Reviews for When i opened up my eye's
Kylahgk chapter 6 . 10/9/2011
I love it! Update soon!
feelingcowgirlish chapter 6 . 9/28/2011
Uh-oh sounds like Bella may be in for it now...Sam is going to be quite the drama mama
Analitica chapter 6 . 9/28/2011
omg this is getting so freaking awesome! i cannot wait to see more possessive sam and bonding with bella update soon loved the chapter
Kathy Hiester chapter 6 . 9/27/2011
Nice cliffhanger
Anonymousfanfic chapter 5 . 9/4/2011
This is great start, please update asap

If Leah really doesn't want Bella there because she dated a vampire, then she shouldn't have any problems not eating Bella's cooking. That also should go for the rest of them as well.

They wanted to meet her, or was that only an excuse Jacob made up? They all had to of own before now that she was the one that was dating a Cullen.

Isn't any of them curious about Bella's dream/s. (I know I am, always wondered about her dreams in the book. Wish the author went into detail on it along with her sensitivity to blood. I suppose it wasn't really important.)
LilyFlower62 chapter 5 . 9/2/2011
Oh come on. You had to leave it there didn't you? It's such a cliff hanger. I mean, what is Bella going to do at the cliffs? Jump or think? Will Victoria get her or will the wolves get there in time. And what will happen with Sam? Please update soon! I can't wait to find out.
together25x3 chapter 5 . 8/31/2011
Leah is such a BITCH! Please update soon, this is getting really good!
YankeeGirlNJ chapter 5 . 8/31/2011
Waitin' on Sam. Really dislike Leah.

Looked up a recipe for Monkey Bread. Seems interesting.
Kathy Hiester chapter 5 . 8/31/2011
Leah's a bitch! Great chapter! Love it!
natashar chapter 5 . 8/31/2011
love me some sam
RangerRainbow chapter 5 . 8/31/2011
DUMMM DUMMMMMM DUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Awesome story so far i cant wait for the next chapter!
nichole.smith chapter 5 . 8/30/2011
ohh this is good... can u inbox me when u Finnish next chapter?
feelingcowgirlish chapter 3 . 8/4/2011
Very cool! I loved them all declaring their love for Bella to get the recipe for/or bars made for them! Hilarious!
WolfDsHaBlAcK-MeRaZ670 chapter 3 . 6/28/2011
keep going!
misscullenvolturi chapter 3 . 6/26/2011
love it so far...thought it was embry/bella at the twist...plz update soon
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