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Bella chapter 1 . 10/3
Starting my monthly "Check for always update" Really pumped for this next chapter
TheCrimsonPen chapter 109 . 9/27
Alright, so I marathon read this whole fic, and I have to say that it is quite possibly the best Harry Potter story I've ever read; maybe the best fic ever. Your development of the relationship between James and Lily is so incredible that I am honestly trying to figure out if you are actually J.K. Rowling using a pen name. The (non-romantic) chemistry and connections between Severus and Lily are amazingly true to life; I am stunned. I nearly cried in the chapters following the Mudblood scene, and in a few of the ones leading up to it. Your voice is steady throughout the fic, yet you switch easily between the characters of Severus and Lily and portray both of them beautifully. Every word seems carefully chosen to better each chapter. you've clearly done your research into the Harry Potter universe as well, something I admire very much. If it were up to me, this would be canon.

I have just one question for you; do you have any original work published/posted anywhere? You have real talent, and I cannot wait to read more from you, especially in Always.

P.S. Tell your beta that she is doing a wonderful job as well! Being a beta is hard work, and although the story comes from you, it is clear from your ANs that she is a great help.

Please update soon!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/22
HPuni101 chapter 109 . 9/19
Absolutely beautiful. I re-read this story after taking a break from harry potter for a while and finally caught up on the new chapters that I missed. Your writing is amazing. You capture the characters so skillfully and the friendship between lily and severus is heartbreakingly beautiful. I hope that there will be more moments between lily and James to come, and that those moments become more intimate. I can't wait until she finally says yes. Sometimes I wish this wasn't the cannon tragedy and that there was a way for them to live. Please don't be absent for too long. All the best and happy writing.
East Coast Captain chapter 96 . 9/18
Snape is such a complicated character, so much self loathing, Lily was really the only person he let into his life that can be a scary thing. What's more tragic about that, she would have chosen him according to JKR, she would have eventually returned his feelings had what happened not happened.
East Coast Captain chapter 109 . 9/18
I always felt a connection to the Snape character in that I was bullied although I have a wonderful family, he's a character you want to win, to have a happy ending maybe find love again. Great chapter. In my opinion had James and Lily lived I think they all might have been friends, I would see the relationship between James and Snape turn into one of friendly rivalry having forgotten the past. I believe had James known about Snape's home life he might have been more sympathetic to him.

I had this idea for a oneshot where Snape admits to Lily and the Mauraders that he killed his parents out of self defense but felt nothing because they weren't his parents, they didn't act like it.
Kirana-Al chapter 109 . 9/16
As always, a master piece. I wonder if you had concidered becoming a profecional writer.
Any way what i really wish to know is if Lily and James are going to have chemestry soon, what will happen between Regulus and Snape and if Regulus going to regret soon or not.
Also if Lily will ever meet Jame's family.

Im still serious about translating to spanish.
Joy chapter 109 . 9/14
OMG! Please Update!
Fearlee chapter 109 . 9/13
This one made me happy . looking forward to more of your fantastic work!

Denise chapter 109 . 9/8
Okay, one more thing and then I'll stop my harassment: the amount people who have read your story and have come back wanting more (myself included) should be a positive indicator about your writing finesse/prowls/skill.
Guest chapter 109 . 9/8
Hi again!
I must say that the review from Lavender is spot on about what she says when she mentioned your book (I also happened to agree with everything else she put out in the review but that's beside the point). I truly do think that you are capable of being published. I'm not sure how much that means coming from me, seeing as I've never been published, I'm not entirely sure of how one goes about the process of the being published other than my romanticized idea that the authors talent is instantly recognized by everyone around them and they then get published.
What I can tell you is that I'm an avid reader. I absolutely love to read, especially good books. And some of the books that I've read, that have been published, aren't half as good as what you've put out here. You take the time to develope well thought out and complex characters, have the right balance between the tension/darkness and the light humor in your story telling. And your story developement builds up extremely well, every little detail counts.
I'm not sure that gives me any credibility to say that I think you have the potential to be published. I just know as a reader, this is what I look for in the books I read, and that you deliver these aspects.
What will make the book series that you're planning out (or have planned out?) is that the readers aren't aware of how it will inevitably end. Which is really great for you, that author, with the whole 'element of surprise' thing going for you.
It took JK Rowling 7 years if I remember correctly to work out all the details for Harry Potter. Time is all that's needed to create a masterpiece. And while the updates have been slow, the chapters posted have been that much better. I can only imagine what your book will be like as I can imagine you've put a lot of time and thought and care into it. I really do think you can do it.
Sorry for the massive response. I hope you are well. Also, I figure since this is my third time talking about your book to you, I figure I should give my name just so you know who your talking to. Or at least have a name to sort of imagine who your talking to.
So signing off, Denise (the person who showed up as Guest the last two times we spoke about your book).
Guest chapter 109 . 9/7
Wow ! I love the way you develop the story ! Love the Lily and James part ...Can't wait for the next chapter ... Keep up the good work
Karbear10 chapter 109 . 9/7
Hey, I'm Karbear10, just too lazy to log in at the moment. I really liked the chapter, especially Lily's half. Keep up the good work. Please update soon!
AwesomeSauce chapter 109 . 9/6
I love how you show the progression of James' maturity into the person Lily loves. But honestly, though, my favorite part was when Sirius asks Lily's father if they have a motorbike, and Remus' head sinks into his hands. :D
Lavender chapter 109 . 9/4
Also, will we see Lily make an appearance at Potter Manor?
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