Reviews for Pictures
Terrahfry chapter 1 . 5/29/2011
This is cute. I've kept awwing at it. It's simple & sweet which I like a lot, but it's also a very sweet plot. & it seems so real. Who hasn't went thru old pics & smiled sadly at their memories?

It's sad that Randy started to change. Adam seemed so happy w/ him & was probably confused by it. Makes one wonder why Randy changed. Adam's so precious. He craves for attention & closeness & he does deserve it. It's sad that he felt like he deserved to not have it b/c of the way Randy was acting. Randy wasn't abusive, but sometimes people just grow apart in relationships.

& I like that. Adam liking to be touched in anyway. He seems like the touchy-feely type ;P & of course, Jay-Jay's a source of contact. And a terrific one at that.

No one can resist Adam's pout, if they can they are cold-hearted. Baby wants ice cream, he gets ice cream.

Haha, I like stalking better than following too ;D

D'aww, Jeffy *giggles* Of course he treats Adam like a prince. I like when Jeff treats Adam good. I love when they're sweet. & when Jeff is a gentleman. It was sweet that he told him he didn't want him to forget what he had w/ Randy. He knows how important it was to him. Jeff understands. & they're moving in together! AWWWW! & yus, I agree w/ Rhi; Judy is always right :P

Thank you for writing all these. I've needed to get some sweet Jedam & Adam & just stuff to make me go aww. Thank you, I love it, xD.

Rhiannamator chapter 1 . 5/10/2011
Oh, this was such a sweet little story! I don't know what he was going through, but Randy was a fool for making Adam feel unloved. Adam is precious, he needs affection. He's such a warm, friendly guy. It just broke my heart when he thought h deserved to be treated that way. I'm glad Jay was there for him. I loved his relationship with Jay here. Haha, even back then Adam was wheedling Jeff for ice cream. & i defy anyone to resist that pout. I love that Jeff dotes on him & treats him as he should be. And that he called him "Adds"! Jeff's special little nick for him. & it's wonderful that he doesn't want him to forget Randy, that he accepts him as part of his beloved's life. I encourage you to keep writing. More Jedam love by ppl who respect Jedam is so welcome. Thank you! Oh, and one more thing...

Judy is always right. ;D
ilzehs chapter 1 . 5/8/2011
Its a very good sign that finally people are starting to see Edge in the right light & there are more people writing him in a way where the characterization could be logical. & definitely the credit goes to the likes of Rhi & Terrah. They have been wonderful inspirations, specially for Jedam fans.

Christian, Randy, Jeff...Edge official owners in our fantasy world. Yes, with us, its always Jedam, Redge or E&C. But it has to be done right. & thankfully, this was done right.

I appreciate you writing Adam like he should be written. He's a precious doll who should be cherished like a prince. I enjoyed the taste of all three pairings equally. The Redge presented was bitter/sweet. Randy is a hard man to understand, & Adam is needed to be handled with alot of care & gentleness. & I like how you connected your Adam to the real Adam, who's a very touchy feely kind of guy. Christian is always Adam's shoulder to cry on. Whenever Adam has troubles, he has to run to Jay so Jay could pet him & buy him ice cream.

& lastly, I loved Jeff & Adam's relationship here. Jeff sounds like a gentleman. Adam's heart is finally in safe hands. & I can't stress it enough, Adam deserve to be cherished head to toe. Anyone who gets him is a lucky stud so they better not fuck it up.

This was very sweet. Characterization was wonderful, & I'm glad Adam was written for Adam.
kiki254 chapter 1 . 5/8/2011
Great chapter