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Guest22079 chapter 10 . 4/22/2019
Great chapter! Also, it is sad to see you go. I had a wonderful time reading and getting to know your version of the story.
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 9 . 3/25/2019
Keima and Elsie are back together... and absolutely nothing changes. The status quo is strong in this one.

I think that is about all I have to say about this chapter, so now about the story in general... I actually quite enjoyed it, and I think it was well written, grammar and spelling wise. It's also complete, which is definitely something I can't say about a lot of the stuff I write.

The story that you were trying to tell was quite a compelling one, and I think if the story was longer and a bit better thought out, it could have been great.

I know I don't really have any right to complain, considering I'm a reader and I'm just grateful to have a decent story on this site, but I did have a few gripes with this story.

Keima is way too cold. He didn't learn how to be nicer since he got Elsie possessed. Other than Elsie, most of the characters are one-note. How the hell did the 2-B Pencils react when Elsie disappeared without a trace? Elsie said that she was in love with Keima, yet since she got back, she was just content being back at his side. You added Alice to the story, but what did she actually do? I think I learned more about her lazy buddy than her.

For me, when I read a story of more than a few chapters, I want to see some character development or at least for something to have changed, but other than the loose spirit squad disbanding (did it even matter that she became district manager?) and the spirit search being over, did anything change in this story?

It's up to you how you want to write the story, and I was ultimately happy reading it. I think you attempted some interesting things, but I think that you could have gone deeper in exploring that and if you wanted to make some running gags - like the one with Dokurou scaring everyone - make it pay off in some interesting way... like someone spilling tea on her or something.

I'm sorry if this review gives the impression that I'm elitist and that I didn't enjoy your story, but I really did, and I just want to give you my feedback to help you improve. You can ignore this if you want... you can also send me a PM if you want to hear more.

I think that you're a good writer, and you've written a lot, judging by your fanfiction page. I'll probably check out your story from Haqua's side too. Keep up the good work. :)
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 8 . 3/25/2019
"Why did all the heavy ingredients have to be run out right now and at the same time?" This line made me snort. It kinda makes me feel like you're poking fun at the story and setting up something for the last chapter with the rice and potatoes.

Though we're setting up for the happy ending. Elsie and Haqua can come back to earth, although they can't use as much magic as before... poor Elsie won't be able to make her weird recipes anymore. Keima should at least be happy about that :)
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 7 . 3/25/2019
Ok, I have a lot to say about this chapter, but I think that this is more about the overarching story, so I'll leave a longer review for chapter 9 where I'll just evaluate the story as a whole.

I'm glad that Nora got her just desserts and stopped being a district manager, and it was the logical direction that Elsie would take up that position. The issue is that Elsie is being praised for creating a strategy which the loose spirit squad can capture high-level spirits... is that strategy to let the spirit possess yourself? To have everyone surround the spirit? Was everyone even there, coz I only got that Haqua and Nora were in the area, and I have no clue who even captured it... or how coz a Level 4 spirit literally broke Elsie's container in the manga.

Though I dunno... it still doesn't feel like Elsie got liberated from the spirit... she still only felt like she stopped being a failure after she became a district manager, and she didn't even understand why she got the position, coz Haqua didn't tell her that she'd gotten possessed. For all Elsie knew, maybe she just got the position by default, coz Nora screwed up. That isn't a particular 'zero to hero' story for her.

Oh, and there's a new character, Alice. I wonder if you'll do anything further with her, coz the story seems to be wrapping up now.
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 6 . 3/25/2019
Well, that de-escalated quickly... and this might be the first time I've ever said it.

Honestly, I wish that this capture could have taken a bit longer... most of this chapter was Keima and Haqua talking about what to do while Elsie patiently waits and doesn't destroy everything in her path. And Keima didn't even need to kiss Elsie to remove the spirit which is amongst the strongest that exist. Considering that Elsie is in love with Keima and I don't even know how honest he was being there (I mean, he didn't even seem that bummed that Elsie had to leave at the end of it).

Though I was happy to at least be right about Nora releasing the spirit. Hopefully, there are repercussions to that.
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 5 . 3/24/2019
Ah, that figures... Haqua has been possessed already, and now it's Elsie's turn... and of course, Keima will be the one to rescue it and her. It's too bad, coz I would have liked to see Elsie take charge and capture it on her own...

Though technically, she could still do it and save herself from her inner insecurities and inferiority complex. I also don't really know what to make of Nora's and Keima's words... that doesn't really seem like Keima to be that cold to her after he realised that he wouldn't see her again because the contract is over. I wonder if she was hallucinating all that, and the loose spirit possessed her coz she had a gap in her heart since she left Keima.
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 4 . 3/24/2019
Oh wow, we're nearing the climax already... that kinda quick story-telling is something I could probably learn from.

