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Mad Roblox Pussy My Guy chapter 3 . 10/29/2012
Angelic Beast12 chapter 8 . 6/11/2011
Cross should try to get samus and Ike to kiss but it fails epicly because it ends up samus and Marth kiss and Ike and peach kiss.
Igneel chapter 8 . 6/10/2011
Mmm, this feels like the calm before the storm... or the cataclysm (Poor girls). Anyway, nice chapter.

A request?... I dunno ._. let me see...mmm..I'd like to read...Oh! a jealous Samus! (he he that would be scary) I don't mind with who, just make Samus feels jealous of Ike; and make those girls to start a mutiny! :D just kidding. Whatever you decide is fine with me, I like your ideas ;D

So, keep up the great job!

Ja ne!
Igneel chapter 7 . 6/3/2011
Hi, here your faithful reader again oh and don't worry, I still think you're pretty fast updating this story.

He he I know what you mean. I was playing a brawl marathon almost all day and my eyes felt like they were on fire (but it was so funny, really, no complains)

Ok back to the story... what can I sai... write. Well, to put it simply, I LOVE IT! this is like the fifth time I read it (not kidding). I love those two, and the way you describe them and all those awkward situations and the cute ending and and ahhh! it is just GREAT!

So again, awesome chapter (he he now this is my favorite one) and I really really really (and a lot more XD) want to read moar.

Keep it up! I'll be waiting for your next update.

Ja ne!
Igneel chapter 6 . 5/27/2011
Whoa, You're really fast updating, aren't you?

he he I liked the first part. I'm quite curious to read the full play now. It'll be great

Did I just read well? they're going to spend a full night on Peach's house... I'm worried. I hope they don't lose their senses -.-

Uh-oh Twilight, Shiek good luck, you'll need it... well, in fact almost all the girls will need it (and Pit XD)

awww, the Samus and Cross part was cute, thanks :3

I hope your muse doesn't leave you cause I love this story :) thanks for writing it and keep up the great job!

Ja ne!
Lilyana Skies chapter 1 . 5/26/2011


eye color-red

hair color-red

talents-plays with fire, good with lighiting on a stage, pyro

best friend-any pyro

personality- farily nice, but if you get on her bad side, say hello fire!

about her- she is a pyro, is secreatly a phoneix, and her fingernails are made out of silver.
Igneel chapter 5 . 5/25/2011
LOL Funniest chapter so far! this is definitely my favorite one :D

ha ha! Poor Samus, that's surely a unique group of mates.

Who is allergic to pickled cucumbers? I was all like what the? O.o with it. It was so hilarious 8D

I got a good image of Cross dragging Ike, considering that he is BIGGER than she, well, I clearly underestimate my OC strength XD

Ike was really nervous... awwwww he is just so darn cute! *.*

So, that's why Ralynn got Marth in a dress. You know, she officially Rocks! BD

Thanks for made me laugh :) and keep up the great job! I'll be waiting for your next update

ja ne!
Igneel chapter 4 . 5/24/2011
I'm back! Sorry for not giving you a review before but I was kind of busy whit school and I wasn't able to visit this site.

But now I got my reward with two knew chapters to read, he he B)

Finally the cast list! Whoa, king Ike, you know, this is kind of ironic considering that in his game he hate royalty, but... I love it! :3

ha ha great! Samus an Cross are the cruel stepsisters. I guessed right with Marth and Zelda (yeah, they're just perfect for those roles). Mmmm... maybe I'm wrong but... isn't suppose to be a fairy godmother? am I wrong? I'm so confused! .

Samus saying sweetie... that's scary. But she's got a point there. In fact, that's what it seems in the story so far and Cross is supposed to be Samus best friend too. She know what both, Ike and Samus are feeling and because both of them are her friends, she wants to help them. Maybe you should made Samus and Cross a little more close, like, well, best friends (just my opinion. If you thing am wrong or if you have already planned something, just ignore what I write )

That's all and keep up the great job! :)

Ill give you another review tomorrow for chapter 5

ja ne!
Smart-Person-18 chapter 1 . 5/15/2011
Name: Olivia

Gender: Girl

Age: 13

Eye color: Strawberry Blonde

Hair color: Lime Green

Talents: actress, plays guitar, singer, gymnast

Best friend: Pit (dur)

Personallity: A bubbly dits who secretly is obsessed with video games. Consider herself the definition of geekie. Girly and smart, the total package (LOL JK)
Igneel chapter 3 . 5/11/2011
YAY! another update o I had so much fun reading this! Seriously, you made my day... or night(I'm reading this really late at night so, if there is something weird on my reviews...sorry, I'm not thinking clearly -.-)

Ha ha that's definitely Cross. Thanks for considering what I said..errr..write, about her :)

LOL Marth wearing a dress! ha ha ha!

Marth: Hey! stop laughing at me! D:

Me: Sorry, I know it's not your fault to look like a girl...

Marth: Yeah, you're rig...

Me: . ...

Marth: . ...

Me: *runs*

Me: *hiding in a tree* I really want to know what's next, so...

Marth: There you are!

Me: Uh-oh, keep up the great job! ja ne! *runs for her life*
Digilady99 chapter 3 . 5/11/2011
Thank you SO much for adding Natalie in! And hey, I have another idea! Instead of pairing her with Link, how about you throw Pit in and pair him with Natalie? If u can't or don't wanna, I understand. Then u can just pair her with Roy or Link. But it was only a suggestion. But thanks again TheTwilightWarrior! :)
Digilady99 chapter 2 . 5/9/2011
Hey, about my OC... I meant to say Natalie defends Marth whenever people make fun of him that HE'S gay.

And... sorry I didn't say what play to do! I'd vote for Cinderella because I forgot to mention Natalie loves romantic stories and fairy tales and Cinderella is her top favorite! :)
Digilady99 chapter 1 . 5/9/2011
Here's my OC form:

Name: Natalie Roberts

Age: 17

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Talents: Singing, dancing, acting, and drawing

Pairing: She has a major crush on Link

Best Friends: Peach, Zelda, Link, Sheik, Ike, Marth, and Samus

Personality: Natalie is basically an outgoing and compassionate girl with a positive attitude about anything. She always looks out for her friends and feels they're a family to her. She's as loud and upbeat as Peach, whenever she's around Link, she becomes timid and blushes madly. She's also just about as random and fun as Ike, she defends Marth whenever people make fun of him that's gay, She tries to get Sheik to open herself to others like Peach, she loves hanging out with Zelda, and she tries to teach Samus to dance but constantly gets turned down.

I think that's just about it. Thank you very much, TheTwilightWarrior! :)
vallnights chapter 2 . 5/9/2011
Ooohhh I like is so far lol :)

haha you made Ralynn act all awesome. I like the other OCs too. I can't wait for the next chapter. I wonder what will happen next?
Igneel chapter 2 . 5/8/2011
This is so funny! :)

LOL Marth, I really can see Peach doing something like that. You know, I'm not a Marth's fan but... I like this innocent one, he's cute

I like Ralynn and I want to know more about those random situations XD

Thank you so much for using Cross, you did a great job with she 3 Just one thing I forgot to mention. When she's in competition mode, her personality become really serious

Wait a sec... Twilight was kidnapped... by PEACH! o_o! I know is hard (we're talking about Peach) but I hope she's OK

I want to read more, please please please update soon... well in fact, you're updating awesomely fast so, keep up the great job :D

Ja ne
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