Reviews for Welcom To The Digital World
Shadowprincess22 chapter 3 . 5/12/2011
oh cool can't wait for the next chapter
dracula-key chapter 3 . 5/12/2011
Nice opening chapter. Even though Vlad's not in it yet I still like the story so far.
NovelistOfTheSky chapter 3 . 5/11/2011
Good opening chapter. The events could have been spread out but what you did is fine as well. The characters could have been fleshed out a little more, maybe some physical description. But it was good. Keep up the good work.
SamuraiMoon chapter 3 . 5/11/2011
first of all thanks for using my character, appreciate that much! haha

nice storyline so far, hoping to see more actions and dramas later.

dont take too long okay, because i'll be waiting
James95 chapter 3 . 5/10/2011
Not bad at all. Can't wait for the next chapter if it's them meeting thair digimon.
Jaeda star chapter 3 . 5/10/2011
omy! i wonder what will happen next? D update soon yea?
NovelistOfTheSky chapter 2 . 5/10/2011
You picked my oc , awesome XD Can't wait to see what you do
dracula-key chapter 2 . 5/10/2011
Cool, you picked my OC. That makes me so happy. I can't wait to read the first chapter later.
Jaeda star chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
hmmmm... this seems interesting. Lemme give it a shot then D.

Name: Angelika Williams

Age: 16

Birthday: 3 September

Personality: Kind, understanding and sympathetic. Loves to laugh and has a quick tongue, very sharp wit and sarcasm. Can be veeery stubborn and reckless at times. When she makes friends, she sticks by them and protects them no matter what. Can often get into trouble because she cares so deeply for her friends and those around her. Is afraid of bugs, doesnt selfish people, peppers and dark places. Is pretty athletic.

Background: She has quite a big family. Her mom and dad are always busy as archaeologists and are away quite often, so her elder bro takes care of the household. Angelika tends to keep a lot inside if she is bothered about something or gets hurt, so that she wont burden anybody with her problems-which annoys her sister. She is very close to Jade, and loves her younger brother Aaron dearly.

Family: Mom (Alexandra) Dad (Skye) Older brother(Dean) twin sister (Jade) younger brother (Aaron)

Crest: Faith

Clothing: mid-calf length skinny jeans, spagetti strap top with a short sweater which exposes one shoulder when it slips down.

Looks: Shoulder length brown hair that tends to fan out at the ends. Dark blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, 5'4, curvy figure

Crush: Tai Kamiya

State: California

Hobbies: Loves to take dance classes, enjoys singing in karaoke boothes with her friends, loves swimming and playing soccer. Adores the beach.

Digimon: Gatomon

baby: Protomon

In training: Nyaromon

Rookie: Salamon

Champion: Gatomon

Ultimate: Angewomon

Personality: sassy and sarcastic. very protective over angelika. Loves catnip...
vallnights chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
Okay. Here's mine :)

Name: Deena Akinson

Age: 16

Birthday: June 13

Personality: A very fun loving, cool girl. She acts a bit of a tomboy and she's in a happy mood a lot.

Background: Deena has lived in Manhattan, New York for most of her life. When she turned 13, she and her family moved to Chicago. About a year later, they moved again, but this time to a very small town called Argyle, Texas. She and her family has lived there ever since. Throughout the whole thing, Deena has kept her New York accent. Even today she still had her accent. She loves doing anything to keep her family happy.

Family: Mom-Alleya, Dad-Marvin, Brothers-Flint and Joey, and Sister-Layla

Crest: Persistance

Clothing: A sort of thick whte jacket with splat designs of different colors, a black tank top under her jacket, she has yellow skinnies, black combat boots, and has pink headphones around her neck.

Looks Like: Very light brown hair that almost looks blonde that goes to the middle of her back, dark brown eyes, skin that is a bit tan. She's 5'6'' and has a bit of an hourglass figure but her jacket kind of covers that up.

