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Ten-Faced chapter 15 . 8/21
Oops sorry for the late review.

Man, I have to give that warden credit. On one hand, he's got to be a little miffed that someone managed to break out of his jail, and yet he still manages to pay respect to Iroh instead of treating him rudely out of offended pride (of course, Iroh being who he is might have something to do with that, but still).

Haha the thought of Zuko practicing a line in front of a mirror so he can use it is so funny - and yet it really makes everything all the more realistic and lovely. I think I heard somewhere that kings and queens known for eloquent speeches practiced a lot in front of their mirrors, so it's really cool.
Peace215 chapter 15 . 8/19
(I'm too lazy to log in - I'll admit it)

I absolutely love this story. When I see it's been updated, I get so excited. You write detailed, well thought out points, and it all comes together beautifully. I also like seeing how after the death of Mai, birth of Roku, and Zuko's taking of the throne and everyone's involvement is going. Not to mention the actual plot of assassins is extremely interesting; I can't wait to see who it is.
Suki's treatment of Azula, to me, could've been much worse. I agree with what you depicted and then explained; like any victim, it's about getting their power back. Azula took Suki's - who is a strong, capable woman - and Suki's treatment was more for her, to prove she was still strong and capable and Azula didn't hold any power over her anymore. At first, the guard's attitude and doctor's expressed thoughts, bugged me. Because I could see WHY Suki was doing it. But when you tied it up last chapter, with more understanding, I felt better about it.
And I have to agree, Azula, was the best villain because of her psychotic personality; though the breakdown also made her three dimensional, and gave her more substance. I guess I liked her portrayed both ways! (the damaged little sister, or the villainous princess).
Great chapter, and great writing as always! Look forward to more!
Malicean chapter 15 . 8/15
How did I overlook that one? Decent post-war stories are thin enough on the ground and this one checks all the usual hallmarks of your writing - MUCH more thought put into different cultures (and resultant misunderstandings/prejudices-with-a-reason etc.) than the show itself ever had, an amazing wealth of world-building details (from the use of minstrels as propaganda tools to bento-boxes for the councillors (LOL!)), nice plot-twists and the much appreciated the-real-world-isn't-always-nice flavor.

Only thing that had me stumble for a moment: a casually thrown-in pedicure in an Upper Ring spa just after introducing foot-binding; I mean, sure, bound feet need regular, extremely thorough nail-trimming and a specialist foot-rub would probably be nice, too, but if that kind of establishment even knows how to deal with, ah, naturally grown feet ...?
Loveszuko chapter 15 . 8/15
I would love to see a scene where this Zuko, wiser, powerful and more compassionate, reunites with his old crew. They survived the north pole but were too ashamed to go back to the fire nation, so they are fishermen or something else now. I don't know why, but I think they should know what and who Zuko became.
airichan623 chapter 15 . 8/9
OOOooo yay! Update on my favorite story!

I predict Ember Island may be the site of Aang and Katara's impending break up. No real Zutara in the aftermath, though- I don't see them actually getting together as a couple in any way until Roku is at least 9 months old...

I predict the continuing plot will involve the onii of Ba Sing Se and Hokkano. Perhaps Ursa is somewhere on Hokkano and -ooh- maybe the assassins are in league with those imprisoning Ursa.

Love all your fics Kimberly-keep up the amazing work.
Aaliyah92 chapter 15 . 8/9
I've missed this story! And it was a good chapter, looking forward to reading about their ember island trip coming up!
HighValour chapter 15 . 8/8
Great chapter, as usual.

Thanks for writing it.
bhut chapter 15 . 8/8
This chapter is a mixed bag. The part with the dead children (and the families) was sad; the part with Ozai - creepy; the part with the box - mysterious; and the rest - very fun to read about. Thanks for updating the story so nicely!
Guest chapter 10 . 8/8
I'm surprised Aang was content to fly amidst a storm considering the last storm he encountered resulted in his hundred year long entrapment alongside his flying bison in an icy sphere on the sea floor.

His disappearance allowed the Fire Nation to declare war on the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes leading to the imprisonment of all of the water benders in the South Pole and resulted in the wholescale massacre of the air benders in a genocidal assault on the Air Temples during Sozin's Comet.

