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Guest chapter 119 . 4h
I really do hope you're okay and will continue this story once you have time. We miss your updates!
Guest chapter 119 . 4/20
Please update soon
Denise chapter 119 . 4/15
GAH! My deepest apologies for having not reviewed your chapters for these past couple of months. Life completely hijacked my every waking hour which is utterly and completely exhausting. Reading from the update in your bio, sounds like you might and idea or two as to what that is like.

Before I get into discussing the absolutely fantastic reading that you have provided us with with this story I would like to tell you about this bit of information that I've been sitting on for a little bit that might help you out in your process to becoming published. I do not know if you are at all familiar with Rick Riordan or not. However, he is another well published and sucessful young adult/children's author of the Percy Jackson series and someone I put on par with JK Rowling in my youth of reading (and current day too) as I am completely obsessed with the world that he created. (If you aren't familiar with him I would HIGHLY recommend picking up a book in his series.)

Anyways, all geeking aside, on his website, titled in his name, he has a Q&A on frequent questions as to the process of becoming a published author based on his experience and what information he has come across working with people who make a living in the publication industry. As someone who is also pursuing a career in writing I found the information incredibly interesting an informative, giving me some clarity as how to map out how I'm even suppose to go about trying to get published. I figured since you have been vocalizing your aspirations to become an author that looking over what he has to say might make the process more concrete for you as I dearly wish to see you succeed. Your work is fantastic. I hope you get a chance to look over what he has to say and find it helpful. And just click around on his website a bit, I think you'll find the thread under the handle frequently asked questions, but don't hold me to that.

I missed leaving reviews. It's like a little passionate, eclectic community that is going on here. I will continue on to my reviews of the past couple of chapters I missed tomorrow as I should be getting some sleep at the moment.

I hope all is good for you. Your writing is fantastic always. I'm still an enthusiast, just and enthusiast with less time on her hands.

Happy early Easter!
Guest chapter 119 . 4/14
Hoping for an update soon
Guest chapter 119 . 4/12
"Sobs" I need an update:(
Guest chapter 119 . 4/9
I have been checking this everyday for an update:(
Guest chapter 119 . 4/9
When are we going to get a new chapter?
Guest chapter 119 . 4/2
It's been more than two months, please update
Guest chapter 119 . 4/1
Patiently waiting for chapter 120
Guest chapter 119 . 3/31
Please update soon, I'm desperate for another chapter
Guest chapter 119 . 3/30
So sad to not see an update
Guest chapter 119 . 3/29
Please update, we haven't had a new chapter in ages
Guest chapter 119 . 3/21
Pls update soon it has almost been two months! I absolutely love your story. You have been very true to the characters and your development of them is amazing. I check almost every morning with my fingers crossed. You have an excellent talent! Pls don't keep us waiting much longer!
Guest chapter 119 . 3/15
Please update soon
Ginny chapter 119 . 3/11

I am very sad to see that you have discontinued your fan fiction. Please complete it as this is the best I have read to date. I just wanted to put ths request here to let you know.

Cheers. Stay blessed.
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