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RoyalTwinFangs chapter 7 . 6/24/2012
Pretty good story you got here. I would like more of this.
Grey Wolf4 chapter 8 . 6/1/2012
I wish I can say more but all I can say is a great update and yet another great fusion of various series of the Gundam franchise. Also I understand what you say about Mithril but I'm leaning towards original Mithril uniforms myself but that of course is up to you.
Grey Wolf4 chapter 7 . 5/21/2012
My knowledge of Gundam SEED is only from what I read so please forgive me if I can't comment too much on those parts but nevertheless a very interesting Full Metal Panic reference.

Also a very well managed and well thought out timeline laid out in chapter 2. Also this is a very good integration of Gundam SEED and Gundam 00. This has prompted me to make a mental note to watch Gundam SEED when I get the chance.
Katosuki chapter 7 . 5/13/2012
ohhh Im all in for the AGE system ...
Gaby chapter 5 . 9/9/2011

Hope you show more members of M,like a few undercover ones in Artemis.
JC chapter 4 . 6/1/2011

I say M is attempting to wrestle Go support away from Titans and cut down Blue cosmos influence.

I hope you will not Bash Flay and make her a real person.

Maybe you can hook Kira up with Both Flay and Lacus.
gaby chapter 3 . 5/21/2011
I say make Phantom pain is one of the squads in Titans,who are another pwan of Logos,Who M is plaing to take down with help from Omni,s members who are Loyal to Ef and wants to free it from Logos,s control.

Try to Balance things.
Deathzealot chapter 3 . 5/19/2011
/sigh/ Where should I start...Okay first the good news.

I am getting an idea why you are keeping the GMs, because since they have a copy of the RX-78's Learning Computer Data which acts similar to that a limited AI system they don't really need the complete OS system that ZAFT Machines have. Though the question is what about the Zeon Machines, are you having the entire Zeon military be Newtypes or something? Also speaking of the learning computer here is a bit of trivia for you that you can use in this story. Basically if you read the Astray Manga you will be familiar with 8 the AI that Astray Main Character Lowe Gear carries around. Well apparently Lowe found 8 in a piece of debris that bears some similarity to a Core Fighter. The name of eight came from text on that piece of debris that ended with a readable numeral of eight. While the rest of the text is generally unreadable. This is of course a nod to the RX-78 and its learning computer, basically making 8 the Learning Computer itself which finally reached a state of self-awareness. Now with your world here you can have Eight actually BE the Learning Computer of the RX-78. /chuckles/

Anyways now onto the bad news. First of all where in the world did that Flag come from. It seems like it just appeared out of nowhere. You need explain its presence far better then you did, and why does it have Gunbarrels when Mu is really the only pilot left in the OMNI and/or the AF Military that can use them. Therefore why would a Flag equipped with Gunbarrels just suddenly be on a ship that Mu never has been on before. What I mentioned before is that he should trade in his Zero for a Flag earlier like before this battle even started. Honestly in a world like this I would see OMNI, the AF Military, and other allied forces to retire the Mobile Armors for mobile suits like the GM. It serves no purposes really to keep Mobile Armors around when they possess mobile suits. This is only the beginning of everything I see wrong with not only this chapter but the story in general but I really don't want to drop an essay sized rant on you.

With that said there some good things about this story that I like, basically the whole idea that there is more mobile suits then just the ZAFT machines. I love the idea that I earlier mentioned that thanks to the Learning Computer Data GMs don't need a dedicated OS like ZAFT machines for this data or copy should i say is basically a limited AI. Also I like the idea of a tougher Kira, for the one major thing I hate about his character is how weak, emotional wise at the start of the series, and how whiny he was. Heh. He did get better by the end of the series. But still. Anyways moving on. Generally I think this story has potential, therefore I shall continue to read it. Keep it up.
Toby chapter 2 . 5/9/2011

Maybe The CB,s characters are the members of M.

Zaft das not have a monopoly on moblie suits in this story,so casualties between Omni and Zaft will be closer.

I hope Halberton and 8th fleet get to live.

M uncover the Logos/Titan,s comspiracy,maybe Flay can be a M member too,I always wanted more Girl pilots.
JC chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
Great start

I hope you will keep this story,balance,Earth is not all evil and the Planets are not all Good.

The real evil are Logos and Titans,have the Good O.m.n.i and CB take them down.

No Beam weapons for not-Gundam, Moblie suits.

Can Wait for a update,maybe some CB,s members can be a surp

ries?like Flay.
Deathzealot chapter 1 . 5/6/2011
Hmmmm... An interesting Combo/Crossover here. Honestly I would have liked some more background info to be in here, maybe a prologue like intro/history lesson similar to what you have already but a bit longer like a dedicated timeline perhaps. However for now this is good.

So there is no Earth Alliance instead there is the United Nations which controls the OMNI. The question is did the AF or the UN itself start the G-Project. Also it would make more sense if you have the AF stick with one type of Mobile Suit instead of having it with both GM and Realdos. For example have the Realdo later the Flag be the MS of choice for the AF. The OMNI Forces outside of the AF Armed Force could have the GM inspired machines like the GM II, GM Customs, etc. Also the GMs mentioned in the story could be some older models and had been bought by the ODF to protect Heliopolis. Speaking of that have the AF still have its own military outside that of the UN Controlled OMNI. Similar to that have the modern day UN and say the US Military, just with a dedicated UN Military Force.

Also it is kind of pointless for Mu to still be driving around in his Zero when there is now mobile suits which are superior to that of his Zero. Here is an idea for you, have him piloting a Flag that is modified to have some Fangs or something like that. Granted these Fangs would be larger then 00 Fangs but not to much larger. This gives him a much needed advantage against the ZAFT GINNs.

Speaking of Mobile Suits, you should keep Beam Weapons out of this or just Beam firing weapons till the introduction of the G-Weapons. Have them all including the GMs to be equipped with machine guns. You can have the GMs with Beam Sabers or maybe a Plasma blade from 00.

Now as for the the OYBW, can you come up with a better name then that by the way, and this new war starting. I take it the events described in this chapter are not in the midst of a war like the original SEED story. Since you have the OYBW earlier, this is just a series of events happening that are a precurser to yet another war. Maybe a Gryps War inspired war. Which I am not all that hot over, since you are combining the idea of the Gryps War which pitted the Titans against the AEUG, and a war going on between ZAFT and maybe the UN controlled OMNI or the Atlantic Federation. It is took much in one package, you need to cut it down some.

Anyways that is some of my thoughts and ideas for this. But before I leave you, I need to ask. Why is this the third time I have gotten an alert for this particular story?
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