Reviews for She Moves In With Us
MAL-DaughterofChaos chapter 27 . 10/4
Well... Sandy...
Sonochu chapter 4 . 10/1
There's probably little point in me saying this as this story is around four years old, but I feel like I have to get this off my chest. While the story's great, I'm not a fan of the premise. Everyone does realize that the big moment Annabeth hates Percy for happened when they were six, right? Not only that, but he only ditched her for Luke once. Now it makes sense for her to be all passive aggressive with him ten years later? There was a time when I was ten where I neglected my best friend to hang out with another one of my friends, does that mean he should be a complete ass to me eight years later?
Next story make chapter 9 . 9/9
If u make another story. I don't want to see Percy so helpless or fallen in love. I want him to be ignoring her and kicking her out of the house.
Fuck u chapter 6 . 9/9
An abets seems spoiled. A best friend forgives each other stupid ass. So much drama cuz of that shit.
PEST chapter 9 . 9/4
Very angsty... love it!... as long as Percy and Annabeth get together in the end :D
Death-Seeker07 chapter 13 . 8/2
...Idk anymore. This story touched me more than it should've had. Great job, you made this little gothic emo cry once again

~Death-Seeker07 of Cabin 13
justinebner chapter 13 . 7/4
The Script.
If You Ever Come Back because no matter what he never loses hope.
iliveforbooks chapter 14 . 6/20
Could you tell me who sang the song in chapter 13 and the name of the song?
I liked it and really want to listen to it!
Also, I really love your story!
(Well...except for NicoxAnnabeth.
Guest chapter 12 . 4/19
Wtf you suck wheres the fluff
lalallalalallala chapter 27 . 3/25
You should change the genre to romance and humor... Other than that.. I absolute loved your story
aly chapter 27 . 12/24/2014
whew! that was a long chapter! but, i loved the story! 3
aly chapter 26 . 12/24/2014
0.0 confess already!
aly chapter 25 . 12/17/2014
that is so me! "what time is it?" "summertime!" :D
aly chapter 19 . 11/30/2014
WHAT?! u know, she might have just gone to visit family or something...
cali girl chapter 16 . 11/30/2014
love that song
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