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Franklin chapter 116 . 1h
I loved this story. I have to admit that often I've been tempted to stop reading this story because it often borders on making very childish excuses for Snape's behavior. He was a racist, and his making excuses for one member of that race because he was attracted to them, doesn't stop him from being a racist. He was perfectly happy following Voldemort and was completely loyal to him until Lily was targeted. If anyone else had been targeted he wouldn't have care, that alone makes him evil. Then he was blackmailed into working for Dumbledore, he never switched sides.

It is also more than a little ironic, that while James and Sirius did indeed bully Snape, no one ever notes that it was Snape that first started the incident on the train first year, that he was at the very least as big a bully as they were and much of the reason James disliked him was his use of the Dark Arts which is a very good reason to dislike someone.

Because of this much of the fic reads like a mother trying to defend her serial killer son in the media. The James and Lily storyline tough as had a real depth to it and layer of nuance that have kept me reading regarding of the "Death Eater apologist" regarding Snape. Very good work.
lunatuna123 chapter 116 . 2h
ok first of all i just want to say that this chapter was posted the morning of my first day at school and it vastly improved my day, so thank you very much for that. my question is: are lily and sirius ever going to become closer than they are now? will there be an experience of some kind that brings either them or lily and all of the marauders closer together? thanks so much and keep up the AMAZING work.
Gayathri chapter 116 . 6h
Just amazing ! I love the way you move this story ! Now I can't wait for the next update ! Please please please update more frequently!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/21
Honestly and truly the best fictional character usage I have ever seen. Explores through the eyes of someone else and shows vulnerability and strength. And all time favorite.
Guest chapter 115 . 8/21
Looooovvvvveeee this!
Denise chapter 1 . 8/19
Just to let you you know I have every intention to sit down this evening and give you a proper review on this past chapter (brilliant chapter by the way) but I figured I'd leave you with this little tidbit till then because I feel like you need to hear (read) it:

I think it is absolutely fantastic that you are working hard on your book. It's absolutely pleases me to my rotten core that you are pursuing your passion for writing and giving it a shot. It means you are that much closer to having that dream a reality from those who dream about being a published writer but aren't doing anything to get there (although in my defense, I just haven't found a topic or idea that I can expand into a novel or series yet). I think that you keeping us up to date in you bio is one of the most considerate thing you as an author can do for us desperate readers who enjoy your work so much. Especially because it isn't a requirement that you have to do.

I also wish to express that while I like more frequent updates because that means I get to advance in your story more and more, I hope you never feel pressure to do more than you can manage at the time. Life is messy and chaotic and can ruin plans and that's okay. The fact that you communicate with us about where you are in updating this story if far beyond any other experience I've had with other authors on this site who seem to drop off the face of the planet from time to time, which they are fully entitled to do as are you. Although I, as a reader, am apreciative that you haven't.

What I am trying to say is that I appreciate that you continue to update this story at a steady pace, because I really enjoy reading it. I only hope you don't ever feel an added pressure from me to update more frequently then you can. I am more concerned with quality over quantity. I hope you are doing good and I will give my review of chapter 115 later this evening!
Me chapter 115 . 8/15
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update!

Guest chapter 109 . 8/12
Favorite chapter by far...
Guest chapter 91 . 8/12
Guest chapter 79 . 8/12
Was it Sirius as Padfoot?
Guest chapter 73 . 8/12
Love this chapter
Hermioneweasley101 chapter 107 . 8/11
I love the way lily introduced the name snuffles. when sirius was mad at lily I was traumatised because I has always imagined then to have a cute banter sort of relationship but now I think it has helped their relationship
HermyLuna2 chapter 28 . 7/31
I know I'm reviewing this in not really the right order, but this chapter really impressed me. The childlike innocence of Lily's and Severus's friendship was depicted greatly with the dancing scene and I also really liked that Lily thought Potter was as annoying as a cockroach and that he wanted to be her best friend. Very well written
Guest chapter 115 . 7/28
Great chapter
Guest chapter 115 . 7/27
I really love the way you've portrayed all your characters. This feels like it's been written by JKR herself. Also, none of the characters seem artificial, as compared to many other fanfics. They seem like real people. Please,please update more frequently! I check this everyday in hopes of a new chapter.
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