I would have thought he would be more nervous at the prospect of flying in adverse weather and would have thought that Appa would also be spooked by the thunder, lightning and strong winds and I'm curious as to whether he took Momo with him.
Samhain. Necropolis chapter 1 . 8/7
I don't know is other people reviewed this but, it's Ran and Shaw. Ran and Shaw.
Excellent Chapter anyways! :D
Boogum chapter 14 . 7/27
Finally got a chance to catch up with this story! I've been sick with a horrible virus, so what better way to pass the time than read fanfic, no?

Anyway, you really have done a good job with this story. All the character-building and detail that goes into your fics make the world seem so much more real, and that's crucial for a post-war fic like this. You introduce OCs without making them dominate or steal the show from the "mains" we're used to seeing/reading. A must for me, since I'm super picky about that kind of thing. Thank you for getting the balance right!

I'm a huge sucker for Papa Zuko, as you've probably realised since I wax lyrical about Mismatched in my reviews and to anyone who can tolerate my gushing, so I was always going to love the way you portray Zuko in this story. Of course, he is very different to Mismatched's Zuko. This Zuko is more paranoid, more protective, and uses Roku as a comfort as much as he loves Roku as a son (for obvious reasons). It's really quite interesting how you tell so much about Zuko's coping mechanisms through the way he interacts with Roku. Poor guy.

I also appreciate that you have not rushed into the Zutara stuff. We get lovely friendship moments, yes, but it's a subtle development - and that's the best thing about it. I love Zutara, don't get me wrong, but I would be cringing and banging my head against the wall if those two started doing anything remotely romantic at this point in the story. It hasn't been that long since Zuko lost Mai, and while I do think he could easily fall in love with Katara if he allowed himself, I don't think he /would/ right now - nor would she. They're both very loyal and "proper" in that sense. I suspect they would create more barriers for their potential relationship just being themselves than from any outside inteference.

Anyway, I mentioned this sort of, but I love how you build up the other characters. Suki really shines in this story, and I love your inventive Sokka getting to show his stuff as well. The Dai Li agents are all well-rounded characters, as are the starred Fire Nation soldiers. I especially like Hoshi and Phan, who feature in this particular chapter.

Which brings me to my specific review. Geez, Hizem was a creeper. I'm not sad to see him go, though it looks like they have lost another 'trail' that could have led them to the big boss dude behind all these assassination attempts. I'm very happy Suki, Hoshi and Phan were able to get out of that sticky situation, though. I have a soft spot for those three and hate seeing characters I like get hurt. I was really worried when you had Sokka get hit earlier in the chapter (my brain literally did a 'NOT SOKKA!' scream), but then he was fine and I was able to breathe again. Loved the bit about all the Fire Nation trying to get seal jerky to him, lol.

But back to the review. So that scene with Azula gave me mixed feelings. On one hand, I was like 'no, this is really bad and really wrong' when Suki did what she did to Azula at the asylum. However, at the same time, Azula was a cruel person who did cruel things and really impacted Suki (as you demonstrated), so I felt some understanding for why Suki thought she needed to do what she did. I'm not sure if, even now, I can say whether I think it was a justifiable thing or not. Understandable, yes, but justifiable? Maybe not. And I guess that's the point. Azula was and is a horrible person. She suffered a mental breakdown and is unhinged, but she's still dangerous and that doesn't change what she has done to others during the war. Suki was a victim who has every reason to want to 'conquer' her demon and prove that she is not scared anymore, and that was her way of doing it.

I guess, while one part of me wants to say 'it's not right to beat someone down who is mentally unstable, let alone "defeated", it's also easy for me to say that sitting in my comfy bed. I guess Hoshi realises that as well, as did Zuko. It might not be "right", but it happened regardless. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this now ... um. Thanks for making me think? lol

Anyway, this review probably makes no sense cause I'm half asleep and just writing whatever comes to my head, but I hope you got something coherent from my comments, haha. I understand it's not easy to juggle lots of fanfics (not to mention fandoms), but I do look forward to whenever you update this fic. :)
ZukoWithHair chapter 9 . 6/30
It's three in the morning and I'm still reading. That probably tells you something.
The King in White chapter 14 . 5/19
It's been so long since I had the chance to read this, and so much has happened...