While I feel bad for Elsie, I wonder what is going on in the human world with Keima... does he miss Elsie too? Could it be possible that he loves Elsie? In any case, the story seems to be complete and Keima and Elsie are the pairing, so I guess I'll have to see where it goes.

As for the black-clothed demon... I'm betting it's Nora, coz she's the only one that's salty that Elsie won... though setting up a level 5 loose spirit... that's gonna be interesting. I can't wait to see what havoc that'll wreak. :)
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 3 . 3/24/2019
Poor Elsie... I really feel for her this chapter. She misses Keima, and now she has to do public speaking. I know Elsie is much more extroverted than I am, but I'd be pretty bummed too...

But I digress. Haqua's caught wind that Elsie isn't herself, and she's gonna find out why... though her missing Keima wouldn't really be a surprise to anyone.
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 2 . 3/24/2019
Oh my gosh, a decent sized chapter. I've completely forgotten how to write one of those :P

So Elsie is saying her silent goodbyes, and we get more of a feel of where this fits in canon... this could well be an alternate ending for the manga... though I'm especially surprised that Elsie left without a proper goodbye, even though she seems to think of Keima more than a brother. And there's also the matter of the collar...

It makes sense why you would go in this route though... Keima wished for peace and quiet, and he'll get it now... I just wonder how he'll like it.
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 1 . 3/24/2019
I've been seeing this on the page lately, but I finally got down to reading it, and I'm really glad I did.

It's a charming story which really feels like it could be from the anime, from Keima being insensitive to Elsie and Haqua, and Haqua being a complete tsundere... it feels really nostalgic, somehow.

I also really like the current build-up of the plot, with the contract being over legitimately (how the manga could have possibly ended) and Elsie having to return to Hell. I look forward to continuing this.
xellos540 chapter 9 . 3/13/2019

I'm glad to see that some old stories are still being continued sometimes, so thank you for updating this. Also sorry I never reviewed this before, but at least I can do it now.

We rarely get stories centered around Keima and Elsie alone, especially with romantic undertones, so I'm certainly not complaining about that.

Too bad Rimyuel didn't appear as Elsie's sister, but I understand the story was written before Rimyuel's revealation in the manga.

I always like settings in which Elsie gets possessed due to a gap in her heart caused by Keima. I was surprised the thing with Elsie's spirit was resolved so quickly. Also, I'm not sure where the story stands by the ending. I mean Elsie admitted she likes Keima romantically, right? It'd be nice to see how it develops from here and what would happen with Keima. Because now I'm a little confused: was it that Keima just couldn't play games without Elsie and he's going back to the habit now or is he actually "stopping" long term?

Of course, there's also a thing with Haqua, your story does not go much into her feelings for Keima, mostly for Yukie, but I guess we'll see in the other story.

Also, very surprised that Nora was the one who let the spirit our (od did I understand it wrong?). Wonder what they did with her after that.

Anyway, thank you for posting this and I wish you much luck on your other story. I'm always happy to see stories being posted on this fandom.

Guest22079 chapter 9 . 3/11/2019
(1) I don't think anyone expected this story to update and so didn't bother asking for updates
(2) 8411zee asked for updates, so there was at least 1 person asking for updates

Actual review:
I had to reread the whole thing because it been so long since I last read this story, but I enjoyed it. The reunion between Elsie and Keima was the highlight of the past 2 chapter. Also, you called the ending remarkably well, considering Elsie basically reincarnated with most of her magic and appearance in the end. The only thing you failed was calling Akari/Rimyuel being Elsie older sister.

Other highlights were Elsie and Haqua conversation and Mari calling Keima bluff.

What weirded me out was Alice, but I dealt with it by relegating her to OC status.

Anyway, are you remaking chapter 10 or is Haqua's story a separate fic?

P.S. For all of the silent reader, thank you for updating.

P.S.S. Since I joined this fandom fairly late, do you want me to review the older chapters? If yes, separately or all together?
FreyjaDeLosVanir chapter 1 . 1/2/2017
It looks really interesting and all the characters look very real. I mean, in some other stories the author changes the character personality so it fits with the things that happens, and I don't like it because it's not the character I wanted to see But you made it so everyone is loyal to the creator's. Also, is easy to read, which is a good thing as I'm not that good at English.
【Freyja de los Vanir】
Bel-lawl chapter 2 . 8/2/2013
I felt like crying when Elsie and Haqua had to leave QQ
Guest chapter 7 . 12/30/2012
i was hopin that the teacher would be th sister
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