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Noctus Of The Thousand Blades chapter 3 . 12/16/2016
uh, in some places we start high school at 13, and it lasts from grade 8-12. so in some places, the high school is actually the correct answer.
Guest chapter 21 . 8/9/2016
What the the hell, you should have chosen alphamon instead of dorugoramon, its a black knight that can fuse with owryumon (Ryudamon mega form) to become alphamon ouryuken (it's a black Gallantmon Crimson Mode with a giant sword).
Masterx01 chapter 2 . 7/28/2016
Man this fic is like a swiss cheese, full of holes.

You dont really can expect that everything will be that easy, following the others unrealistics actions of Naruto and some fortunate coincidences(again what is this? Kingdom Hearts and it's universaly acepted money? last time i see Japan used Yen and in Naruto i think that is Ryo or something like that... and that without saying that the money usualy have imprints of the important people of the land so, the japanese money will have bills with the face of some Prime Ministers or the emperors and Naruto money will have the face some ramdon Daimyo of the elementals nations... nobody will note the diference *deadpan face*) in the last chapter, this one doesnt look too much better.

In what nowadays(and some decade ago also) School the principal will let someone apply for his school without any identification papers of any sort? and he doesnt even ask for the parents or any figure in charge of Naruto?(not that he have one but the principal doesnt know that) Again very unrealistic...

Naruto having 85 of 100 in the exam... unrealistic... again. We are talking about diferents dimension. In one the kids are instructed about generals knowledge in many diferents subjects for the future years and in another they mostly show things relate to the shinobi lifestyle that isnt diferent to some sort militaristic army. I really doubt that even the 50% of the curriculum is the same. And again, you can resolve that if you put one of the sovereings to give Naruto this info alongside the info necesary to operate with the same comon sense of the people of Shinjuku. In Fate/Stay Night the creators of the Grail System put a directive in it that was tasked with the duty of fill the Servants with the general knowledge about the Era(both sides, magic and tecnology) in witch were called, that was made to prevent any sort of cultural shock that ultimately would have cripple their power because you cant expect that they would be fine after being called from who know how many centuries or millenius ago to the present and they would be nonchalant about it like if were nothing. If the things werent like that i can imagine the huge headache that the Masters will have dealing with their Servants... Now talking again about this fic, this Naruto is way to composed(like i say before) for a person without prior knowledge about this dimention and that came from a place were the buildings are made mostly of stone and wood and hardly reach more of 2 or 3 floors to a place where the buildings are towering behemots made of stone, metal and glass, here the nights are pretty well iluminated and... ive mentioned about cars? In Naruto the most advanced mean of transportation is a train(that if you took the princess rescue movie as canon) and here the cars are practicaly everywhere and Naruto doesnt have mentioned a thing about it, not even once.

I know that with some time any dimentional traveler can adapt to the strange things around him but this Naruto only have around one day in this dimension and he is moving like a native of that dimension knowiing averything he should know about it, comon sense included.

About the first chapter you could have put the hidden bad guy to control or influence the minds of the council to cause the banishment of Naruto and that way close that plot hole with Danzo, that is if this doesnt cause some problems later...

Also some Naruto lines and actions feels strange, out of place. Why Naruto would want to see Takato the son of the owners of some ramdon bakery? He is a tamer right, but Naruto doesnt know that yet, so he doesnt have any motive to befriend some ramdon kid of some ramdon place, in the school maybe but here? that just feels strange and forced. And why were the shadow clones outside the departament? you know that they all have keys to unlock the door, they are all copies of Naruto down to the objects even. btw Naruto-sama?... talking about bizzare things. The clones saying 'Ok, Boss' or something like that is way better(althought is just personal opinion dont mind much into it).

And chakra is a Narutoverse energy only. Humans from digimonverse doesnt have it.

Now... talking about unrealistic things on the Narutoverse side... i can let pass that Naruto know some wind jutsus but the mind walking jutsus?

*sigh* When i first saw the title it called my atention as something that may be interesting... Now i cant really say that i want to keep reading, this fic is full of plot holes and logic flaws, Naruto is stronger than any other human by his own and now have Kurama as a teacher teaching him and Dorumon who knows what (that sounds alot like the 'Hashirama cells' only this would be more like 'something that i need' jutsu) for 3 years in his own poket Chamber of Time(DBZ). Thing that put another plot hole in this cheese... you know how much a cheat is this thing? How Naruto wasnt kage lvl ninjutsu specialist is beyond me... While he cant train his body, he can train his chakra control basic, elemental and jutsus in this space because all forms of chakra control are a mental thing, you only need to know how to do it and you do it. Here in this space Naruto could have practice his jutsus until master all of them and even practice the wind manipulation excercise until get it down and even create some new jutsus and with Kurama he could have learn also fuinjutsu... How even Sasuke give him all that damage i dont know but from my perspective Naruto should have destroy him even before of reach the curse seal phase 2 with some B rank jutsus and shadow clones, that would have cause a nicely big AoE attack that would have put Sasuke into the grinder... Even C-rank ninjutsus would have been dangerous in the hands of Naruto and his shadow clones even more if he overcharge them... he almost have kage lvl chakra reserves, with the kyubi he would have enough chakra to spam B-rank ninjutsus like there isnt tomorrow and keep going as if were nothing...

