Reviews for The Island of Galleno
E'Lise chapter 26 . 7/14/2002
I just stayed up until 2 am reading your awesome fic. It was completely amazing and I was near tears. Great story and I loved the Princess Bride bit, that was so cool. Loved it!
Serena chapter 26 . 7/14/2002
Wow...AMAZING fic! I've been totally hooked on it from the first chapter. It's very good writing, not to mention you stayed true to the spirit of The Count of Monte Cristo without going OOC with the Buffy characters. Thank goodness Spike didn't run off with Fadma though, like in CoMC...Great job!
samson chapter 26 . 7/12/2002
god of fanfic writers! love your stories! look forward to your next epic!
Kaylorin chapter 23 . 6/26/2002
Love it! Love it! Love it!This is terrific! Loved Riley's reaction. Love Spike and Buffy. William is a great character. Just plain, WOW! Can't wait for updates.
asdf chapter 23 . 6/25/2002
AHA! So you see, Jack is a baaaaaaad man... Lying

to Buffy, being mean to Buffy, hurting Buffy,

-shooting- William, not caring about William, tearing off his neighbor's doll's head and then

saying he didn't do it... But then again, Buffy

is pretty gullible, huh? Didn't she even think to test her abilities when Jack, or was it Giles, told her that she was no longer a slayer? After

living with them so long she was able to convince herself in that short amount of time that she did not possess those skills anymore? Surely it

would take a longer psychological process... and

she would probably do something requiring strength a la Slayer off-handedly and then

realize "Hey! I'm strong!" not something

like "Hey! those vitamins I've been taking are really giving me a boost, gotta go buy me some more of that stuff!" right? She's a very (and sometimes overly) reasonable and rational person,

she can figure things out, nothing wrong with her head (except the rejecting Spike for so long


Anyway, this rant is getting way too long. Keep

writing, I enjoyed this chapter very very much, it was really inspiring with the awe and all...

(next time you see something like "This cereal is an awesome part of a nutritious breakfast" or

something like that you can think "This cereal is an awe inspiring part of a nutritious breakfast") So continue... Soon... you know what "soon" means

right? ASAP... which I assume means in the next hour, OK, that's it...
SunnyD chapter 23 . 6/24/2002
Great chapters Isabelle! They were really awesome! And though I want Jack to die...I am somoehow glad that Spike decided not to kill him. And I am glad that William is okay and that Buffy and Spike are back together! Good times! Always great...can't wait for more
BlueWillow chapter 23 . 6/24/2002
holy shite. I read from 18 to 23 (although 22 isn't working) and all I can say is HOLY SHITE! (please note the e.)
afdoyle chapter 21 . 6/14/2002
I love you!
lostpencil chapter 21 . 6/13/2002

I have one word for you: EVIL!

EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL! How could you do this? NOOO! Man, I really want to kill Jack, I have from the beginning, of course, but, ARGH! Y'know? DEATH TO JACK!

And you were plotting this? This was your evil scheme? To kill William, or y'know to have william get shot and he lives on because of either rushing to the hospital, his parent(s)' love, the prophecy, magic, whatever, but, y-y-y-ou... How?

Anyway, the story was just getting all better, but I guess I couldn't have expected it to be all happy happy joy joy could I have? Nope... Not from a writer like you, you've gone all Joss-ish... all with the "look now they're all happy, all is well, but HAH! He's MAR-RIED! HE has a KID! A-MAN-DA! And HA! Looky here! Jack has got a GAH-UN, And WHAMMO! He shot William. *smirk* can't believe they thought it would be happy... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" and all... Good writing though, still excellent...

Although, how exactly does he turn his body faster than he can move?
Lauren Taylor chapter 21 . 6/13/2002
There together again (jumps around the room in joy) but William poor little William plz don't make him die .

I love Spike and Buffy being together again and the guy with Dawn arww .


p.s Please don't let William die.
crunchberry chapter 21 . 6/13/2002
OK - this is def. better than ANY buffy novel out there. You keep us hanging at the end of every chapter so we are all salivating till we get the next one.

The ending of this chapter - YOU ARE EVIL - I hope your hiding in a very very good place!

i luv blondie bear chapter 21 . 6/13/2002
You are not going anywhere young lady William needs you please let Spike beat the crap out of Jack then let Buffy get her powers back so she can beat the crap out of Jack. Then let Dawn have her turn with her bat.

I love little William please save him soon.
Annastasia chapter 21 . 6/12/2002
okay I am trusting you...all things will work out in the end. But did you have to leave us there? What a cliffhanger...those are definitely your specialty.

Dont stay in hiding to long! ;)
Nischera chapter 21 . 6/12/2002
I don't know what to say. Really. This story has been like my life and I've been following it since your started...then this...I think I'm going to go cry now, the story is so real! You better get that next chapter up, Isabelle! Or you'll have to be out of the country for the personal safety! I'm kidding *g*! Wonderful story! All these twists and turns!
Darryl J chapter 21 . 6/12/2002
The title of this chapter was quite apropos, dont you think? Considering you left us hanging like George Lucas did all those years ago...Can't wait to see Jack pay with his worthless life.
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