start to this story. It's interesting how Ranma is friends with Michiru and Haruka before he left for China. I'm wondering how the future for Ranma will change already based on the facts that Haruka promised to tell Ryoga that Ranma waited for their fight and Ranma didn't eat Shampoo's feast.
Selias chapter 2 . 5/6/2011
Looks like this is going to be interesting. Can't wait to see what else you're going to do with this universe! Please update soon!
Van the Rogue Soul Drinker chapter 2 . 5/6/2011
Epic! A great story and now a good soruce of nostalgia! I hope to see this story updates soon I also wounder who else will take the place of the other rangers and what area they were Prince-elector or Princess-elector.
Celestial Indigo chapter 2 . 5/6/2011
A little quick on the battle, but it was detailed enough to satisfy me. I enjoyed the chapters, but I'm surprised that Mi Su did not make an appearance. Not just that, you didn't mention the fact that Genma couldn't understand Chinese, which I assume was the language being spoken mostly in China and the village, especially during the speech after the battle.

Lookin' forward to your next chapter.
Negima Uzumaki chapter 2 . 5/5/2011
I was alway's a Fan of the orginal Green Ranger and the DragonZord, so will DragonZord be showing up in Tokyo also and firing missles from it's fingers like in the show or what?
Jetflash chapter 2 . 5/5/2011
Must... Resist... Urge... Ah... Ga-... Guh-...

GO GO POWER RANGERS! (doo, de do do do)

GO GO POWER RANGERS! (doo, de do do do)


Ick. That came out all at once.
Wing Zero 032 chapter 2 . 5/5/2011
It's the Morphing Grid, not Power Grid!

...also, awesome zord battle, I wonder if Ranma will meet Zordon, the rest of the Power Ranger and the rest of the Zaban Heroes (If you are using the MMPR timeline, then they would be Masked Rider-"Kamen Rider", and Big Bad Bettle Borgs-"B-Fighter" at the momment)
Bobboky chapter 2 . 5/5/2011
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