Well, thats it.
Masterx01 chapter 1 . 7/27/2016
uhmmm this is the second time that ive seen the 'banishment' plot device card used in this manner with the council, tsunade, jiraiya and etc. And have to say that it was way better handed that the another one i see, good job with that.

Now, i would like to see another big boss/hidden antagonist/shadow schemer than lucemon... really, fanfiction and all but i dont like to see anything that is related to the devil D:

Also there is a problem here... this Naruto is way to composed for someone jumping dimension, i dont say that he has to freakout because all those strange things around but he show way too little reactions to it... The other problem is that Naruto doesnt know a thing about the human world of this dimention but he acts like he is just moving from a country to another knowing where to seek to know where to go when a i really doubt that in the Naruto verser the Newspaper even exist or if this even have the info about apartaments and the school thing is other imposibility that no matter how you see he shouldn't have the comon sense nor knowledge to reach that conclusion that easily with kyubi or not(and he doesnt have any comon sense about this human world either)... last thing, sure its convenient that even when he is in another dimension the money that they use in the shinobi world and the D. Tamers world is the same... Man... what is this? Kingdom Hearts? thats doesnt make anysense. About the second point you could have included in the info that the sovereing give Naruto something about the human world and this point will be cover and in the last one you could have put the sovereing to give Naruto some money in whatever way you like and quit the 'act scene' to cut the price in half.
The awesome reviewer 112 chapter 1 . 5/26/2016
Okay... WTF? was my reaction to this chapter.
First, a complete OOC of Danzo which would be fucking impossible.
Danzo is the leader of ROOT even if he was all for banishing Naruto he would have at least made sure the Kyuubi stayed in Konoha.
Secondly, Tsunad's characterization. Where does it say the council has the right to banish anyone. Its funny that the civilian council has an input in shinobi matters. Also if Tsunade could stop them from trying to make Sasuke a shinobi why didnt she stop Naruto's banishment. Or even better why didnt the council 'vote' to make Sasuke a shinobi.
This chapter was riddled wirth holes i couldnt even read ahead. I just had to read and see if this story was as good as Dragonslayer but i have to say it pales in comparison.
Anyways good luck in your writing. Enjoying the others though...
Ryujin Hakuto chapter 26 . 4/29/2016
well the cerberus is kinda good but don't bash me for this cause I think u got the saying wrong its supposed to be "respect is earned not given" not respect is earned not gained
bjh93jwh chapter 29 . 4/16/2016
I really liked how you ended the fight in this chapter.
bjh93jwh chapter 30 . 4/16/2016
I really really liked the story.
Ryujin Hakuto chapter 12 . 3/28/2016
hey can u make a sequel of this it is quite interesting so please do
luckmaster1 chapter 30 . 3/7/2016
Hope one day this become a reading story
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 3/6/2016
Great chapter
DDS UzuKazu chapter 11 . 12/24/2015
That creepy ass Yamaki was spying on Dorumon and Gatomon snog... the fuck?

That is just disturbing... (shrudders) The fact they are furries makes it THAT much creeper...bleh

FROM: Diamond Dragon Slayer, Uzumaki Kazuma.
DDS UzuKazu chapter 8 . 12/24/2015
Does that mean... no Alphamon? Waaaaaaaaaa!

From:Diamond Dragon Slayer, Uzumaki Kazuma.
DDS UzuKazu chapter 7 . 12/24/2015
Yes! Finaly! I have been trying to figure out which path Dorumon will take, rather its normal path or the one that leads to Alphamon. And it looks like you are leaning towards Alphamon, but the champion that leads to Alphamon is not nearly as cool as Dorumon's normal champion... :(

From: Diamond Dragon Slayer, Uzumaki Kazuma.
DDS UzuKazu chapter 6 . 12/24/2015

*SIGH* I remember that scene... when Omnimon beat all of the Diaboromon with Supreme Canon and Transcendent Sword, I would always jump up and down with excitement, thinking that Omnimon was the coolest thing to ever exist in all of history. Hehe, I thank you for bringing that memory back, I haven't seen the Digimon home movie in... 6/7 years, I think hehe, god I make it sound like I'm a old man. I'm only a teenager but it feels like forever ago... thank you, again

From:Diamond Dragon Slayer, Uzumaki Kazuma.
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