Reviews for Retroboy
Allronix chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
Don't Think - This version of Eva is officially creeping me out. I'm getting all kinds of abusive vibes from what little you've written. "Accidentally" hurting Jet in a "play" fight, being "hard" with him during sex, trying to wheedle secrets out of him, the way Jet's friends and family see her...she might just be nastier here than in-game!

Wonders - Yeah, Sam's got a hair-trigger temper. It does make me wonder about Jordan. And that does line up with what little we know of Jet. He seems to be the guy who stuffs down what he's feeling as to not make everyone else upset. In game, it was in deference to his grieving dad. In a fusion scenario, it's because his parents have their hands full and are on opposite coasts while he's trying to be there for his "cousin" and be the good boy as to not make it harder on everyone.

Escape - Did you swear a few blue streaks at 2.0's lightcycle games, too?

Swoon - Oh, yeah. Quorra delighting in video games and roller easy to picture. It kinda fits the idea that she just moves right in and becomes that little sister. Again, Eva is making my hair bristle.

Snow - Thank you for remembering that Mercury is vaguely creepy. She's definitely an ally, but she does demonstrate the Uncanny Valley, especially after the reformat.

Another World - Ah, yes. Elements from Ghost in the Machine here. Jet did not take the aftereffects well. Again, he's trying to stuff down his feelings as to not bother anyone (contrasting with Sam's tendency to lash out). That trait's going to bite him hard eventually...

Horse Power - Oh, NICE! Always wondered what that meeting would be like. Sorry, Jet, but your virtual brother's a Brainwashed and Crazy at the moment. Nice touch with Clu gleefully thinking Jet's too thick to tell the difference while Jet's trying to gather up his strength.

KDB - "A friend is someone who will bail you out of jail, but your Best Friend is the one sitting next to you saying 'That was awesome!'" My reaction to finding out Jet had to be bailed out of jail in-game was "$10 says Sam would be sitting with him in the holding cell..."

Dissolve - Oh, fond memories my my dad and his Harley. No, being on the back of a bike at the age of seven is kinda scary, but it's fun!

Pourquoi - I can totally see it. Alan wondering about safety, Lora more into getting a good view, and Jet being very laid-back about the whole thing.
Silvara chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
I think I'm in love with Jet, now. Gotta play TRON 2.0 *right now*! X)