Excellent. I haven't seen this since you first wrote about Mai dying and Toph assigning Dai Li guards. Seeing how it developed is just great. I'll admit to some impatience regarding the Zutara stuff, but sloooooooooooooooowburn is what we should expect. Zuko did really love Mai, and him jumping straight to Katara would be unfair and unrealistic. So you're doing quite well to give him points where he notices her beauty, but overall is quite platonic.

What I am anxiously waiting is the inevitable blowup between Katara and Aang. They have very, very different expectations about when and how parenthood would happen, and from day one there's an undercurrent of Katara feeling more like she's supposed to be with Aang rather than wants to be. It'll be so delicious when she finally finds out what his expectations are and is unable to deal with them.
Lily Dragon chapter 14 . 5/11
And so I reach the end of the chapters you've written so far... (and no, it didn't take long, even though I'm supposed to be writing my final essay to graduate. Oh Gods, the procastination. This is kind of a testament of how good your story is - work threatening good is definitely a thing. I've been reading lots of your stories, and really fell in love with your universe as a whole.

In this particular story, you made the near-impossible happen: make Zuko and Mai not seem impossible. It makes sense for them to be together, given their history, but they would proceed to make each other completely miserable... But you built the story in such a way that really makes them work realistically, with their limitations and all... Even if I believe that Zuko couldn't mantain his "worshipping boyfriend" act over the years, and that Zuko's quirky habits go from endearing to irritating and make Mai go cold... (and kudos for kinky knife-throwing sex!). But the context made it all so sweet! So sweet that you seem to have quite a task ahead of you if you plan on turning it into a Zutara... I mean, Katara and Zuko didn't have even the slightest bit of tension while he was with Mai, and right now, it seems like the build up will have to be very, very slow for them to have anything meaningful. Sure, there was the "He looked at her with longing at the WAT" and thinking she was pretty with big breasts, but this is not enough for them to craft up a romance from this really tense situation. You have a really though challenge ahead of you, because you set the stage for something developing out of nothing, because the hints that you gave so far are consistent with a passing fancy, and not something deeper. Just like looking at a friend and "oh, and he's kinda hot"... She's already mothering his child, but as it is, them getting together in this situation would look a lot more like "settling down", and a lot less like a great, odd-defying love story...
I'm really looking forward to what you have in store!
Lily Dragon chapter 12 . 5/11
I usually only review in the end (or last written chapter) of a story I am reading, but I just had to comment before finishing it all: you are just brilliant for bringing up all those issues within the Avatar world!

What many people (such as some reviewers of yours) might not understand is that those political issues are always there on the background, whether we choose to acknoledge them or not. The "you make it all about gender/ homophobia / sexual identity issues/ social justice issues / racism" comes, in my opinion, from people that feel comfortabl with the status quo and not having all those issues questioned. Fiction can be a great way of mantaining oppressive systems by making it normal to see the world through a lense that simply ignores all of it - and also a powerful tool for change when it makes people think about it, and compare all those fictional universes to the one we are currently living in...

So thank you, thank you for writing a great story in which the Avatar world is filled with the consequences of colonialism, faces culture shocks and people really have to face the consequences of their actions.

In another note, I guess the second culture shock has to do with Air Nomad child rearing methods and Katara... Aang is assuming Katara's stint as a wet nurse will prepare her to his habit of leaving the children after they're weaned, while Katara is seing this as a practise at motherhood in her own terms ( I imagine water tribe women carrying their children with them everywhere on slings when they're little, even when working outside, with their babies under their furs. I imagine they would only ge ttheir children out of their sights when they were old enough to start doing chores on their own, or started a schooling of some sort... And Aang's attitude towards the baby shows that Air Nomads, of course, value their freedom above all else, even freedom from children. I guess the big fallout is comming, and it's just a matter of time before those sensitive matters become an issue, probably prompting a breakup. (It would just make so much more sense if Aang had 10 or so Air Accolyte wives... He is trying to repopulate an entire race, and doing so with just one woman would cause serious genetic issues, in my oppinion...

Anyway. It's a great story, and I'm also happy to see it has been updated this year. I really appreciate that you keep writing, even with so many difficulties and challenges in RL (from the little that I can see from your author's notes), and I really hope you find the inspiration and time to write some more!
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