Reviews for Bedtime Story
PrincessofPunk8 chapter 1 . 4/24/2013
What a sweet little bedtime story.

Of course Princess Adam's best features were his sweetness and his wonderful ass. :P Oops, sorry random princes. Daddy Jay says that you're not good enough for his pretty boy :P

Ooh a fight! Naughty villians, thinking that you're going to be able to take advantage of the Princess. *tuts* Don't you know that not all Princesses are helpless damsels in distress?

What a wonderful man Jeffy is, sacrificing his life for his brothers in arms. Oh, and wanting only the little reward of holding Addy in his arms.

What a brat that Princess is. Doesn't he know that when you're as pretty as him, everyone with a working dick gets hard?

Jay is such a wonderful King, looking after his brother and his rescuers.

*giggles* Matty, how you must genuinely enjoy being under Jay. I know everyone would love to be under Jay. :P

Aww, Jay! Loving Addy so much that he doesn't care about titles and land, just about making him as happy as he can. And Jeffy, how happy he is to be marrying the most beautiful Princess in all the lands.

Totally cute baby. You should write more adorable little shots :P
Sams Taz chapter 1 . 1/18/2012
Very very cute and well done. It had me smiling the entire time. *snicker* What a wonderful imagination you have!
takers dark lover chapter 1 . 5/9/2011
They made up songs about his ass. Well now that's one I haven't heard before. Enjoyed it very much good job.
Terrahfry chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
You posted this here! Yay! *snuggles* I dunno if I ever told you, but this is the sweetest thing anyone ever done for me. It honestly melted my heart when you told us this story on Twitter. & I remember how bad I was feeling that day. I'm not really used to anyone besides Shezles trying to console me. This made me love you even more (& I didn't think that was possible!)

"I make no money and own nothing in this story. Except me. And Terrah's soul. But that's it." Haha, yes. You do own my soul & there are reasons why. Your awesomeness being one of them _ (also, I do not regret it :P) & of course I do not mind. I treasure this dearly.

This is also my favorite fairytale (crackfic-ish or not) after all, it has Adam's ass being paid homage to (in song! XD!) and Adam being a beautiful princess. (eat it, Cinderella, lol)

"All of Princess Adam's loyal subjects praised his glorious ass, held banquets in its honor, and wrote epic songs of its beauty." That ass should be worshipped.

Aww, and of course our dear Princess Adam is a sweetie. That's one of the best parts of him. The perfect booty is just icing on the cake ;)

Ah, King Jay. Being ever the good Daddy & keeping the unworthy princes away from his princess. Daddy Jay sez no.

"Jay knew one day he would have to see his beloved brother married off to become queen of some other kingdom." Ah, Jay-Jay, it's hard to let them go.

Uh-ohes, the princess should know better to be out alone..

Northernmost Carolinia xD

And naturally one of them (my dear Jeffy) has his eyes on princess Adam. The world would not be right if he did not :P

"While his compatriots stole the jewels, he would steal the princess." Brilliant bargaining. Adam is greater than all the jewels and riches of this world.

And oh! With as much as I love Jeff kidnapping Adam and doing unspeakable things (which I often speak of in brutal detail ;D) to Adam, I LOVE Adam fighting back. & the hiking up the skirt bit makes me giggle. He means business now & he takes out the whole brigade... leaving him and Jeff, teehee :P

And, ooh, Adam's captivated... "But this man was trying to capture him, do who knew what dastardly things to him, and he couldn't be distracted." But would they really be that dastardly, Adam? Esp if you were willing? *smirk*

Aweh, poor princess Adam is tired..

& how quick Adam begs in his captor's clutches. Oh, yeah. I like him begging in those clutches *giggle*

AWWW, I love the way they are on the horse, esp with a bound Adam :P

"Never one to know when to shut up," He just wouldn't be our Adam if he did.