Crush: Joe Kiddo

Hobbies: She sings and dances. She's one of the best track players at her school. She's also a DJ. And although no one at her school doesn't really notice, but she's also a member of the color guard at her school.


In training: Gummymon

Rookie: Terriermon

Champion: Gargomon

Ultimate: Rapidmon

Mega: Mega Gargomon

Personality: Terriermon is mosty calm and collective. He always helpful and is protective of Deena. He can sometimes has his off moments. He always calms down Deena whenever something is wrong with her.
James95 chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
Right okay here's two OCs

Name: Christopher Nightingale

Age: 16

Birthdate: May 26th

Personality: Very intelligent but very nervous and shy. However he is very caring and loyal

Background: Bornin England Chris has had a good life with good friends. However things went bad when his family had to move to America because of this new position his father got. In his new school Chris was picked on because of his personality and hisaccent but Taylor helped him through this and now he really likes her.

Family: Mom- ex lawyer now housewife. Gets into all sorts of incidents. Is carefree most of the time but mess with her and she'll come down like a ton of bricks

Father- Nice guy doctor, loves soccar, racing games and ER

Sister Gwen- 13 years old. Sweet most of the time but will develop mad crushes and never talk to her if she's PMSing, ever. She'll destroy even a Machinedramon with her bare hands

Crest: Unity

Clothing: A light blue polo shirt, hooded white zip up body warmer,black jeans and black converses

Looks like: 6'2, pale skin, sapphire blue eyes, ear length wavy black hair with a slim but muscular build

State: Washington

Crush: Taylor

Hobbies: Likes to write stories, sing, listen to his Itouch and watch Final Destination, Doctor who, Glee, Torchwood and play pokemon and YugiOh games on his DS


Baby: Kiimon

In Training: Yaamon

Rookie: Impmon

Champion: Devimon

Ultimate: Neodevimon

Mega: Beelzemon

Personality: Impmon is one of the bad boys of the group, causing pranks and prefers to sit around watching True Blood and other horror things than fight. Despite this he is very caring and will protect Chris to the end. Although he may get carried away in a battle

Name: Lindsay Terwilliger

Age: 16

Birthdate: July 14th

Personality: A real girly girl who's pretty stupid, clumsy and forgetful but has a lot of unwrapped potential, a mouth which can curse like a pro and a loveable, friendly personality

Background: She lives with her dad ever since her sister left for college last year. Her mother died when she was three in a plane crash so her father spends every moment trying to fufill the role of two parents but has had a few girlfriends in the past, most of them ended up stealing his money then leaving. Lindsay has been great at school, cheerleader and MVP of her local gymnastics team. She had this guy on the football team called Lucian for a boyfriend but they broke up four months ago because of her forgetfulness. Rumours have it that she has a bikini for every holiday, even the ones that aren't on the calender but seriously she wants someone who will look past her flaws and her assets

Family: Dad- Late thirties buisnessman who showers his little princess with gifts but teaches her to be thankful for such gifts.

Sister Paula- A little cold, usually teases Lindsay for her stupidity but really loves her

Crest: Happiness

Clothing: White blouse, navy slim fit jeans with knee high light brown leather boots, matching jacket and beret

Looks like: 5'7, lightly tanned peach skin, baby blue eyes, size 6 feet, a slim but quite curvy build and aubern waist length hair which has been dyed blonde

State: California

Crush: Matt Ishida and Tai

Hobbies: Likes to sing and bake (both not very good at), shop, go cheerleading and perform gymnastics.


Baby: Chibomon

In Training: Demiveemon

Rookie: Veemon

Champion: Veedramon

ultimate: AeroVeedramon

Mega: UlforceVeedramon

Personality: Being a descendant of the royal knights Demiveemon is always a very noble digimon, calling Lindsay "mi' lady" but even he knows how to have fun and is usually a sidekick to Impmon's pranks

NovelistOfTheSky chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
Name: William Murphy (Will)

Age: 16

Birthdate: Feb 1st.

