Reviews for Part of My World
Shattered Deception chapter 1 . 7/11/2014
Made me tear up thinking of my own mom... You did well for such a short fic! I really enjoyed reading this... :) Very cute
Guest chapter 1 . 8/4/2013
Gogeta said it while fighting janemba
Charismatic Beauty chapter 1 . 4/30/2013
ha ha how cute! that was very sweet. Gohan really loves and respects his mother despite how difficult she it...
Luna Bluu chapter 1 . 8/21/2011
I have no who said it. But I know that I love this story!
dbzqueens chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Great Mother's day story! It's going on my favorites list! :D
Vaccant Account chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
Aww Chichi was always that voice and pain inside my head.
Shankerdoodle chapter 1 . 5/12/2011
Gogeta said this
MB angel chapter 1 . 5/10/2011
Knowing me, when I become a mother one day, I'll be crying like crazy at my childs wedding! Cute one- shot it was adorable. And probably the only Mothers day related fic on the site, a day lateor not.

Ohhh, evil Goten. Run Gohan, run!
bvprincess23 chapter 1 . 5/10/2011
Awwww. That was smart, a mothers day thing. How cute, little Gohan grew up *sniffle*. But reaally Goten? Was that necessary? You do realize its mainly for you now? Good luck to them with that Frying Pan!
Do Delete This Account chapter 1 . 5/9/2011
It's great to see a Mother's Day fic out here. It was a sweet one, too...