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Snarky64 chapter 106 . 6/30
Oh Regulus. Oh Severus. Such terrible choices to make. :(

I really did enjoy the contrast between the two points of view, the dark tone of the discussion between Regulus and Snape, and the scene with Lily, lightened with some humour and a little action, but undertone of concern that we the readers suspect what Snape may have done. Super update.
Snarky64 chapter 105 . 6/30
Well, that's a bit worrying. I hope Regulus doesn't do anything foolish.

That's quite some prank the Marauders have pulled off. Everything? I doff my cap to them!

Little nod to our favourite map, there. (I like the little things like that you include.) It's great to see the beginnings of understanding between Sirius and Lily, too. Another enjoyable chapter.
Snarky64 chapter 104 . 6/30
"Somewhere out there, Lucius Malfoy was shaping the Wizarding world and securing his place in it, all while Severus was writing about beauty spells in Charms class."
"Life wasn't fair."

This seems just so very Snape-ish, I had to quote it. :) It's so telling that Snape tries to find some blame for Lily, and yet cannot help but defend her, albeit surreptitiously. Sets the tone, really, doesn't it.

"Tyrant. I'm plotting right now and this helps me plot."
Lily stared at him. "Running your hands through your hair helps you plot?"
"Yes, and I need to plot."
"I don't want you to plot."
"Too late. Already plotted."
Haha, I love this bit! I feel it shows their growing connection.

"Lily decided that she shouldn't add that, chances were, James would have jumped after a Quaffle if someone had hurled it over the edge of a cliff, broomstick or not. " And this - too funny.

A good chapter, nice character development - both light and dark.
Anonymous chapter 90 . 6/24
Reading this again, because once just wasn't enough, and waiting so eagerly for you to write the next one. I love your style, and how you understand each character. Things-trivial things and epic moments alike-make so much sense in this story. Please do update soon. Very soon.
Mia M.J chapter 106 . 6/22
You can't stop now. You can. Not. Stop. Now. I NEED to know what's gonna happen next you need to finish that story it's too good to let go please please please hear my telepathic pleas and prayers and post like 10 new chapters soon. Oh and if Lily could figure it all out and kick Snivelly's greasy arse proper that would obviously be a beautiful bonus. Just saying. I've rarely been so engrossed in a story before but it's like you understand it all, who they are and what they want and how things happened and we need a closure or it would be such a waste of your talents.
Me again chapter 1 . 6/21
I check this twice a day now, and get depressed everytime.
As a math student, I couldn't resist doing the math - at this rate it will take thirteen years from now to finish this one. It would be surprising if you were able to finish this one actually. 17 years is a lotta time to dedicate to one story. I don't know many authors who have done this.
I so wish we could go back to the every other day thing. I'd give almost anything. Want closure so bad now.
Anonymous chapter 26 . 6/21
Love your work. It's given me such pleasure. I wish updates could be more frequent. I literally can't wait. Thanks, thanks a lot. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/21
How often is this updated. when can i expect the next one.
Guest chapter 91 . 6/18
In chapter 91 when you introduce Amos, he's a ravenclaw not a hufflepuff.
iamthegoldensnitch chapter 106 . 6/18
God this story keeps getting better.
Just curious,will we ever get to see any drunk mauraders/Lily? Seems like that would be funny to read!
Also (I may have already asked this) but what are you planning to do with Lily's chapters after she dies? Will it become a fully Sev story,or will we ever revisit her(after Snape dies?) and see what she has to say to Sev after all this time?
Great job,thank you for updating and I wait eagerly for the next chapter! X
Mia M.J chapter 70 . 6/16
As someone who recently lost a parent with whom she had a really complicated relationship I think you've described the feeling quite accurately. Especially as he never got the chance to have an actual conversation with her. I mean once the person is gone, passed on, is when you realize you were still holding on somehow to a tiny little hope that one day you might get an explanation and to talk things out. Which will never come, now. It's like you're playing Cluedo and the person leaves with the cards in her pocket and you'll never finished the game and you need that closure but you will never get it and even if you learn to live with it eventually it's still there somewhere at the back of your mind and that's what you're trully doing, living with it. Not accepting it, not getting over it, but living with that thought always nagging you and the what-if's and what about and all those nasty little questions that rarely find an answer. As I've said already I do admire your understanding of the characters psychology and they're reactions, it's actually scary how accurate you are in that regard and I enjoy reading it
Mia M.J chapter 68 . 6/16
You're the first Sev / Lily story I ever read tbh and I must say I love it. I love it a lot, though I never liked those ones before and I think it's thanks to the very good quality of you're writing. There's a plausible and very thorough storyline here as well as a lot of character psychology and I admire the amount of work you've put in that story and how it payed off quite well. But the thing is - and I hope you won't get upset by his as it is only a matter of personal opinion - the more I read about Snape, the less I like him. I'm sorry if that's not what you were trying to achieve and I really hope you won't be disappointed because that's not where you're writing was headed but the fact is, Snape's character remains a power, blood-thirsty little prat who thinks the world owes him everything when he hasn't given out anything good. He tends to be quite stupid sometimes, when it comes to Lily, I don't even understand how he can think she will admire him for practicing dark magic and going after first years and muggle-borns alongside with a blood-thirsty dark wizard but that's another story. The fact is he doesn't have any goodness in his heart. He's selfish and self-centered and only craves power and to inspire fear. Respect, yes, but out of fear. We hear about James and Sirius being arrogant bastards who think they're so much better than everyone else but what about a 9-years-old Severus who looks down on Petunia because she's got no magic ? Hell, even Kreacher is better than Severus. Out of recognition he took it upon him to fight against Voldemort and protect the castle, after all the prejudice he's endured from the Black family in particular and wizards in general, he held on to his positive feelings towards Regulus and bravely fought. Severus love for Lily has only pushed him to try to get Lupin expelled for being a monster once every month and then bully her son. Beautiful, indeed. I simply don't understand how much people admire him and how Harry could name one of his son after him, I'd love to ask JK if I could, sure his years of spying on behalf of the Order should not go unnoticed but a full redemption ? That is totally undeserved if you ask me. Now I do hate Snape quite a lot but I must say you almost made me like him as a kid. Even with my strong feelings against him I do like the fact that in your story you can see from his point of view and understand how he came to think and act like he did. That doesn't make him more of a hero of less of a coward and a prejudiced arse in my opinion but he does seem more human and entitled to his mistakes so cheers for that. I'd say the biggest mistake he's ever made was not wanting to correct his mistakes and not wanting to see or acknowledge them. At 40 years old he was not even half the man James Potter and Sirius Black had grown to be at 20 and that is quite sad for him.
spff chapter 106 . 6/6
One of the best chapters so far I think! Or maybe I'm just once again overwhelmed by this fanfics brilliance after not reading it for a while! Either way, loved it. Oh yes, I just am slightly confused, because it seemed as though Severus was becoming suddenly regretful about Lily (remembering the Muffliato stuff, Always Always) then he goes and poisons James. I'm just not sure how that tied in with his emotions just moments before, as it seems strange to me - does he poison James because he feels it's his fault Lily is gone?
Karbear10 chapter 106 . 6/4
OMG, its so good! Poor James! I need to know what happens! Please! Update soon!
Christineoftheopera chapter 39 . 6/2
I would think Snapes bogart would be Lily dead.
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