Personality: A very kind and warm hearted person who is very open with anyone he meets. He is always willing to help any friend or someone who needs help (William is old german for guardian and he takes his name as encouragement when helping others). Although he is very hot tempered and always fights for what he believes in, both physically and verbally, he will admit when he is wrong. He can be very stubborn with just about anything as long as he feels what he is doing is right. He will often make bad jokes or make a fool of himself to cheer someone up or just make people laugh. Despite his confident personality, he doubts himself quite often and has low self esteem. He feels lonely unless he is in a group of people. He feels very lost about his place in the world and doesn't understand that sometimes, he's the one who needs help as he bottles up his emotions and hides away from his problems. He feels he can never help someone enough and that he always fails his friends when they need him. He doesn't like talking about his problems as he feels they are petty, should someone try he will turn the conversation very subtly so the other person talks about themself. He despises racists especially because he is Irish and feels no one should feel ashame of who they are.

Background: He never met his parents who used to be very rich , powerful people in Ireland (rep.) as they both died of illness when he was a year old. He has never felt sad or that he has lacked family as he was brought up by his brother, Lucas. Will led a pretty uneventful life till he joined sports. He met a girl named Clara when he was 14, who he fell in love with. She fell in love with him and his best friend. Will decided to allow Clara to be happy and stepped down, to let her be with his best friend. The decision haunts him to his day,reminding him he need's to be more selfish. Ever since he was young he has had a passion for ancient history and writing. He and his brother moved to Washington when he was 15 so he still has his accent.

Family: Lucas Murphy - Brother - Judge in ireland. Always cool and relaxed, never breaking a sweat in any situation.

Patrick Murphy - father - deceased - business man - died of illness. A very passionate hot tempered man.

Maria Murphy - mother - deceased - business woman - died of illness. Very emotionless woman, ruthless in business

Crest: Loyalty

State: Washington

Clothing: Dark blue jeans that are slightly too long,held up by a studded belt. A black t-shirt with a red spiral design on the right of the chest, that shows off some of his build. A white hooded zip up jacket that has a black tribal design across the chest, shoulders and back, usually with the sleeves rolled up. Black skate shoes with red spiral designs.

Looks like: brown, nearly black hair with strands of grey. He keeps his hair short, but long enough he can run his hand through it so that some hair sticks up in a messy style. His hair is very soft and thick with a bronze shine to it. dark green/blue (depending on the light) with a hazel ring around the iris. Healthy atheltic build,able to hold his own in a physical fight if needed.

Crush: Sora Takenouchi

Hobbies: Football/Tennis/studyiong ancient history and writing novels.



In-Training: Hopmon

Rookie: Monodramon

Champion: Strikedramon

Ultimate: cyberdramon

Mega : justimon

Personality: Fun loving,loyal,eats anything including will/s hair. Loves practical jokes.
dracula-key chapter 1 . 5/6/2011
I hope you pick my OC for this story.

Name: Vladimir (Vlad) Alucard

Age: 13

Birthdate: October 30th

Personality: Shy, some what distent, loyal, funny, artistic

Background: When he was around eight he lost his memory in an accient. He wound up in am orphanage where all the other kids would pick on him, which made him feel weak and pathetic. Then one day he got adopted by a rich CEO of a wealthy company.

Family: adoptive father

Crest: Balence

Clothing: white pants, black leather belt, grey tank top, black boots with metalic crosses, a silver cross pendent

Looks like: Short dark blond hair, ocean green/blue eyes, athletic build

State: Texas

Crush: Kari Kamiya

Hobbies: watching movies, drawing, swiming, karate


Baby: Botamon

In-training: BlackKoromon (I'm not too sure if this is a real digimon or not)

Rookie: BlackAgumon

Champion: BlackGreymon

Ultimate: none

Mega: BlackWarGreymon

Personality: He is loyal only to Vlad and would do anything for him.
SamuraiMoon chapter 1 . 5/6/2011
I make 2, a boy and a girl. you can choose one or use both, hoping you'll use any of them though..