D'aww. How noble is Jeff? Giving up the princess to help his friends. *sniffle*

& have I mentioned Jeff holding him? *squee!*

*dies* Well, yes, Adam /would be/ intrigued by the hardness XDD

"Princess Adam, being the brat he was at heart, wondered what would happen if he moved his hands. He soon found out. By the time they got to the castle, both were flushed and slightly embarrassed." That wonderful brat, OMG! XD! That's my favorite part :P

& aweh, there's Adam being a sweetie. Helping Jeff & his friends. & I very much like Matt's position under King Jay. I bet he enjoyed it *snickers*

& Jeff, trying to prove himself worthy of Princess Adam. That's so sweet. & ah, Jay, our princess is smitten.

"Finally he could take the princess's moping no more and declared, "Fuck it! So what if Jeff has no lands of his own?" *cackles* I love a fairytale/bedtime story that has a King randomly saying "fuck it!" ;D

& my other favorite part! *squeals & claps excitedly* A happy ending for the prince & princess. You're the bestest King Jay!

*squeezes you tight* You don't know how grateful I was for this. I adore it & you so much. I continue to be glad I found you, you're a brilliant writer, no matter what you write, & truthfully, you've been the most awesome friend I've ever had. Thank you so much, Rhi. Love you!

ilzehs chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
Mind? Are you kidding me? Oh, my cure...How much I cherish your existence...If I didn't have you, where would I get my amusement dose from? & where would I get my Addy dose from as well? You, my love is amazing.

The recent roll you've been on is making me so delightful. Its astonishing how quickly you have become such a stand out name around this place. You can make me cringe in the war of emotions with your words, & then you can make me giggle like a 2 year old kid for being amused big time after having a horrid night of nightmares. I remember that night, & yes, I was so entertained by my mama's story, I saved it on my PC. I am so glad you decided to post it here. This definitely goes down in my books as my fav everest fairytale.

Oh, & baby, just the concept of Princess Adam makes me giddy with joy. He's truly as pretty as a princess, & thanks to Terrah, the image of Princess Adamlina (;P) is pretty clearly installed in my slashy mind.

*Giggles* I SOOO love how Adam's ass is the main glory here. Like it truly should be. That luscious & so so precious. Something of royalty standards. & Rhi, you compliment Adam almost as good as Terrah does. You two are just perfect with him. With as much shit's there is around containing our poor doll, you guys make up for it big time.

Fairest booty...hehe.

Just like its meant to be...To make yourself worth having a princess like Adam, its hard to find a good enough Prince. That behind just deserve so much honor & adoration.

Aww King Jay with his sweet Princess doll, Adam. I love this setting of the kingdom. & Jay as a king is pretty dang hawt.

I like how Jeff mind works here. Lure the fellow thieves with jewels, & steal the biggest jewel that would be precious Adam for himself. Smart man ;)

LMAO! That was the CUTEST thing ever! Adam hiking up his skirt & kicking ass...Lol! I love our princess bravery.

The image of Adam & Jeff riding on the horse with Jeff behind Adam & Adam all bound...Gawd...Just imagine it...If you don't go all AWWW kill me. Its just THAT cute. Jeff wanting to keep Princess for himself & in his arms...sweetness at its peak.

LOL the Princess is a little brat! I love it! He has all the qualities I love in him. & your drawing of Princess Adam is dancing before my eyes right now.

Jay's cockiness & love for his Princess melted me & Lol'ed me at the same time. Just so damn cute.

They can be jealous all they want but Princess Adam's luscious ass has been won over by Jeff fucking Hardy. Salute the man.

*Snuggles* I love you mommy. You tell me the best stories. & I love your Princess Adam so much. He's the prettiest of all the princess of the past & present.

This was just plain perfect. Thank you so much...You make me so happy.
YoominC16 chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
I loved this story. It was so funny. You had me lmao-ing all over the place. I like King Jay and Matt together, no wonder Matt loved serving him. Great crack fic