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Silverwolf3351 chapter 4 . 11/24
Shadowpawzzz chapter 28 . 11/13
Nice story sad its been a year since you updated thou.
blassreitter chapter 2 . 10/16
Okay I just plane hate you. You make all those Superheroes so called stronger than Naruto?! First, Superman is maybe in league with Sakura and if Naruto will be serious then he can easily overcome that. Then we have Kyuubi that not even use a fraction to wipe them all out. Think logical will ya.

I hate it when people downgrade Naruto and his strength, intellect etc. etc. ANd you didn not really start well on my page be letting Temari cheat.
blassreitter chapter 1 . 10/16
I am not happy at how you portrayed Temari-chan. And if his mind was sealed then how did he find out?
Battlesny chapter 4 . 10/2
at first i was a bit annoyed that you seem to be copying a lot of RedX Rising, then i realized, it's a fanfiction of a fanfiction :)
Lancelot Seiten 1 chapter 13 . 9/8
Interesting so far, but I got to say something. Not sure if anyone has pointed this out before but I got to say it anyways.

When a Tailed Beast Bomb explodes, it explodes like a bomb. Meaning when it eplodes, the force doesn't only go in one direction, but in all directions. And a Tailed Beast Bomb from Naruto when he uses 7-tails should at least have a blast radius of 700-800 meters AT LEAST and at 9-tails we are talking about a blast radius of AT LEAST 1-2 kilometers (which is 1000-2000 meters (not sure if they use kilometers where your from or not)).

And when you fire something like that in the middle of a populated city, that means a lot of destruction and a whole lot of dead people. That means that Naruto killed a lot of people in Jump City during this chapter.

Another thing is, why don't he just kill the Konoha shinobi. You have made them out to be mostly the worst kind of scum, and with what they have done to Naruto and the way you have made parts of his past, he should have no problems killing them.

After all, he has killed a lot of people before, and whit what they have done to him, he shouldn't feel anything bad if he killed them.

Or are you doing the whole morality crap with naruto that he won't kill because it's wrong, unethical etc. Despite the fact that he is a shinobi (and almost all shinobi are killers), and he has killed a lot of people before.
woguy21 chapter 1 . 9/7
Why would naruto need the red x suit?
Chrisfragger chapter 1 . 8/17
Stupid question... What would they be able to teach Naruto about being a thief?
Bombertank chapter 1 . 7/29
I believe this is the same chapter in RedX Rising
CruelRuin chapter 3 . 7/6
Oh god, why are you ripping off that other dude's naruto red X fanfic scene by scene? Like, the fuck, man? Try thinking up your own story instead of blatantly ripping everything from someone else's story.
PugTheMagician chapter 28 . 7/1
Very much enjoyed that last half of the story. It emphasised what you pointed out before that it was more about everyone elses growth than naruto's. I have been noticing beast boy getting a distinct lack of spotlight action so far, is there a reason for that? I really liked how you set up the two big fights between pandora and team titans, especially how the second focused on skill rather than power. I hab been wondering one thing: when terry came back in time he said that h thought future X came back with him and this was further proved by future bruce saying his only reason he was still living was gone now. So where is future naruto? And is he the only one who came through or did everyone there come through as well? I love that you had lex trap amd pretty much strong arm naruto into doing what he wanted using a nuke in response to naruto robbing him. Definately seems like the kind of over the top "make-you-my-bitch" type of thing he would do. The fight between naruto and the supers was pretty good. I was thrown for a curveball when darkseid cam there though, good job. Supergirls testing of naruto's silvertongue was pretty hot and i liked his little speach beforehand about being loyal to more than one. From this i'm guessing one of three things happen between now and when terry is batman for supes to hate naruto
1. He somehow found out about naruto going down on his cousin
2. He broke her heart after some drawn out relationship between her naruto and jinx (i feel this unlikely, she's a tough girl)
Or 3. One of the daughters he fought the X's with in the future was born with kara
I personally hope for the last if only to see a scene with superman holding a new born baby girl that suddenly has a red cloak surround it and he realise who the father is and laugh and laugh and laugh. Hinata, i am curious how her involvement will go with the X's since they obviously are still around in 30 or so years so would she be? And i am interested to see how strong she is now because she seemed pretty strong beforehand even if we didn't see her fight, so with her now being gone for 2 years learning every single martial art in the world coupled with her byakugan, i am really excited to see how that goes. And lastly thabks for clearing up why ino chose to stay when she almost begged to be sent back, that had been confusing me. Oh yeah, loved the fights between the titans and the ninjas by the way, especially static and sasukes, it was nice seeing static more as one able to hold his own rather than a support hero. I realise that isn't all he is, just what i'm getting. I hope you continue writing this and thank you for the great read
PugTheMagician chapter 15 . 6/28
I liled the original version of this story but this story i'm not so sure. Rather than a simple progression in skill throughout the story it seems more along the lines of making everyone think naruto is an untouchable badass, which gets old after a while. And the torture scenes were just unnecessarily graphic in my opinion. Not the worst i've read but considering there was no warning in the description that this is a bashing fic it was surprising and excessive. And i feel that after the whole kyuubi being scared of the justice league thing the fight with batman i think should have been closer and less clear about who would win. Ok, thats enough critisism because otherwise this will sound like i'm bashing you. Now i think my favorite thing so far is that unlike other versions of this story you aren't afraid to actually use your own plots. I especially liked the gotham one because it focused on different villains other than the joker, some people just seem to forget others exist. Curious about this spirit person as i know next to nothing about him. I like that a focus on this arc an later so far is batmans treatment of his partners not AS partners. I liked that you gave the villains their signature jokes too. I like this naruto too, he seems more like a guiding force for everyone, not just a strong guy. Shego rather than danni phenton should be interesting, as will be canna as jacks wife. Giving robin the hiraishin, i don't know how i feel about that. On one hand it will somewhat even the playing field but on the other it just grates on me having a signature technique transferred over to him as simply as raven reading a couple words.
Pedro52 chapter 13 . 6/5
Pedro52 chapter 4 . 6/5
seagate chapter 12 . 6/3
Just curious how the hell is he a 21 year old virign, if he dated 3 slutty girls and got hit on massively in hive academy and is a bit perverted? Doesn't make sense at all.
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