Name : Lin Fang-Hua

Nickname : Lin

Age : 16

Birthdate : November 23th

Personality :Feminine, Tough, not easy to give up, stiff, hard to express what she felt.

Background : A girl who was born in a noble family in china. now studying abroad in Washington DC. accustomed to the strict rules that she must obey and burdened by the expectations of her parents made her stiff, strict, hard and rarely socialize, which makes her hates her life. since she entered the digital world and meet kudamon and new friends made her know better about life beyond what she thought was "Life"

Family : Father, Mother, Older Sister

Crest : Determination

State : Washington

Clothing : Striped Sweater and a Matching beanie, black jeans and a pistachio high converse

Looks likse : Black wavy long hair, brown eyes, Long leg, slim with curves

Crush : You decide

Hobbies : Studying, Practicing Wing-Chun Kungfu and chinese traditional spear, Visiting shrines but doing nothing.


Rookie : Kudamon

Champion : Reppamon

Ultimate : Chirinmon

Mega : Kentaurosmon

Mega : UltimateKhaosmon

Personality : Sweet, Shy, trying his best all the time, always trying to make Lin realize how wonderful life is, and last but not least, he's in love with Lin.


Name : Skylar Sullivan

Nickname : Sky

Age : 16

Birthdate : December 24

Personality : Extremely smart, easy-going, smiles all the time, optimist, also very tricky

Background : Living as an airplane engineer son, he had spend much time of his life in an airplane factory and air fields. he is the biggest fan of a cloudy sky. he lives together with his dad, because his mother is in an official duty to South Africa. his dad always teach him to be honest and to treat girls right. he is the best friend you can have.

Family : Dad, Mom

Crest : Composure

Clothing : simple cap, sky blue hoodie with a Blue slim fit T-shirt inside , Skinny Jeans, and black low converse.

Looks like : Pale blonde Fauxhawk style, brown eyes, 5'9 height, frickles, Ears pierce.

State : Atlanta

Crush : You Decide

Hobbies : Daydreaming in a top of a building

Digimon :

Rookie : Strabimon

Champion : KendoGarurumon

Ultimate : Beowulfmon

Mega : MagnaGarurumon

Mega : AncientGarurumon

Personality : a Rascal, oftenly doing stupid things, but he obey anything that Sky ask him.

Hope you like it
Shadowprincess22 chapter 1 . 5/6/2011
Name: Alexandria "Alex" Martinez

Age: 15

Birthdate: June 4

Peronality: loud, sporty, tomboyish, sarcastic, and very cunning.

Background: she lives with a foster family because when she was about 5 years old, her parents got arrested for selling drugs to durg dealers. She doesnt talk about her parents that much since that time now she called her foster parents her real family. She also sing and dance in her room when she's down or mad about something.

Family: her foster parnets and foster brothers. her real mom and dad

Crest: Compassion

Looks like: curly long black hair. Green eyes. she has glasses. 5'6" height, bellybutton pierce. she's skinny with a few curves on her and a little muscle on her.

State: Texas

Crush: Izzy Izumi (or any other guy oc if Izzy is taken)

Hobbies: reading, basketball, singing, dancing, punk music, and taking hikes in the woods.

Digimon: (i'm using my digimon oc-if that's ok)

Baby: babybirdmon

In Traning: birdmon

Rookie: Ravenmon

Chamapion: Phoniexmon (i know that Phoneixmon is Biyomon's mega form but i made this form a little differnt for Ravenmon's champion form)

Ulimate: Mega Phoneixmon

Mega: War Phoneixmon

Personality: Ravenmon tries to get Alex to be friends with the group but she dones't want too. He's very protective of ALex when she gets hurt or her feelings get crush.